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Items from our earring collection can be worn as beautiful jewellery in their own right or added to match a pendant or ring. Choose from our wide range of gold, silver and other precious metals settings with sourced gems and conflict-free diamonds.
During the Art Nouveau period some jewellery were made of silver but the Art Deco period in the 1920s was when sterling jewellery became famous. In time, if you wear your sterling silver jewellery often, it will develop a patina, a sort of glow combined with some darkened areas. Our varied selection of cord types, and colours, is so extensive that to help you with your selection we have described each type of cord below. All of our cords are supplied in a long length so that you can tie them to suit the neckline you are wearing. Our selection of wonderfully soft high quality faux suede’s add a modern dimension to your necklace and it is ideal for any of the larger pendant choices due to its thickness and strength. Add the elegance of ribbon to your pendant choice for a beautiful and pure twist that adds a shimmer to any of our dainty pendant selections.
With the natural colour and texture of our waxed cords, they are an unfussy and modern way to display your pendant choice.
The enticingly delicate option of organza is a graceful and beautifully feminine way to wear your pendant.
As the name suggests, this cord has the luxurious feel of satin and gives an indulgent look with an eye-catching sheen that will add a special something to your pendant. This natural product with the modern dimension of a silver coating is a fabulously tactile generic alternative to our sterling silver chains.

This is a square-link chain, which twists with your movement, catching the light to add sparkle and detail to your neck and pendant.
This type of chain has delicate detailed links, and is a more traditional style, which hangs naturally into a definite point at the pendant centre.
The snake chain is our most popular type of chain, possibly due to the timeless fluid appearance, with no visible links. This sterling silver solid v-neck choker perfectly accentuates the elegance of your neckline, and adds a glamorous and dramatic finish to any pendant.
Sterling silver jewellery is one of the types of jewellery that you can buy for prices that are amazingly low. Coins were made of it and for many centuries it was used to buy goods, especially in Germany. It makes the silver harder, but unfortunately also has the tendency to tarnish, the darkening that occurs when sterling silver reacts with gases in the air or with other substances it comes into contact with.
Such cloth will slow down the tarnishing and will also prevent pieces of jewellery rubbing against other harder jewellery that might cause scrathes.
Some people like the look, but if you prefer the original appearance of the jewellery, you can use a polish cloth to restore its shine. As this comes in such neutral tones and is available in two different thicknesses it is an ideal choice for any pendant.
This perfectly compliments our Glass Hearts but is not suggested for our very large pendants.
It will compliment any style of necklace to which you would like to give a detailed classic feel.

A good chain to choose if you have purchased a detailed pendant that does not need any extra chain detail.
Sterling silver is a precious metal, but its price is much more affordable than white gold or platinum. The first pieces of sterling silver jewellery were considered tea services and flatware, which were popular between 1840 and 1940.
Sterling silver jewellery includes pendant sets which can be a great choice for a variety of wardrobe types or designs. When you are ready to make your choice of cord type on the Colour and Detail page, as well as the standard colour choices, we also offer you colour choices without a specified cord type so that we are able to supply you with the best colour and type of cord, from our range, to match your chosen pendant perfectly. The fantastic shine and long-lasting wear of sterling silver jewellery makes it a wonderful choice. The silver flatware trend led to more extravagant dining practices towards the end of the century. If you have any specific requests on the type of cord you would prefer, please give us the details in the comments box provided at the payment stage, and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

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