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The differences between wolves, dogs, coyotes, and golden jackals are so slight that they can ALL interbreed and produce fertile young. Born at only 1-2lbs, a Great Dane will tip the scales at 135-200+lbs within only 12 months! Dogs possess a rete mirabile, a complex system of intermingled small arteries and veins at the base of their neck. Score more in Science with Video Lessons, Sample Papers, Revision Notes & more for Class-IX - CBSESign up now. Sound is a form of energy that is transferred from one point to the another in the medium in form of longitudinal waves in case of gases and liquids and transverse waves or longitudinal waves in solids. Propagation of Sound   Ordinarily, we hear sound, transmitted through the air. Propagation of sound in a medium (like the atmosphere) is the collision between the medium particles driven by a vibrating object.
A man named Edward stands outside on a hot day, sweat dripping from his brow onto a white apron. Upon testing body voltage of human and dog subjects it is estimated our dogs produce twice the amount of millivolts that humans do. I can taste it!' • Inside the nasal cavity and opening into the upper part of the mouth is the final piece of the dog’s scent-related puzzle, the remarkable Jacobson’s Organ. Puppies are born with a coat of fur, but that coat is gradually replaced with an adult coat.
But a dog can easily identify its owner standing a mile away if the owner is waving his arms.
And from this, our dogs are very keen at detecting fear, weakness and the opportunity to get what they want when they want it. This acts to thermally isolate the head, which contains the brain, the most temperature-sensitive organ, from the body, which contains the muscles, where most of the heat is generated. The third lid, called a nictitating membrane or “haw” keeps the eye lubricated and protected.
Many dogs show displays of aggression such as barking, growling, or snapping in the air, which are considered distance-increasing actions intended to get the person or dog to move away. Something happens there and we know it here, even if we are looking the other way, not paying attention, or even asleep.
You can study the propagation of sound through air, for example, the most common kind of sound there is for people. Can water, allergies, sinus infection, cold, flights or other inner ear infections cause this problem?
With this, comes quicker perceptions of feeling and rapid impermeability and reaction to stimulus.
The primary function of this Organ is to detect pheromones, which then provides both sexes with information as to the availability of the opposite sex for breeding.
This begins when a puppy is anywhere from 3 to 6 months old, and can continue throughout puppyhood, which can last for over a year. Taking down larger prey then itself, living in familial packs and great swimmers to boot;these guys are dog through and through! However, with this incredible genetic ability which in the wild would allow them to spot prey, take down an animal ten times their size, and feed them for a week; you also get senses of size differentiated compassion and understanding.
The result is that dogs can sustain intense physical exertion over a prolonged time in a hot environment, compared to animals which lack this apparatus; thus, a dog chasing a jackrabbit through the desert may not be able to outrun the rabbit, but it can continue the chase until the rabbit slows due to overheating.
Other mammals possessing these natural windshield wipers are seals, polar bears, and camels.
Most dogs display of aggression is defensive, harming another only if they perceive that they have no option, or Scooby Doo out of the scene.
When sound travels though a medium the matter particles are displaced thus stress and strains are produced in the medium. The fact that some sounds can produce physical and emotional effects is just short of astounding.
Sound propagates through water as well, as you can easily prove by taking a dip in the pool.
Are there eardrops, home remedies, and other treatments that can help get rid or deal with this menace? Responsiveness through all sensory organs switches from the point of contact to the brain at a minimum, double that of human.
Many search and rescue, detection dogs lick the air to give additional input into their “scents-ability.” Lizards, snakes, horses goats and deer all are masters of this organ as well.
THIS particular dog chased a convoy through the Mauritanian desert for 3 miles before giving up!
That little chunk of red in the corner of our own eye is remnant of a nictitating membrane in humans! These notes will perhaps remove some of the mystery associated with sound and hearing, but probably none of the wonder.
A recent anatomical study of 400 human subjects confirmed both its presence and the fact that its nervous connections are capable of sending functional messages to the brain.
In the winter, they were still able to hunt for their food, but most of their water sources would have become frozen.
It is very common in our world to see a Chihuahua ruling a Doberman, a Parrot squawking orders to a Labrador, or a Maltese mocking a Mastiff.

Apparently, as much as some folks would like to deny it, we humans are indeed sexual animals, just like the rest of nature. If they're moving their butts, wiggling, or shaking an object around like a thrasher at a slipknot concert its a safe bet that it is play. Lack of exercise is not a cause of aggressive behavior, although exercise boosts serotonin levels, which offsets stress hormones such as cortisol, and can complement a behavior modification program.
