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A strong magnetic field causes slight spatial contraction, while a weaker magnetic field causes spatial dilation. If the Unified Theory is correct, it then logically follows from this that Einstein was wrong, for in an Einstein gravity field space becomes more stretched out the closer you go to the center the field (the stronger the field becomes), while in a magnetic field the opposite occurs, and space becomes more contracted the deeper you move toward the center of the field, while space dilates the further you move away from the center of the field (and the weaker the magnetic field becomes). Visual observation of the universe conforms to the pattern one would expect to be produced by magnetoconstriction.
We should expect the cloud to become more constricted as it progresses deeper into the field of our galaxy, as well as becoming more elongated and stretched out (due to the increasing gravitational acceleration of the nose relative to the rear of the cloud). As field density decreases, the wave length of light falls so as to match the dilation of space. We can see further visual evidence of the optical distortions caused by the warping of space when we look at a galaxy.
We can see evidence of a blue-shift taking place as objects enter constricted space when we look at the Smith Hydrogen Cloud. The graph above illustrates the actual rotational curve of a galaxy (the flat lined curve at the top of the graph) as compared to the expected rotational curve of a galaxy (the dashed line below).
I have superimposed the graph on an image of the galaxy above, with the fastest expected rotation speed expected to be found near the center of the field and the slower orbital speeds expected to be found at the outer edges of the galaxy. On the left we see a simulation of how we would expect objects to rotate in a gravitational field (corresponding to the dashed line on the graph above).
The animation on the right is a simulation of the apparent orbital behavior we see in a galaxy, and corresponds to the flat solid line in the graph above.
The hypothesis of the ‘dark matter of the universe’ is based upon two fundamental premises. The Doppler effect causes wavelength to become a higher frequency (more compressed) in an object approaching and causes a lower frequency (more dilated wavelengths) in an object that is moving away.
The rotation of a galaxy is not observed by observing the rotation of a galaxy but rather it is observed by means of the Doppler effect. To explain this effect as being caused by spatial dilation and contraction, I have added a graph of my own above the graph of galaxy rotational speeds. The light from the center of the galaxy will appear red-shifted when we receive it, because we are in the low density region of the field of the Milky Way galaxy. We can see a relativistic energy increase in the spatially contracted leading edge of the Smith Hydrogen Cloud. We can experimentally confirm that such relativistic increases in energy level does occur by considering a comet fragment falling upon Jupiter and a comet fragment falling upon the moon.
These ideas make no sense whatsoever in an Einstein matter based gravity field, but they make perfect sense in a magnetic field, and so therefore such ideas would make perfect sense in a Unified Field Theory, for we see objects being both ‘attracted’ and ‘repelled’ in a magnetic field, and we also know that the curved graph of an object falling into a magnetic field is identical to the curved graph of an object falling into a gravitational field. Therefore it is not required that a comet fragment falling into the gravitational field of Jupiter to experience any transfer of energy to fuel its acceleration as it falls into the field, for its momentum is simply a density function and its momentum increases as space contracts and its energy becomes more densely packed into a smaller and smaller space, resulting in an automatic increase in the rate of displacement.

