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District 1 female (50th HG) - Killed when her own axe ricocheted off of the forcefield when Haymitch dodged it, and split her skull. Cashmere - Female tribute in the 75th Hunger Games, victor of the 64th Hunger Games, and the sister of Gloss. Gloss - Male tribute in the 75th Hunger Games and victor of the 63rd Hunger Games, consecutive to his sister Cashmere. Cashmere was the only tribute from District 1 that wasn't killed by Katniss in the Games she was in, but also the only known District 1 tribute not to be directly killed by a tribute from District 12. All the known tributes from District 1 had luxurious names, as District 1 is the luxury district. Despite its favorable relationship with the Capitol, District 1 still rebelled against its rule during the second rebellion, and was one of the first four to do so, along with Districts 3, 8, and 11. District 1 was the 2nd - 4th district to pry from Capitol rule and eventually, they became the fourth district to do so.
Katniss Everdeen killed both the male tributes in her Games after they killed one of her allies; Marvel killed Rue and Gloss killed Wiress. According to the CapitolPN, District 1 has 82 factories in operation with a population of 24,315, making it the ninth largest district, in terms of population.
If the population is 24,315 and they claim 1,693 tesserae that would equal to 0.069 tesserae per person, making it the 3rd richest District. According to the Panem map in The Hunger Games Adventures, District 1 is located to the north of the Capitol.
After being rescued from the destroyed arena in the 75th Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen, along with fellow Victors Beetee and Finnick Odair, are taken to District 13, an underground rebel facility hidden beneath the ruins of the old District 13, where she is reunited with her mother and sister Prim.
After Haymitch notes that Katniss thrives on spontaneity, she is introduced to her film team (led by Capitol escapee Cressida), is dressed up in a specially-designed outfit, and given Effie Trinket as a stylist and close friend Gale as a bodyguard.
That night, Katniss is watching Peeta being interviewed by Caesar Flickerman, the Games' former presenter, when, in an apparent defiance of his captors, he suddenly shouts a warning to the camera that the Capitol is about to attack District 13. The film adaptations of Mockingjay have been announced: Part 1 will be released November 21, 2014, and Part 2 will be released November 20, 2015. Katniss Everdeen: (whispering, to herself) "Start simple- start with what you know is true. Katniss Everdeen: (uncertainly, but with as much anger as she can muster) "People of Panem, we fight, we dare, to end this hunger for justice!" (Plutarch and Effie wince and look at her in confusion. Beetee Latier: "Here- (indicates an array of high-tech arrows to Katniss) Regular, incindiary, explosive- three types of arrows, all color-coded.
Antonius: "She was visiting a makeshift hospital full of wounded, though we don't know if she's still there. Finnick Odair: (to Katniss, watching Coin rally District 13 in a military chant) "You don't like hearing the fight song at a funeral, do you?
Plutarch Heavensbee: (on the propo of Katniss singing "The Hanging Tree") "That line was originally 'necklace of rope', but I had it changed to 'necklace of hope'. Katniss Everdeen: (watching small cracks form in the ceiling as bombs strike the upper levels of District 13) "Prim, talk about something.
Alma Coin: "There's something you should know- we had eight extra minutes of civilian evacuation because of Peeta's warning.
El tributo femenino del Distrito 6, conocida simplemente como la adicta, participo en los 75? Juegos del Hambre y tambien gano unos Juegos del Hambre anteriores. La tributo del Distrito 6 participo en unos Juegos del Hambre desconocidos y gano ocultandose hasta que todos murieron. Luego de esto, la adicta, su companero y los otros vencedores unieron sus manos  encima del escenario para simbolizar su rebelion contra el Capitolio y el trato que recibian por parte de Snow.

La noche del segundo dia del Vasallaje, aparecieron las mutaciones de monos que ocurrian a cierta hora, ya que la arena actuaba como un reloj con un nuevo horror o amenaza cada hora, solo en su propio eje.
Megan Hayes interpreto a la tributo femenino del Distrito 6, en la pelicula Los Juegos del Hambre: En Llamas. En la pelicula, mientras se muestra su retrato en el cielo, se ve la triste expresion de Peeta por su muerte. Fue uno de los tributos en la alianza de la rebelion, los cuales trataban de mantener vivos a Katniss y Peeta, siendo exactamente lo que hizo al morir. En una fotografia filtrada del set de Los Juegos del Hambre: Sinsajo, se muestra que ella es la vencedora mas reciente del Distrito 6 y que su nombre completo seria Megan Hayes, el mismo que el de la actriz que la interpreto. And Now Is The Time To Do It!Michael PattersonGreg Nicotero Reveals Work Is Underway To Bring A TIGER To 'The Walking Dead'Allanah Faherty12 Deranged Films You May Have Missed.
Its primary industry is manufacturing luxury items for the Capitol and as a result, has a generally favorable relationship with the Capitol.
He was known as the 'Cavalier Career' and was very popular during his Victory Tour, where the Capitol sang his praises and promised reconciliation with the Districts. Johanna Mason killed her with an axe to her chest. She placed 10th in the 75th Hunger Games. Katniss killed him with an arrow to his chest (film). He placed 11th in the 75th Hunger Games. It is also presumed that District 1 is located in the states of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. While recuperating, she is introduced to President Alma Coin, the rebel leader, and is told that her actions in the arena sparked riots and strikes against the Capitol.
They go out to District 8 to visit a hospital, but as the visit concludes, a Capitol bombing squadron arrives and bombs the hospital, killing everyone inside. Despues de sus Juegos cayo en una droga llamada morflina que alivia los recuerdos dolorosos.
A pesar de las quejas de los habitantes del Capitolio, Snow obviamente no cambio el Vasallaje, ya que era un castigo contra Katniss Everdeen, del Distrito 12, por haberlos desafiado en los Juegos anteriores. A diferencia de su companero, que trato de luchar y fue asesinado, la adicta sobrevivio, y opto por utilizar la misma tecnica que en los juegos en los cuales vencio: el camuflaje. They are usually overconfident, like most of the Careers, but this does not matter for them, for they are so well trained, that they can immediately change their attitude if needed. These states especially Montana are known to have a large variety of gemstones and sapphires. Coin asks her if she will become the "Mockingjay"—the symbol of the rebellion—as part of their "hearts and minds" strategy. In her rage, Katniss gives a rousing speech to the camera, which is broadcast when Beetee hijacks the Capitol's news feed. While Prim is nearly locked out when she goes back to get her cat, everyone manages to get inside safely, and the facility survives the attack unharmed. Meanwhile, Coin announces the successful rescue of the Victors, and that the fight may now be taken to the Capitol.[1] During Coin's speech, Katniss looks for Peeta and looks in horror as she sees the hijacked Peeta in solitary confinement, restrained. Ella murio salvando a Peeta de una mutacion, y dibujo una flor en su rostro en sus momentos finales. Es llamada una "adicta a la morflina" porque empezo a usar mucho la droga, hasta que se volvio adicta a ella. Mas tarde se sabe que los adictos pertenecian a la alianza de la rebelion que protegia a Katniss y Peeta.

