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May 10, 2014 By Jenny Whitcliff 3 Comments If you are suffering from cookie bite hearing loss you will already know just how difficult it is to cope with this kind of deafness. In this article, we are also going to briefly explain what cookie bite hearing loss is and how to recognise the symptoms.
The disorder produces a hearing curve on a hearing test graph that is the same shape as that left when someone bites into a cookie, hence the quirky name for the condition.
Someone suffering from the condition has good hearing at high and low frequencies, but cannot hear sound in the mid frequency band. The fact the condition varies so much from individual to individual makes it hard to treat.
If you are unlucky enough to have the problem in both ears and each ear produces a different hearing curve result the issues are doubled.
Sadly, this means that resolving your hearing loss is going to take a lot of trial and error. It is important with hearing loss to get a proper diagnosis rather than just going out and buy a hearing aid. Unfortunately, the rarity of the condition also means that there are no hearing aids available to treat this specific condition.
At first, everything you hear will seem distorted and out of focus, but with perseverance many users find that they actually get used to this and adapt.

The price is low yet this hearing aid gets a lot of praise on review sites and forums, so it is a good option for most people who have selective hearing loss.
This means that most people do not consider it as the underlying reason for their loss of hearing. The root cause of this kind of hearing loss is a problem with the vestibulocochlear nerve, the inner ear or the way the brain processes sound.
Some people can hear all speech yet another person will mishear certain words because of the frequency of one of the sounds that makes up the word. Many people only recognise the problem when they have children and cannot hear them crying because of the condition. This is because you need to treat each ear differently, so finding a solution is complicated. You and your otologist or audiologist are going to have to experiment with different hearing aid settings until you find something that works for you. Understanding your condition is the only way to ensure you do not end up wasting money on hearing aids that will not work for your particular problem.
This will allow the ear to continue to receive low and high frequency sounds more naturally.
That in turn can mean that they try to solve their hearing problems using the wrong kind of hearing aid.

A hearing aid or amplifier that works for one person will not help another person very much.
You will be able to hear the mid range noises too, but will have to learn to interpret this new sound and tone down the high and low frequencies sound.
Once again they can hear the full spectrum of sounds and again enjoy the theatre and a normal conversation. The more channels you have the better chance you will have of finding a setting that works for you. For example, digital hearing aids can be adjusted to amplify only the required ranges such that the normal frequencies are not blasted into the ear.
The cost of my aids was approximately $2k each but I have had issue free use for well over 5 years.

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