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Some of the older tricyclic antidepressants (such as imipramine or amitriptyline) may contribute to heartburn by slowing the speed at which the stomach empties, Dr.
The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. These drugs are linked by independent medical studies showing direct cause for specific birth defects, which are also named and described below.
Women who are pregnant or who are at child bearing age need to know the risks of consuming prescription drugs before giving birth, so birth defects can be avoided for their babies. Drugs are classified according to various criteria by the drug makers, in conjunction with how the FDA labels drugs. Legally, the drug manufacturers cannot state the drugs cure anything, so the word "treatment" is used to avoid being nailed for false advertising. The way the drugs effect the patient is thought to be, or estimated to be, that they can alter or modify or restrict the way the brain metabolizes certain molecules in the body.
There has been quite a lot of fiction concocted to describe how antidepressant and other pharmaceutical drugs are supposed to work. The fiction that has been generated by sales and marketing gurus within the drug manufacturing companies is for the purpose of making it seem likely that these drugs will help alleviate depression. There is no actual truth or science behind those claims, or behind how these drugs even work.
While there are many other categories of types of damage that these drugs inflict, in this article we are going to be focusing on the specific physical damage as it relates to unborn children who are at risk of birth defects because the mother was put on antidepressant drugs while pregnant. Drug companies set aside billions of dollars in advance, to pay their victims for the damage they have caused.
NOTE: For help with finding a reliable program to withdraw off of antidepressant drugs contact the Drug Rehab Advisor. Septal heart defects: these are holes in the walls of the heart wall caused by antidepressant drugs entering the fetus's heart while still developing in the womb.
PPHN, or pulmonary hypertension of newborn: this term refers to the way antidepressant drugs change the circulation of the blood in the unborn and newborn's body.
Spina Bifida: this is where the bones that usually develop around the spinal cord do not form. Pulmonary atresia: where the pulmonary valve in the heart is closed, making the heart dysfunctional as blood flow is stopped. Cleft lip or cleft palate: the bones that form the structures of mouth and lips are not fully developed. In addition to the birth defect problem, and many other problems caused by antidepressant drugs, these toxic pharmaceutical products are as addictive as heroin, or any other mind altering substance. It takes a capable and experienced medical staff to help a patient successfully withdraw from antidepressant drugs.

Contact the Drug Rehab Advisor today for guidance in selecting a treatment program that can help a person successfully withdraw from antidepressant drugs in a safe way. Call 1-888-840-0927 today for a no charge consultation and begin planning your exit strategy from the trap of addiction or dependence on antidepressant drugs. This entry was posted in Pharmaceutical Dependence and tagged Antidepressants, antidepressants and pregnancy, pregnatnt antidepressants. Scientists have been exploring the connection between tricyclic antidepressants and brain cancer since the early 2000s. In a study appearing in Cancer Cell on September 24, Swiss researchers find that antidepressants work against brain cancer by excessively increasing tumor autophagy (a process that causes the Cancer Cells to eat themselves). Mice received the combination therapy 5 days a week with 10-15 minute intervals between drugs.
See the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights) for more information. These drugs, which are named below, are manufactured and distributed through pharmaceutical drug makers. Even though these facts are documented and known, these antidepressant drugs are still legal, and are being prescribed every day in doctors' offices all across the country. A lifetime of difficulty can occur when a baby is damaged resulting from a pregnant woman being prescribed these drugs. For the sake of simplicity, this article will not go into very great detail on the way these drugs are classified, except to mention that the drugs above are approved by the FDA for the "treatment" of depression. In truth, studies show the drugs are NOT effective for depression, even though that is how they are advertised and sold. It is thought, or hypothetically suggested that these drugs alter, restrict, or accelerate how certain molecules are distributed in the body. This information has been largely suppressed, at least until massive lawsuits started to be published and written about. Their effects are known to be AT BEST, no better than a placebo,  and at worst, are documented to be connected with debilitating physical and mental damage, and even death.
These birth defects were culled from the massive amounts of literature that was published after lawsuits were brought against the makers of antidepressant drugs.
There is plenty of profit left over to continue the business of selling harmful drugs to innocent victims, such as pregnant women who give birth to babies with birth defects caused by these drugs. It is considered a fatal condition, though children have survived for some time after being born with this birth defect. The child is disfigured, has problems feeding, swallowing, speaking, and even the hearing can be affected. This is a highly recommended action especially if a woman is of child bearing age, or is planning on becoming pregnant.

There's some evidence that the drugs can lower one's risk for developing aggressive glioblastomas, but when given to patients after diagnosis in a small clinical trial, the antidepressants showed no effect as a treatment.
The scientists next combined the antidepressants with blood thinners—also known to increase autophagy—as a treatment for mice with the first stages of human glioblastoma.
The antidepressant was given orally, and the other drug(the blood thinner or anti-coagulant) was injected. Since the drugs are still legal, and since they are still being prescribed by the truckload, it is up to the individual consumer to become educated on the risks involved so that babies are not subjected to this horrific potential outcome. That is the theory. However, despite the fancy ads and what the doctors are told over weekend educational seminars, or over a sales meeting, drug manufacturers do not actually know exactly how these drugs work.
What is known, however, is that many lawsuits have occurred after women who were pregnant were given a drug that damaged their unborn child. So one can only gather that doctors were duped, and in turn, damaged their patients unwittingly.
Do not risk your unborn child being harmed by antidepressant drugs, and do not risk your own health by trying to withdraw from these drugs on your own.
Mouse lifespan doubled with the drug combination therapy, while either drug alone had no effect.
The data suggest that the drugs act synergistically by disrupting, in two different places, the biological pathway that controls the rate of autophagy—a cellular recycling system that at low levels enhances cell survival in stressful conditions.
Since these pills can significantly increase appetite and thus food intake, you become larger. People taking antidepressants can follow different diets for weight loss , but it is not recommended that they stop taking their pills.Allergy medications cause an increase in hunger, drowsiness and lethargy. The good news is that people taking these drugs increase their weight by 1% or only a little more.Medicines for diabetes - often patients with type 2 diabetes are prescribed medications that contain sulfonylurea.
They stimulate the body to produce more insulin, but sometimes much lower blood glucose that causes hunger. In stressful situations, the body needs more energy, so this hormone sends fat to the stomach, where it accumulates easily. They slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure, but also slow metabolism and weaken the body's ability to burn calories .

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