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La Fisiologia es la ciencia biologica que se ocupa del estudio de las funciones organicas de los seres organicos. Asimismo, para su estudio, se basa no unicamente en conceptos tan vinculados a los seres vivos, como ser las leyes termodinamicas, de electricidad, gravitatoria, meteorologicas, entre otras.
De todas maneras y en definitivas cuentas todas las teorias en Fisiologia cumpliran el mismo objetivo que no es otro que hacer comprensibles aquellos procesos y funciones del ser vivo y todos los elementos que lo componen en los diferentes niveles. Existen tres tipo de Fisiologias que se ocupan del tipo de ser vivo en cuestion: Fisiologia Vegetal, Fisiologia Humana y Fisiologia Animal. La Fisiologia Vegetal estudia el funcionamiento y el comportamiento de los organos y tejidos vegetales de las plantas. Y por su lado, la Fisiologia Humana se ocupa de estudiar todas las funciones inherentes a los seres vivos multicelulares.
La principal aliada de la Fisiologia resulta ser la Anatomia, ambos son campos que se nutren mutuamente, mientras la segunda se ocupa de las formas, la primera estudia la funcion que despliega cada parte del cuerpo y juntas resultan ser fundamental para el conocimiento medico general.
El cuerpo humano se encuentra formado por celulas, estas a su vez componen tejidos, estos organos y estos, a la vez, aparatos, componiendo todos los diferentes sistemas que mantienen el cuerpo de una persona viva, el sistema respiratorio, el sistema circulatorio, el nervioso, gastrointestinal, entre otros. En tanto, la homeostasia es una de las condiciones que estudian y controlan los fisiologos humanos para describir y explicar las condiciones estaticas o constantes del medio interno. Como consecuencia de los diferentes tipos de celulas, organos y sistemas que ostentamos los seres humanos, existen diversas especialidades de la Fisiologia como ser: fisiologia de la audicion, fisiologia cardiaca, fisiologia celular, fisiologia renal, fisiologia del olfato, fisiologia de la reproduccion, fisiologia respiratoria, entre otras. The ears do not just detect auditory sounds and send the messages to the brain, they are also involved in balance and positioning of the body. Sound funnels through the pinna (outer ear) into the external auditory canal that ends at the eardrum (tympanic membrane). The fluid-filled semi-circular canals (labyrinth) attach to the cochlea and nerves in the inner ear. NOTE: Only the most common ones or those that nature can provide prevention or cures for are covered here.
Acoustic neuroma is a noncancerous tumour that grows on the nerve which travels from the ear to the brain. Barotitis media is an inflammation of the ear caused by changes in atmospheric pressure which leads to popping noises and pain in the ears and can cause dental pain.
Frequent yawning or closed-nose swallowing during descent when flying, decongestant nasal sprays and antihistamines taken before or during flight often prevent or relieve this condition. Cauliflower ear is usually caused by repeated trauma or blows to the ear during boxing or rugby sports but it can also be the result of infection of the ear lobes or through piercings to the top of the ear. The development of cauliflower ear can be prevented surgically when the trauma has just happened.
Cholesteatoma is a benign condition and is caused by the build-up of fibrous tissue within the middle ear and surrounding bones. Labyrinthitis is swelling and inflammation of the labyrinth, part of the inner ear that helps control balance. As well as dizziness, vertigo and hearing problems, it may cause pain in the ears, nausea, a fever, sight problems and neck pain. The dizziness and vertigo symptoms can be worsened by alcohol, bright lights, chocolate, coffee, noise or smoking tobacco so it may help to avoid or reduce these triggers. Mastoiditis is an infection of the mastoid bone, just behind the ear and can result from untreated otitis media middle ear infection. Try eliminating the common food allergens such as corn, egg, milk, soya, wheat and yeast one by one to see if this rectifies the condition.
Foreign objects, infection, sudden changes in air pressure and very loud noises can tear the eardrum. Tinnitus is a hearing disorder that can subject the sufferer to all sorts of bizarre ear noises. An earache, medications, a bacterial infection, fungal infection, fluid in the middle ear, a hole in the eardrum or a big plug of wax can cause tinnitus, as can neck or jaw problems, such as temporomandibular joint syndrome or injuries to the head and neck. A hole in the eardrum, fluid in the middle ear or wax compaction can be causes of tinnitus. Medications, most notably aspirin, several types of antibiotics, antidepressants, anti-inflammatory, sedatives and as well as quinine medications.
