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Author: admin, 07.04.2014
While I worry about establishing a false dichotomy between working in a nursery and being a leader, I agree with Caine to some degree. I also believe that Titus 2 is not and should not be the exhaustive passage on women’s ministry in the church.
This is a lesson I’ve learned 10 times over as the core member of a Southern Baptist church plant in what is considered a pioneer area of the United States. Effective and healthy church plants rely on the service and investment of both men and women.
And while we bake our fair share of casseroles (everyone’s got to eat!) and crawl on the floor with the preschoolers, the women in our church plant are a stout group. I don’t believe women are leaving the church simply because they can’t find adequate ways to use their unique spiritual gifts. Across the board, women’s ministries must implement better discipleship strategies that help women perceive needs around them with missional eyes and then train them how to employ their spiritual gifts in those areas. Considering there are no “children’s ministry” spiritual gifts or “casserole maven” gifts (although, hello, that would be amazing), a true disciple will find a way to utilize her spiritual gift in any context. Women’s ministries, then, must help women connect the dots between the gospel and the Titus 2 activities that typically appear in women’s ministries. Our church plant is only one of 68 other SBC churches serving a city of 2.5 million people. Often, the first place we ask new believers to serve (after receiving a background checked) is the preschool class.

When women’s ministries clearly connects the gospel to some of these very important, yet often under-valued ministries, discipleship happens and true leaders emerge. In the coming weeks, I’ll be unpacking some ideas for getting women’s ministries realigned with its true goal – discipleship. As an increasing number of women spend the majority of their day outside the home, traditional women’s ministries framed solely around home and hearth can miss the mark.
And while this is true of any church old or new, personally, I have discovered more ways to serve and utilize my spiritual gifts in our church plant than in any church I’ve previously attended.
Teaching women to see the missional aspect of serving children and how to utilize their spiritual gift in that capacity takes intentional discipleship. Women’s Ministries everywhere are facing new challenges in engaging women – who are more busy than ever! Not only do I get to share Jesus with these precious little ones, but I get to share life with the other women I serve alongside.
God gives each believer vast opportunities in which to use their gifts to serve his church.
They open their homes, share meals with visitors, and foster discussion alongside their husbands in small groups. For this reason, I look forward to what Liberty’s Propel Women initiative offers members of my gender who truly desire to integrate their faith, work, and church life. How does the gospel underscore the importance of smart, gifted women serving in the children’s department or any area of the church for that matter?

So, when I serve in our children’s department, I’m giving lost Moms and Dads a chance to hear about Jesus in the worship service. Because we aren’t just discipling children, we’re discipling new believers who serve in this capacity as they learn Bible stories in simple ways and then learn how to teach them for themselves. The homes of Living Faith Community Church have welcomed lost neighbors, hurting community members, and even international students who had never heard the name of Jesus. I love how you point out the ministry that exists in serving in the nursery and in sharing food with others. On numerous occasions, the children who hear our Bible stories go home to “teach” the truth to their parents.  That’s important stuff. And whether casseroles actually made an appearance or not, the point is food and the preparation it requires forms a bridge over which the body of Christ is strengthened and its mission more easily achieved. The only way to get there is to care more about Christ and his kingdom than about ourselves and our reputations. That’s gospel stuff, but it took an older woman demonstrating to the young women around her table how Titus 2 intersects with the gospel as she orchestrated the meeting, opened her home, prepared the food, and led in Bible study.

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