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The Egyptian djew symbol is often depicted with a solar disk nestled in the valley between its peaks. Many of these sanctuaries sit near to or on top of tall peaks but there are several exceptions to this.
Over the years different interpretations have been put forth to explain the purpose and function of the peak sanctuaries. In 2009 the world's tallest structure was the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai at 828 meters (2,717 feet). Aegean have a raised lip with no holes in the bottom and have been interpreted as possible liquid mirrors. Crete and the Aegean is well within the envelope of Bronze Age Minoan technological capability. A heliotrope operator would sometimes use another mirror for signaling the distant theodolite crew of his status.
Another report from the official Army records of long-range solar communications with the unaided eye is from Lt.
August 26, 2005 by Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia) the delivery of the message would have taken something like 5 hours. Kophinas, Malaxa, Petsofas, Prinias, Syme, Traostalos, Tylissos Pyrgos, Vrysinas, and Youkhtas. All local and regional messaging could be delivered by courier or picked up at the nearby administrative center. This short description of sign language and interpreting is written by an ophthalmologist for colleagues to keep the language devoid of the many fine expressions that linguists are apt to use.
Sign language may seem to be a haphazard collection of gestures when looked upon by a person who does not see the minute differences in the movements of hands and fingers, and who does not understand the spatial and visual structure of signed information. The existence of several different forms of manual communications means that we must remember to ask the patient what type of sign language should be used during interpretation, or which interpreter the patient would prefer in medical communication. Physicians need to know that sign language is far more logical and structured than our spoken language. The use of a specific location in space to specify a person or function makes signed information often very quick and therefore hard to translate into speech (reverse interpretation).
Quite often the interpreter has to ask the patient to slow down or pause in order to catch up with the tidal wave of signed information.
Interpretation from spoken language into sign language and vice versa can be either simultaneous or consecutive. Due to the fact that deaf people pay particular attention to the detailed description of each person or object to be discussed, we should learn to define each new subject carefully and make sure that the patient knows what we are talking about. Another typical feature of sign language is the use of actual, sequential time order in describing a series of events.
The speed at which a patient can easily perceive signing is related to both his competence in sign language as well as the nature of his visual impairment.
Lip reading or speech reading is often thought to be an essential part of sign language and deaf people are often expected to be able to lip read so well that they can use it as their sole means of communication.
Any new language that we learn means exposure to a new culture since language and culture are intimately interrelated. Argentina - (ASL) Left hand bent "B" remains stationary in front of shoulder while right hand bent "B" strums (like playing a small guitar). Belgium - "B" hand at side of lips comes straight forward; (variation) B" hand at side of lips comes straight forward then back to side of lips.

Canada (Japanese sign 2) - Make a fist with the right hand then touch the upper left side of your chest twice with the thumb side of the fist held palm down. China (Auslan) - Tip of index finger touches side of dominant eye then swipes backward so index points behind.
Whether your traffic emerges from a one way street or you are leaving a parking lot onto a two way street, these two way signs give your drivers a heads up.
A two way green road sign with the words Proactive and Reactive making you choose between a life of taking charge and action toward meeting your goals or being passive and not achieving success. In its day the mirror-based heliograph was the most powerful signaling instrument known (Coe, 1993). These mirrors range greatly in size from large 2'x2' mirrors to the small 3”x5” survival signal mirrors. This would have been a stunning and truly revolutionary breakthrough in Bronze Age communications. Marinatos, "Minoan Kingship and the Solar Goddess: A Near Eastern Koine", University of Illinois Press, 2010. Dunnington, "Carl Friedrich Gauss, Titan of science: a study of his life and work", Exposition Press, 1955. My knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL) is minimal, but I have had exposure to sign languages and deaf culture in other countries. American Sign Language (ASL), the mother tongue of deaf communication, is a distinctly different language. When a new concept, person, object, is mentioned for the first time, it is described and "placed" in a certain location in the visual space.
For example, the left hand of the signer may be used to speak for the signer himself and the right hand for another person. The patient describes three persons and defines their locations to be used during that part of the conversation. In medical examinations it is most often consecutive until the doctor and the interpreter have worked together sufficiently long that the examination situation and the phrases used are mastered by both persons. If the concept is new and there is no commonly used sign for that concept, it first has to be finger spelled and then clarified, using signs.
In ASL the focal point of the comment is placed at the end of a statement, rather than at the beginning as is common in English.
Our current tests used in assessment of impaired vision do not reveal the degree of loss of temporal resolution, changes in motion perception, or the perception of exact positions of fingers and arms which probably are quite important in the communication of deaf persons. Our visually impaired patients whose visual fields are limited to a few degrees perform their signing in a space that does not visually exist for them. The ability to lip read is very individual, and it is never a hundred per cent correct when uncommon vocabulary, such as medical terminology, is used. They will no longer be issuing security updates for the product on the Windows Platform and recommend users uninstall it.
There are also different ways of presenting English manually, either by fingerspelling (visual handshapes of the manual alphabet, Figures 1A and 1B) or by Signing Exact English (SEE).
It then becomes possible for the signer to describe an argument between these two persons with one hand saying "yes" and the other hand almost simultaneously saying "no"!
Later, the verb signs movefrom the location of the "doer" to the location of the person who is the object of the action. This is the responsibility of the interpreter, but the doctor has to be aware of the need for extra time and has to wait patiently until the end of the signed message.

Since we cannot measure the degree of communication impairment, we have to carefully ask the patient whether signing with normal gestures is acceptable and use that information in our reports.
When we try to sign with smaller signs to make them fit in the small tubular field of new patients, these persons often dislike it and would rather sit at an unusually long communication distance, in order to retain more ordinary signing. Lip movements are fast and short; they can be perceived if the person has perception at the needed high frequencies. There are a few things that many deaf persons experience as insulting, more so than hearing persons can imagine.
In-person correspondence with a Deaf African confirmed that this is still the sign that is used in Africa. Personal communication regarding signs learned from international deaf persons and interpreters at linguistics conference in England. Email communication about exposure to native signs when working with Wycliffe Bible Translators. There is also Pidgin Signed English (PSE) which uses signs but is closer to English than ASL in its syntax. Another example of effectiveness of signed information is when the patient signs with two small movements "bilateral cataract extraction with lens implants", the first small vertical movement in front of both eyes depicting the surgery and the other movement depicting how the implant is put in place. In some cases, the interpreter may need to ask the doctor for help in formulating the clarification.
This might be related to the fact that signs have well known relationships with different body parts. However, a person who does not perceive the speed of movement of other people, cannot calculate how to void bumping into them, is functionally blind in crowds and traffic. One common mistake is to assume that the patient has the ability to lipread and to want to measure it as a part of the assessment of visual functioning. Sometimes we see families that use homemade signs and gestures that do not fulfill the definition of any formal sign language. On the other hand, there are numerous situations where the interpreter has to sign for quite some time to cover something that can be expressed by just a few spoken words. If removed from its normal location in space the sign also becomes detached in its meaning. Lipreading tests should be introduced only if the deaf person uses lipreading in communication. If we can remember this simple example we will make the interpreter's work a lot easier, since the interpreter cannot start the sentence before the doctor has described the event that happens first. When a deafblind person with a small tubular field comes in contact with other similarly affected deaf persons, the use of smaller signs is often accepted rapidly. This seems to occur in medical institutions even in situations where there is no need for the patient to talk since there is an interpreter present. The request for speech makes no sense and only serves to alienate the patient from the medical specialists.

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