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Author: admin, 10.05.2015
By correcting the bite to its natural physiologic position the tension of the muscles were relieved. Patients are saying…Due to clenching and grinding of my teeth while sleeping, some of teeth were beginning to break off. I suffer from tinnitus [ ringing in the ears ], which was brought about by exposure to loud sounds. I’m going to try it myself later on in the year once I get some other health problems resolved. I’ve managed to get my tinnitus reduced by about 50% [ from a point where I just wanted to walk in front of a bus ].
Up until a few years ago I could leap tall buildings in a single bound,now I get vertigo standing on a high curb.
Could just be an inner ear infection which can disturb your balance and give you headaches. What I have found out as I go along each day with my tinnitus, is that the more I learn about it, the more I am able to deal with it. With my spinal problems, I have gone from physically vomiting with worry when I was told about the condition of my back to being at a point now where I say every day to my problems “I know who you are, and I will defeat you”. What I will try to do is to first of all explain how tinnitus is caused, so we can get a good understanding of the “enemy”.
You may not get rid of your tinnitus completely, but I believe that you can reduce it as I have done and learn to live with it. Sound waves are collected by what we normally just call our ears [ the flaps of flesh on the outside – called the “pinnae” ]. These are also known as the hammer, the anvil and the stirrup, because they look like those things. Whenever a sound wave hits the eardrum, the sound vibrations are transferred to the cochlea. An interesting thing about the ear is that it does not respond equally to different frequencies.
For example, let’s say we take an electronic box called a signal generator and send out a tone of sound at one frequency [ like a musical note for example ].
We then take the same signal generator and send out another tone, much higher in frequency [ or pitch ] than the second one, but with exactly the same power level and ask the same person to compare the two sounds.
In the next posting, I’ll cover stress [ a really big problem, but there are some simple techniques to help ]. I've already been warned to expect both my hearing and eyesight to deteriorate over time because of the conditions while flying. Stress is one of the major things that can cause an increase in tinnitus, and in some cases actually trigger tinnitus. TMJ or TMD can cause all sorts of neck and jaw pain [ I’ll cover those issues separately in another posting ]. I find that smiling widely at people as they get on the bus and patting the empty seat beside you excitedly, also does the trick! The only consistency in 30 years has been the night bruxism.  The rest of my spine is happy and healthy, and symptoms have progressively radiated from the TMJ area down my head, neck and arms.
I feel I am articulate (sorry, I know verbose fits this note as well) intelligent, patient, motivated, very healthy, active, self-aware, avoid any and all medications unless necessary, and find preventative care (such as healthful living, stress reduction, massage, chiropractic, etc) to be the best way to lead a healthy life. So, how can I share this succinctly with practitioners as we go forward in the process of discovering a cause and hopefully finding solutions for the cause vs.
PS: Would you like me to post your health history and the problems that you had with previous doctors on my blog?  can keep your name confidential if you like, so no one will know who you are.

