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Author: admin, 30.10.2013
After 2 weeks of diligent searching, of criss-crossing most of Guadalajara, of trudging up and down the cobble stone streets of San Miguel, we determined that when it comes to Vintage Taxco Sterling Silver Jewelry, there is just not much of it left in Mexico.
I have found more Taxco Jewelry at your average Mid-City flea market in one afternoon of shopping than I ever found in Mexico in two weeks of shopping.
That Taxco Silver Jewelry is so beautiful, and how it became a unique style, is owed to the use of Aztec and Mayan images lifted directly from the surfaces of temples, pottery shards, and gold artifacts. Imagine if you will a piece of William Spratling displayed alongside any number of jewelry pieces made by designers like Coro, Trifari, or even Tiffany. Made in the 1950-1960 era, this romantic Victorian style jewelry box is loaded with tons of charming detail in relief.
We guarantee our Vintage Floral Blue Topaz Ring in .925 Sterling Silver to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above. In the 1940′s when this style of jewelry was making its way into Western markets, it stood in stark contrast to the jewelry of its day.

His work had to have stood out, to have so dazzeled differently, that the average buyer of the time must of had to say to themselves, “Now here is something unique and wonderful. And I would like to add that they are still as unique today, as when they first came on the fashion scene 60 years ago. The rose medallion is surrounded by a glossy white enamel background and fancy scrolls around the perimeter.
Add a touch of True Fashion to your style with this beautiful Vintage Style Stretching Bangle Bracelet, gorgeously crafted from Silver and Gold Finish metal with ornament. Our ultra classic Vintage Style engagement ring has a blend of traditional elements that will keep it stunning forever. In other words most of the silver mined in Taxco, made it’s way as raw material, to other places in the world. The band of this unique ring has a detailed, filigree design that leads up to a swirling, open style setting for the center and flanking stones.

Delicate, round cut CZs glitter out from a setting that holds a huge, 2.5-carat princess-cut stone with twin baguettes on either side. A Vintage Style jewelry look combined with modern sparkle means our princess cut engagement ring is perfect for any proposal. Order today and get ready to get to pop the question with a piece of unique jewelry that she is sure to love forever.

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