La adicta se escondio entre varios matorrales disfrazada con barro y piedras que la confundieron con el follaje. A ultimo momento, la adicta salto y se interpuso, sufriendo una grave mordedura en el cuello.
It seems that parents from District 1 name their children after precious items and their attributes, such as Glimmer and Marvel, which may be a reflection on their "glamorous" nature. The story continues to follow Katniss Everdeen; having twice survived the Hunger Games, Katniss finds herself in District 13.
Katniss flatly declines, angrily reminding her that they left Peeta Mellark, her portrayed lover and fellow District 12 tribute, behind in the arena.
The team then go back to District 12, where Gale tells the story of its destruction, and Katniss is filmed singing "The Hanging Tree." After both are broadcast, strikers in District 7 kill an entire team of Peacekeepers with hidden land mines, and a rebel demolition team from District 5 destroys the dam providing the Capitol with electricity, forcing them to use power generators and weakening their ability to broadcast their propaganda.
Upon emerging, Katniss discovers that the area is littered with white roses, and realizes that President Snow has sent them to taunt her, and presumes that he is about to kill Peeta.
If you think for one second that the Capitol will ever treat us fairly, you are lying to yourself! Probablemente fue la mentora del canibal Titus y de los tributos del Distrito 6 en los 74? Juegos del Hambre, antes de ser cosechada  para el tercer Vasallaje de los Veinticinco junto con su companero de distrito, tambien un adicto a la morflina.
Ella reconocio la habilidad de Peeta Mellark, del Distrito 12, para camuflarse, ya que este trabajaba en la panaderia de sus padres haciendo pasteles glaseados y sabia pintar bien, y ambos se dedicaron a pintarse flores en el cuerpo con el tributo masculino adicto, mientras se seguian drogando. La tributo del 6 al igual que su companero de Distrito y los demas vencedores salvo Brutus y Enobaria (Distrito 2), dieron un discurso sobre lo triste que seria su muerte con tal de entristecer a la multitud del Capitolio y que estos exigieran al Presidente Coriolanus Snow  que cambiara el Vasallaje de los Veinticinco por uno mejor. Children in District 1 almost always seem to take pride in competing in the Hunger Games, and are among the group of tributes that band together to pick off the weaker contestants, known as Careers.
Under the leadership of President Coin and the advice of her trusted friends, Katniss reluctantly becomes the symbol of a mass rebellion, a mockingjay, against the Capitol and fights to save Peeta and a nation moved by her courage. At the suggestion of Plutarch Heavensbee, the former Gamemaker, she is taken to see the ruins of District 12, which was completely leveled by a Capitol bombing campaign (with the exception of the houses in the Victor's Village).
As Peeta's warning gave the District an additional eight minutes evacuation time, Coin dispatches an elite special forces team, which includes Gale, to rescue him, along with Johanna Mason, and Annie Cresta, the remaining Victors, from their prison in the Capitol's Tribute center. Antes de morir, la adicta tomo una gota de su sangre del cuello y le dibujo una flor en el brazo a Peeta.
On the Victory Tour, Katniss Everdeen mentioned that she felt uneasy going into District 1, as she killed both of the district's tributes in the 74th Hunger Games.
All of the actors whose roles continue into the final films reprised their roles in Mockingjay. After seeing that Peeta is being used by Capitol state television to try and quell the rebellion, Katniss reluctantly changes her mind and agrees to become Coin's Mockingjay, on the condition that Peeta and the other victors will be rescued at the earliest opportunity and pardoned. Este, diciendo que era una flor hermosa y triste por aquel sacrificio, le dio a la adicta palabras de alivio y consuelo hasta que murio, para luego dejar su cuerpo a la deriva hasta ser recogido por un aerodeslizador. Mas tarde Peeta se pregunto por que se sacrifico por el, a pesar de que ni siquiera sabia su nombre. Katniss also notes how their costumes in the chariot rides are always the best and how ridiculous the district names are for their children. However, when Katniss goes to greet Peeta, he unexpectedly attacks and strangles her into unconsciousness, before being knocked unconscious himself by Boggs.

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