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Author: admin, 23.09.2013
University of Texas Dallas researchers have demonstrated that treating tinnitus or ringing in the ears, using vagus nerve stimulation (VNS)-tone therapy is safe and brought significant improvement to some of the participants in a small clinical trial. Sven Vanneste, PhD, and Michael Kilgard, PhD, of the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences used a new method pairing VNS with auditory tones to alleviate the symptoms of chronic tinnitus. The study, which took place in Antwerp, Belgium, involved implanting 10 tinnitus sufferers with a stimulation electrode directly on the vagus nerve. Half of the participants demonstrated large decreases in their tinnitus symptoms, with three of them showing a 44% reduction in the impact of tinnitus on their daily lives. According to Vanneste, more than 12 million Americans have tinnitus severe enough to seek medical attention, of which 2 million are so disabled that they cannot function normally.

Researchers at Antwerp University Hospital and MicroTransponder Inc also contributed to the study.
Their results were published last month in the journal Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface.
Four people demonstrated clinically meaningful reductions in the perceived loudness of their tinnitus by 26 dB. VNS is an FDA-approved method for treating various illnesses, including depression and epilepsy.
The participants had lived with tinnitus for at least a year prior to participating in the study, and showed no benefit from previous audiological, drug, or neuromodulation treatments.

Electrical pulses were generated from an external device for this study, but future work could involve using internal generators, eliminating the need for clinical visits.

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