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Author: admin, 17.12.2014
I hate standing in line at the convenience store behind Raylene in her NASCAR sleeping pants as she loads up on a weeks worth of lottery tickets and Pall Malls as much as anyone. I hate even more that little potentates like Michael Williams sit around working on laws to determine how he will allow others to dress. If that’s the way he wants to go and would just drop the law idea, it would be a worth while effort. I wasn’t really sure what was going on when I first saw this picture, which could be a woman with some serious anatomy issues wearing a g-string. After closer examination, which will probably lead to some pretty bad dreams if I eat too close to bedtime, I discovered that I was looking the back of a woman—who still has some serious anatomy issues. This is either a picture of a lady whose last fashion decision should be a hot-pink miniskirt or someone trying to make off with 50 pound bag of Old Roy for her pitbull by hiding it under her clothing. When I took a second look, I realized that two photographs are sliced together and these women might not even know each other.

The ironic part of the story is she claims to have bought the $10 bikini top at the same Walmart. I know that there are some people who really need these scooters and drive them respectfully.
How is it that every time I go to Walmart there are two idiots sitting on scooters who have stopped to chat—blocking any passage in the isle? Williams is also working on a letter-writing campaign to convince retailers to take matters into their own hands. There never comes a time when people who like to tell others what to do feel like they should stop telling others what to do.
Walmart shopper in particular are guilty of fashion faux pas far worse than wearing jammies in public, however.

It  could also be a woman who is able to turn her head 180-degrees breaking obscenity laws already in place in most parts of the country. If it is the latter, she was surely successful because Walmart just doesn’t pay door-checkers enough to go there. I have to apologize for posting the above photo, which falls into both of those categories.
It’s either that or someone has decided to park a scooter at an angle to take up just enough room so no one else can get by, as they decide on salad dressing.

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