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Shaq was beaten by 2-year-old Titus Ashby during a free-throw competition on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." On June 7, NESN reported that Titus -- a YouTube sensation known for his "trick shot" -- scored more baskets than the NBA legend. Confetti was released in to the studio as little Titus made a memory that he will never forget (thanks to videotapes and YouTube). Effie OrfanidesBoston Pop Culture ExaminerBostonian Effie Orfanides has been reporting on celebrity and entertainment news since 2009. AXS Exclusive: Arthur Hanlon on how he is redefining the stereotype pianistAiajero is the new album by Arthur Hanlon, his first for Sony Music Latin.

On Thursday night, the 2-year-old and the 41-year-old left it all on the court (or, really, Kimmel's set). Given their height difference (and their age difference) this was considered "fair." It all started with Jimmy introducing the stars -- and then Shaq suggested that Titus take his turn first. After graduating with a BA in English, she simply had to find an outlet that would allow her to foster her love for writing and reporting.
20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant.

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