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Author: admin, 24.11.2013
The biggest news by far from Trek’s Sea Otter Launch was the addition of a full suspension Farley fat bike to their line. In this podcast episode we try to answer the question: How much suspension travel is necessary? Full suspension mountain bikes have really different maintenance requirements compared to hardtails. As advances in suspension technology inch along, limits on terrain, the season in which you can ride, and the feats you can accomplish on a bike continue to compress. Riding the brand new full-suspension fatbike, available at Timberline Cycles in Colorado Springs, the 2015 Foes Mutz is the cutting edge all-terrain fatbike designed by Foes in conjunction with Timberline Cycles.
This year Redline is carrying on their popular hardtail models, but they’ve also announced their first-ever full suspension mountain bike.

We talk about how suspension can affect a bike’s geometry and how to choose the right amount of suspension travel for your bike.
This poses both a bind and blessing for those new to the sport considering their first full suspension (FS, fully) bike purchase. Jeff rode the Salsa Bucksaw at Interbike this year, and he dubbed it the best bike he’s ridden all year. Hot on the heels of the announcement of the first-ever fat bike suspension fork comes–you probably guessed it–the announcement of the first-ever production full suspension fat bike! The Redline d880 is an FS 29er with 100mm of front suspension and 110mm of rear suspension.
At first, I was hoping to find a carbon hardtail 29er to use for my race bike, but based on Jeff’s recommendation, I also threw some short-travel 29er FS XC rigs into the mix.

This question comes up all the time on the Singletracks Forums so hopefully this quick list of the pros and cons of each of mountain bike style will help you decide which one will work better for you.
Whether you’re talking about chain growth, sag or bearing condition, check out these tips! Salsa is naturally leading the charge in this category, with their new Bucksaw FS fat bike.

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