Wow, thank you so much for your prompt response!  I couldn’t agree more with your statement that fixing the cause usually resolves the symptoms, and that is my main mission now. I suppose it can’t be too terribly invasive to post my information after removing identity…please feel free to edit anything as you see fit if it will make it more relevant to other practitioners.
I understand you cannot evaluate beyond the anecdotal information but I cannot tell you how absolutely grateful I am for your consideration and suggestions. Neck Decompressor will keep your IVD healthy and Posture Pump will help to keep cervical and lumbar lordosis in order.
When the blog post will go live you can continue the conversation via DISQUS, thus many other doctors can add value to your condition. PS: If you are a health care practitioner and got to the end of this blog post feel free to add any recommendations for this patient.
This one is truly looking just great source to know about Chiropractic non surgical method. The TMJ symptoms and the ringing in the ears were cured and as bonus, the patient received a healthy, younger looking smile.
I was already going through some other physical injuries and told him “I don’t HAVE to live with anything.
These flaps collect the sound waves and direct them down a little tube until they meet a small window at the end of the tube. I went to a clinic recently and saw a photograph taken with a special microscope of the hairs of someone who has suffered hearing loss. I hear a “whooshing sound” most of the time, but every now and then I get a really high pitched “eeeeeee” which lasts for a few minutes and then is gone. Equilibrium and Tinnitus are very closed tied together due to the fact that the balance organs [ the semi-circular canals ] are attached to the cochlea. When we get stressed, our blood pressure increases and this increased pressure against nerves can cause the level of noise to increase. I was astonished to read the number of cases of people who had no tinnitus, but then suffered badly with it after taking certain medications. This is a real case, real patient who is searching for a solution to his never ending pain. This will open a door to many other health care providers reading your story and possibly commenting and adding valuable advice to your health related problem.
One of them involves using an MP3 player and listening to certain sounds embedded amongst music. If anyone with tinnitus wants some help, drop me a line and I'll share what I did to get the level of noise reduced.
As you stated about jumping buildings, up until a month ago i could run up a climbing wall but now i get vertigo and feel dizzy when im watching something like a computer game! I was told by a doctor last year I’d never walk again, and be paralyzed within two years yet here I am in your office”. A small thin “window” is present in the cochlea and when the stirrup vibrates, this sound is transferred inside the cochlea. When the tide [ sound waves ] is neither coming in or going out, the reeds stand straight in the water. I have always had a pretty short fuse, but over the last few years, have been learning how to control it. It is a very long post and if you are a health care practitioner feel free to add your professional advice in a comment area. You could see better what is going with the spine when you shoot X-Rays in a standing position.

It looked very interesting and I also read good reviews about the results in many people, but it was just too damned expensive for me at the time, so I resigned myslef to just biting the bullet.
I was watching the trailer to 'mirrors edge' and it made me feel sick, asked doctor about it and he refered me to an eye doctor. I thought twice about not going out, but the fear of the slagging I would have gotten from my mates drove me out. However, when the hairs are bent, and sound comes in, the nerves do not send a pure frequency to the brain, but instead send “static” .
There are several good techniques to reduce the effects of stress that I will talk about in the next posting. Where your lower jaw attaches to your skull there are a number of ligaments and as sort of hinge.
If you are a reader, and also have health related problems without a solution from your current medical practitioner please contact me via AskDrBurt a Question? Post surgical scar tissue formation is the main cause of excessive pain in your cervical spine. I spoke to the American Tinnitus Association on the west coast, and they said that some veterans coming back from the wars have had quite good success with it.
I went to see him and he told me that i suffered from migranes, now i dont know if it is migranes (as i occasionally get headaches) because the Meniere's you just mentioned i have all the symptoms. On the next balloon I did in Edinburgh near Arthur’s Seat the APJI could see from my face I was not a happy camper. According to the latest figures, one third of all US vets coming back have some form of hearing problem. When muscles are unbalanced [ I’ll talk about this in the next posting or two ] more pressure gets put on one side than the other.
Doctors of Chiropractic look at the health related problems from the causation point of view and not symptoms point of view. Every single subluxation and curve in a cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine must be taken into consideration in order to achieve the best results possible. The pressure gets applied applied to the temporal bone which covers the middle and inner ears.
I would not expose myself a second time to an additional dose of radiation at this point and time.
If anyone with tinnitus wants some help, drop me a line and I'll share what I did to get the level of noise reduced.CheersDaveI have tinitus too. With tinnitus, I have found that it really helps knowing who you are up against and how he works. There is also a very little known ligament [ a ligament is tissue that connects two bones together ] called Pinto’s ligament. Intervertebral discs stop getting their nutrition the moment the two adjacent vertebraes stop moving – process called imbibition. Solution – life long manual cervical distraction and maintaining whatever is left of a cervical lordosis.
Perhaps by helping to find the proper solution to your problem is going to be the first step, second would be to find the proper health care practitioners. The goal at this point is to keep the vertebraes and IVD (Intervertebral discs) from degenerating farther.

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