On gradually removing the air, the sound of the bell becomes feebler and becomes almost inaudible when the limit of exhaustion is reached. Clogged ears might be accompanied with some earache, ear pain, dizziness, popping or crackling sound, muffled sense of hearing, etc. Depending on the motivation and consistency of the owner, most dog aggressive acts are never too late to treat. Such disturbances are produced by practically everything that moves, especially if it moves quickly or in a rapid and repetitive manner. The reason why absolute silence is not attained, is that the conducting wires transmit some sound.
Clogged or plugged ears can be annoying The eustachian tubes help balance inner ear and outside air pressure and it should click each time you blow your nose, yawn or swallow when it is functioning properly. Clicking happens as it opens momentarily to allow air to flow from inner ear to the nose (outside environment). Next he plops him on a wood table, towels him off and carves, with scissors, a purposeful cut for an industrial animal.
Most of the characteristics we expect of air are a result of the fact that these particular molecules are very light and are in extremely rapid but disorganized motion. Today, the cut is overdramatized and its only ineffectual purpose is to look posh prancing around a ring. No matter how far or how quickly the piston is moved, it always takes the same time for the molecules to even out. In other words, the disturbance caused by the piston moves at a constant rate through the air.
If you could make the disturbance visible somehow, you would see it spreading spherically from the piston, like an expanding balloon. Because the process is so similar to what happens when you drop an apple into a bucket, we call the disturbance line the wavefront.
If the piston were to move in and out repetitively at a rate between 20 and 20,000 times a second, a series of evely spaced wavefronts would be produced, and we would hear a steady tone. Sound really moves Under normal conditions a wavefront moves through air at 1130 feet per second. Molecules of different weight (other gases maybe) or different velocity (that translates into temperature) will exhibit different speeds of sound.
Motion of the sound source, the listener, or the air itself has no effect on the speed of sound, nor does the pressure of the air.
The total energy stays the same, the area expands, so the energy in one unit of area decreases with the square of the distance from the source. The stronger the impulse, the farther the wavefront goes (the sound of the explosion of the volcano Krakatoa is said to have gone around the world three or four times).
Hitting the wall When sound hits something soft or movable the energy of the wavefront is dissipated in moving the object around.
Can cleaning clogged ears unclog them?Ears feel clogged no wax or infection – eustachian tube dysfunction Depending on the cause is, plugged ears may be accompanied with a number of symptoms such as sore throat, ringing ear feeling, muffled hearing, some pressure behind your ears, dizziness, numbness, and some pain (they might hurt or not hurt i.e. Part of the energy of the wavefront will set up a wavefront within the wall; just how big a part is transmitted this way depends on the material the wall is made of. Sometimes your ear might feel like it needs to pop or crackle or it feel like it has water or fluid, even after cleaning and drying it especially if it is due to ear infections. The rest of the energy is reflected off the surface according to the same rules that apply to light on a mirror. With a rough idea of what clogged or plugged ears are, it is time to look at some of the common causes of this problem.
While discussing each of these causes, we will mention treatments, cures and remedies that might be helpful. One is that a listener might hear something twice if the distances involved are great enough, the other is that the energy reflected back into a room is going to change our notions about how long the disturbance endures.
Through the rabbit hole When the wavefront hits a wall with a hole in it a small portion of the wave energy leaks through the hole and begins propagating as if the hole were the source, that is, spherically around the hole. If you happened to measure the strength of the wave at that point, the energies of both fronts would be combined, and the measurement would be quite different from one obtained only a few inches away.
Steady on Now let 's backtrack and see what happens when we produce a lot of wavefronts at a steady rate.
Initially, the separate fronts do not interact because each moves away from the source at the same speed. If we could freeze everything and take some measurements, we would see that the wavelength was a distance expected by considering the rate of repetition and the speed of sound. While things were still frozen, we could make a graph of the exact pressure changes in the space between the wavefronts. For a long time cps was used, but that can be confused with some other units so the name was changed to Hertz, abbreviated Hz. Zooooom For instance, I said that the movement of the wave through the air is not affected by any motion of the source or listener.

If the source were to move toward you between production of wavefronts, it would seem to be chasing the first front, and the second front would be a little closer to the first than you would expect.
If you study the drawing, you can find many places where the two sets of waves produced by the holes are in phase and, not far away, spots where the waves are out of phase. You should also realize that if the wavelength were to be changed, the in-phase and out-of-phase spots would move.
