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Dossier Mode Un vent 60’s souffle sur la planete mode et la blogosphere, BB est de retour (ou presque).
La lingerie seduit toujours les francaises qui y consacrent un budget moyen de 100 euros par an. Si vous surfez sur la toile, la tendance healthy de ces derniers mois ne vous aura sans doute guere echappe. S’il y a bien un rituel gourmand que l’on piquerait volontiers aux Anglais, c’est le teatime (aussi appele l’afternoon tea).
Vertigo, a distinct process sometimes confused with dizziness, accounts for about 6 million clinic visits in the U.S. Visual disturbance: It may be difficult to read or see during an attack due to associated nystagmus. Rotatory (torsional) nystagmus, where the top of the eye rotates towards the affected ear in a beating or twitching fashion, which has a latency and can be fatigued (the vertigo should lessen with deliberate repetition of the provoking maneuver).

Patients do not experience other neurological deficits such as numbness or weakness, and if these symptoms are present, a more serious etiology such as posterior circulation stroke or ischemia, must be considered. The spinning sensation experienced from BPPV is usually triggered by movement of the head, will have a sudden onset, and can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. Within the labyrinth of the inner ear lie collections of calcium crystals known as otoconia or otoliths. In rare cases, the crystals themselves can adhere to a semicircular canal cupula rendering it heavier than the surrounding endolymph.
L'objectif de ce mouvement qui existe depuis quelques annees deja, serait de sensibiliser a la cyberdependance (FOMO addiction) et notamment a l'impossibilite de decrocher de son smartphone et des reseaux sociaux, mais pas seulement.
Pourtant, nombreuses sont celles qui peu a peu font tomber le soutien-gorge et osent vivre leur vie de femme sans rien porter sur la poitrine. Le "manger sain" a peu a peu remplace les regimes dans le coeur de nos blogueuses, qui veulent avant tout faire du bien a leur corps plutot que maigrir. Mais manger "healthy", ca veut dire quoi ?

Plus chic que le traditionnel gouter de 4 heures, le teatime se deguste dans dans les beaux hotels et palaces de la capitale. De la junk-food oui, mais quitte a manger tant de gras sans compter les calories, autant privilegier le gout et la qualite des produits, non ? Alors, ou mange t-on le meilleur burger de Paris ? In patients with BPPV, the otoconia are dislodged from their usual position within the utricle and migrate over time into one of the semicircular canals (the posterior canal is most commonly affected due to its anatomical position).
Upon reorientation of the head relative to gravity, the cupula is weighted down by the dense particles thereby inducing an immediate and maintained excitation of semicircular canal afferent nerves. When the head is reoriented relative to gravity, the gravity-dependent movement of the heavier otoconial debris (colloquially "ear rocks") within the affected semicircular canal causes abnormal (pathological) fluid endolymph displacement and a resultant sensation of vertigo.

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