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Anyone throwing a casual glance at the lives of Topeka's Latter-day Saints leaders might see the frantic bustle and no more. Each of them spends the additional time and commitment leading a congregation without receiving compensation. Kirt Saville is the chairman of the Washburn University music department and president of the local Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints church.
Besides his responsibilities to the roughly 40 members in attendance every Sunday and the dozen or two who participate in the church's in-week activities, Saville generally carries six hours of teaching at Washburn University.
For Saville, the two-year mission he served in Italy before college catches some of the credit for the positions he has now. And far from detracting luster from one another, Saville views his two life's callings as melding smoothly together.

The long hours and similar but divided work environments don't result in a categorizing of his life.
To Barnes, the physical and spiritual problems with which people come to him aren't really markedly separate either. The fact that no money is gained by the 10 extra appointments and 20 extra hours is irrelevant.
But within the confines of their full-time jobs, the six individuals shepherding the LDS wards and branches of Topeka find freedom in what could otherwise be contrived chaos. As the chairman of the music department, he directs the Washburn band and teaches advanced conducting, wind ensemble and clarinet. On top of the 20 or so hours he devotes to the 400-member Mormon congregation come the 60-80 he works at the Topeka Ear, Nose and Throat Group's clinic.

Douglas Barnes tends to Jane Oelschlaeger as he works at the Topeka Ear, Nose and Throat Group clinic in Topeka. Barnes acts on "a sense that my Heavenly Father has asked me to do this and a sense that I should. And with the University Branch structured for ages 18-30, he interacts with students throughout the week. Barnes works full time as a doctor while fulfilling his duties at the Topeka University Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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