Notice that as you move away from the holes, you find fewer such spots, so that at a distance of four or five wavelengths you are safe from this phenomenon. This whole effect, incidentally, is produced by any obstacle with a size equal to or larger than the wavelength. A wave will bounce off the right wall, travel to the left wall and bounce again, arriving at the source in phase with the new wavefronts. If the walls are fairly reflective, a particular front will pass many times, so the pressure differences measured at the points of reinforcement will be the sum of several waves. This process is very dependent on the wavelength of the sound, and therefore the frequency. Change it only slightly and the system will settle down, double it or cut it in half and things go wild again. Standing waves are a pain in the neck in rooms, but can be very useful in the construction of musical instruments. This one of the ways to to treat clogged ear problem if you are suffering from eustachian tube dysfunction.
Home remedies for clogged ears – clearing or fixing plugged ears at home There are a number of home remedies for clogged ears you can use to deal with the various causes including those from allergies, sinus infection, due to cold, water in ears, etc.
Of course, just like most remedies, results might work for some individual effectively while in others, results might be somewhat less effective or slow.
We have already mentioned a number of home remedies especially while looking at how to unclog earwax. It can help in opening clogged eustachian tubes especially if caused by rapid descent or ascent such as using an elevator or taking an airplane flight. Breathing exercises or Valsalva maneuver How to unpop clogged ears by breathing exercises To do this, “take a deep breath and try to blow out of your nose gently while pinching your nostrils closed and keeping your mouth shut” [mayoclinic.org].
Warm compress Place a heating pad or a warm washcloth on the affected ear for 5 to 10 minutes to help relieve pain, reduce congestion and unclog your ears. Yawning Yawning can help unclog ears after flight or change in altitude Yawning is a simple natural remedy for plugged ears that helps to decrease air pressure in your ears as well make your muscles active.
If you hear a popping or crackling sound as you yawn, you would have succeed in opening your clogged ear 5. Gargling hot saline water Prepare saline solution by adding a teaspoon of salt to a glass of hot water and gargle it for about 15-30 seconds to help ease nasal and ear congestion.
Another home remedies for clogged ear is to add a few drops of warm olive oil (at your body temperature) using a dropper into your ear canal and let it stay for about 5 to 10 minutes before tilting your head to drain the oil out. Tea tree oil has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties  that will help cure a clogged ear. To use this remedy, put boiling water in a bowl, add a few drops of tea tree oil, and inhale its steam.
Other remedies Other clogged ears remedies you should also try include using a humidifier in your room if it is extremely dry and adopting a propped up or semi-upright position by adding a few more pillows while sleeping.
Ear drops for clogged ears If your plugged ears are from cold, allergies, clogged wax, among other causes, there are a number of ear drops you can give a try. You will get these ear drops in your local pharmaceutical stores, at Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, and other leading pharmaceutical companies. For earwax removal, some of the best ear drop or medicines to try include Debrox, peroxide, Ceruminex, mineral oil and Murine. Plugged ears prevention To avoid the problem of clogged ears, clean your ears regularly, dry them after taking a shower with a soft cloth, avoid diving or swimming when you have a cold or respiratory infection, don’t use Q-tips for wax removal (use them only on your outer parts of your ear) and don’t remove foreign objects at home – let a doctor remove them.
Frequently asked questions and answers on clogged ears To further enhance your understanding, we have included a few frequently asked questions and answers below. I feel dizzy and my ears feel clogged Dizziness is a common symptoms associated with clogged or plugged ears and it is due to pressure build-up in the inner ear. If you feel dizzy, avoid moving fast, take plenty of fluids, and if possible do not take much salt, caffeine, tobacco products, salt and alcohol since these products do affect circulation of blood and this might in turn worsen dizziness. These canals are what helps balance air pressure in your inner ear and pressure outside your ears i.e. On the other hand, clogged ear canal (running from outside the ear and ends at the eardrum) can be caused by factors such as water, swimmer’s ear, excessive wax production or foreign body. This is likely to be caused by cold, sinus infection or other upper respiratory infections.
Ears feel clogged no wax or infection – eustachian tube dysfunction Some people suffer from ears that feel clogged even when they do not have any of the above mentioned causes.
This might be caused by the inability of the eustachian tube to open due to problems such as large adenoids (where adenoidectomy is the surgical treatment required) or any other condition that can block  these tubes.

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