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Author: admin, 05.12.2013
The Chanel video series (Part 1 - Wallet on chain and petite shopping tote, Part 2 - The classic flap bag (with updated prices as of February 2012), Part 3 - Buying pre-owned or at a discount) are some of the most-read posts on this blog, so I wanted to share my latest experience with buying costume jewelry as well. So for those interested in Chanel costume jewelry, I recommend browsing the pre-owned market because the variety is much more vast than what you can find in any boutique. Signature: The little oval stamp or embossed mark on the back that says "Chanel" and possibly where it's made and the season, depending on what time period it's from. Pin backing: After receiving my counterfeit brooch, I inspected many Chanel brooches in-person at my local boutique and scoured tons of second-hand listings online. Unfortunately, you have to rely on your own research or the opinions of knowledgeable designer aficionados, because Chanel themselves will not authenticate second-hand products. Get the latest news about new inventory, sales, and special events delivered to your inbox. Featuring our extensive group of Earrings Stamp in stock and ready to ship right now online. Now that I've fulfilled my tweed jacket dreams thanks to Uniqueen, I've been itching to get a classic Chanel brooch to adorn those jackets. I pinned mine on a Uniqueen jacket and received numerous compliments, whereas I don't recall that same jacket getting much attention a week earlier, sans-brooch.
For example, costume brooches retail starting at ~$250 for small 1-1.5" ones (prices do go much higher depending on size and intricacy).

The price was great at $150 (too great, in retrospect), the design was classic and sleek, and the seller had a store full of beautiful designer jewelry and 100% positive feedback left by hundreds of customers.
This guide was the best resource I could find about the signatures, although it's not comprehensive. All of them had a pin backing consisting of two little nubs that stuck out of the pin base, connected by a long stick pin, and a pin closure consisting of a little turn-wheel.
Their sales associates are bound by company policy to not offer opinions on authenticity, so if a listing says it was "authenticated by Chanel" (or on Craigslist, I see offers to "meet up at the boutique to prove authenticity"), know that it is not possible. If you look on eBay, most classic, simple Chanel brooches are selling for $200+ regardless of age, which is possibly more than what they cost years ago. I suggest comparing the signature on something you're watching, to that on other listings online from reputable sellers or secondhand designer stores.
Chanel does not use precious materials for their costume jewelry, but there is still a standard of workmanship that goes into their products. Inspect the seller's feedback for a history of positive feedback (clearly, this is not foolproof) and look out for one seller having multiples. After learning my lesson, I did thorough research and ended up with a piece that I'm very happy with.
Chanel products are usually made in limited quantities, so for one individual to have endless quantities of an "authentic," classic piece in "new" condition is not plausible.

Never did I see a pin like the fake shown on the below left, where a distinctly separate piece was added onto the brooch backing. For example, my beloved turnlock studs retailed for $260, and I watched a pre-owned pair go for a little under $200.
The authentic one has texture and signs of two pieces being welded together versus the fake has a flat laser-cut design. Pay using a safe method like PayPal, which is very good about getting buyers a full refund on authenticity disputes. He responded that it had already been sent out, however I can mail it back for a full refund. The pin backing on the fake was starting to come off, and the overall metal was extremely shiny in-person (Nick actually had to shield his eyes from the glare).

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