The exact same comet fragment dropping onto the moon would fall slowly, and then it would leave a pock mark on the surface of the moon, with a dust cloud rising up in slow motion and then falling down in slow motion on the surface of the moon. In the same way a fusion reaction can produce a blue-shifted result in the highly energetic spatially dense center of a galactic field, and it is this strange phenomenon that then explains the curiously flat graph of galactic rotation, as each observed part of the Doppler curve seems to be the same by the time that it reaches an observer in our part of the galaxy, which is a red-shifted observation point out in the low density region of the field of the Milky Way Galaxy.
If this whining or humming is out of the ordinary, it's probably a bearing or bushing on the belt assembly that's wearing out. When a car makes a whining sound when accelerating, it might be a  fan belt that is not performing properly.
A whinig or howling sound coming from a cars wheels means that a wheel bearing is bad and should be replaced. Lana Straub is a freelance journalist based in West Texas covering energy, groundwater conservation and contamination.
Belt tensioner pulley bearing frozen and the idler pulley shaft is spinning inside the belt tensioner assy.
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If the fan belt is  reasonably new, add a few drops of dish soap… to the inside to quiet  it. Standing in the driveway of the Brothers’ home it was 50 decibels, but as we walked toward the edge of the road, the sound meter jumped to 85 decibels. The creator of this offensively loud humming noise was the compressor station located just across the road.
If the air  cleaner is missing, the car will make a horrible squealing noise  when accelerating.
Unfortunately, compressor stations are a necessary component of an oil and gas pipeline system. When they built their new home prior to the oil boom in Carroll County, Ohio, they had no idea that their new neighbor would be so loud that the sound would knock the photos off of their walls in the middle of the night.
The compressor station sits about 350 feet from their home and even though the noise is deafening, with only three years into their mortgage, they can’t afford to move.“A lot of people have told us that we are fools to pay for our house cause it isn’t worth nothing now,” said Frank. He said that equals just about what he owes on his mortgage.Noise pollution is only one of the many types of pollution that people living around oil and gas exploration areas have to deal with. And even after the fracking vehicles move on, remnants like compressor stations remain as constant reminders that the landscape around them has changed forever. Light and air pollution also often linger around along with the noise long after the oil and gas wells have been sucked dry.Humans aren’t the only ones affected by this.
Long before drilling rigs, fracking trucks, and compressor stations enter neighborhoods, the wildlife in the area already begins to feel the impact of preliminary exploration work. Therefore, many of the biotic impacts of shale development are unique and cannot be inferred from knowledge of other forms of oil and natural gas extraction.”The key to bringing the environmental effects to the forefront of our minds is to think of them as how they apply to our everyday lives, says Morgan Tingley, a conservation biologist and coauthor of the report.

The effect is often referred to as a permanent full moon and its impact on wildlife can be life-changing. Oilfield trucks carrying water and sand sometimes line up 50 trucks deep during a fracking job. Oftentimes, once the well construction is completed at a new site, flares are placed at the well head to dispel the excess gases that have nowhere to go since the pipeline infrastructure is yet to be being built.
Environmental Protection Agency as well as many state oil and gas agencies, such as the ones in Texas and Ohio, decided in the early stages of the oil boom that the lack of infrastructure necessitated the practice of flaring as part of doing business. They allow oil and gas companies to obtain air permits that allow them to legally release gases into the air as long as they keep within the permitted levels. In some states like South Dakota, even though the flaring is illegal, contactors burn up the gases anyway because there is no infrastructure in place to capture the excess gas.
They see it as protecting their investment because if the gas isn’t flared, it could cause irreparable damage to the wellhead and the shale formation. However, recent changes in EPA regulations are aimed at curbing flaring and reducing emissions by at least 10 percent.Methane gas flare in Lybrook, New Mexico, associated with the Mancos shale oil development.
Their study, SONGNEX 2015: Shale Oil and Natural Gas Nexusexamined emissions in these areas from March to May 2015. However, as oil and gas development wanders into the wilderness areas, so does the need to light it up. If workers and equipment are in the field they must have lighted worksites to maintain safety. It isn’t unheard of for someone to think they see a wildfire burning in the night sky only to discover that it’s a furiously burning flare.
The effect is often referred to as a permanent full moon and its impact on wildlife can be life changing. The International Dark-Sky Association is working to show oil and gas companies how to mitigate some of the damage caused by light pollution. For instance, Pioneer Energy Corporation recently teamed up with McDonald Observatory to help alleviate oil field light pollution in the West Texas skies.
By upgrading their lighting systems, using shields and LEDs, Pioneer was able to reduce their light emissions and still maintain rig and personnel safety.As fracking operations expand across the country, there must be conversations to find better ways to combat its environmental impacts.
The key to mitigating air, noise, and light pollution is to pinpoint the problem and address it, as Pioneer Energy did to keep the skies dark over Texas. The long-term environmental and health impacts of fracking operations are far reaching and we should be thinking about long-term solutions to mitigate them.But for people like Frank and Theresa Brothers whose property has already been invaded by oil and gas activity, such solutions may come too late.

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