Avoid too much aspirinLarge doses of aspirin can make tinnitus worse, although doctors aren't sure why.
Stop smokingThe nicotine in cigarettes acts as a stimulant, forcing the auditory nerve in your inner ear to fire. Halt the saltExcess salt (sodium) causes fluid retention within the ear, which can result in swelling and pressure against the hearing organs. Drown out the soundMany people who have tinnitus report that they don't notice their symptoms when they're in the shower. Try biofeedbackDuring a study, 80 percent of people who received 12 biofeedback training sessions over a six-week period actually suffered 80 percent less ringing in their ears. Buy a masking deviceSeveral electronics manufacturers sell inexpensive units that help mask tinnitus by producing white noise. Vitamin B12 is a considered to be essential for combating tinnitus because it is essential for the formation of the myelin sheaths that surround and protect nerve fibres.
Usher's syndrome is a hereditary condition characterised by hearing loss or deafness and progressive vision loss caused by retinitis pigmentosa.
Warthin's tumour (papillary cystadenoma lymphomatosum) is a benign salivary (parotid) gland tumour. The treatment for this is generally surgery to remove the parotid gland if symptoms worsen.
Apple cider vinegar, lemon and honey: Take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, one half of a freshly squeezed lemon and a teaspoon of honey in a glass or warm water upon waking daily before eating or drinking anything else. Bicarbonate of soda may help to alkalise the body which can reduce growth of tumours but caution should be taken as it is high in sodium which those with high blood pressure should avoid.
Krill oil: take one capsule daily as this will provide omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and astaxanthin which is the most powerful antioxidant known. Psyllium husks: one tablespoon per day with a large glass of water or sprinkled on to meals.
Rice bran oil and sesame oil, used together for cooking, have shown to be beneficial when trying to reduce tumours in some people.

Avoid alcohol, excessive consumption of iron-rich foods, processed and refined foods, sugar and tobacco smoking. Get checked for vitamin deficiencies, especially vitamin B12 and particularly if taking any medications. In many instances, (except when it is infection or drug related) tinnitus is simply not treatable although a good diet, including the natural foods below, can help. A cleanse and detoxifying regime should be undertaken first to flush out any toxins which can cause ear problems. Basil made into a tea and three cups drunk daily has been proven to help reduce hearing loss in the elderly. Fruit: Blend fruits together, especially berries, lemon, orange, papaya and tangerine with nutmeg, cinnamon and honey, to provide a tasty nutritious smoothie. Gingko biloba has been proven to alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus and reduce hearing loss due to its ability to improve circulation. Echinacea, garlic, plantain and thyme taken as teas can help fortify the immune system and fight off ear infections.
Calcium also plays a role in many other vital physiological activities, including blood clotting, nerve conduction, muscle contraction, regulation of enzyme activity, cell membrane function and blood pressure regulation. It is called ‘tinnitus’ and doctors just don’t seem to be able to do any thing to cure the problem.
Another review of studies says taking ginkgo for one to three months has a significantly greater reduction and speedier relief. Even Germany’s Commission E, which regulates supplements, officially endorses ginkgo as a treatment for tinnitus. A British study found that tinnitus sufferers with low levels of CoQ10 benefited significantly from CoQ10 supplements. Lo que hace esta disciplina es reunir los principios de las ciencias exactas e ir otorgandoles sentido a las interrelaciones e interacciones de los elementos basicos que componen un ser vivo, con su entorno, explicando ademas el porque de las diferentes situaciones en las que se puedan encontrar estos elementos. Muchos aspectos de esta se encuentran estrecha vinculacion con la Fisiologia Animal, es decir, mucha de la informacion obtenida hasta hoy se debe en gran medida a la experimentacion que constantemente se hace sobre los animales. Porque todo organo o tejido en el cuerpo humano despliega funciones que ayudan a mantener las condiciones del cuerpo constante algo vital realmente. Sound causes the eardrum and its tiny attached bones in the middle portion of the ear to vibrate and the vibrations are conducted to the nearby cochlea. It involves bilateral high-frequency hearing loss associated with difficulty in speech discrimination and central auditory processing of information. Infants are particularly susceptible to barotitis media and should be given oral fluids or feeding during flight descent to encourage swallowing.
The blood flow becomes blocked and the affected cartilage may die and, without the supportive tissue, fold in on itself. A doctor can make a small incision and drain accumulating blood or remove a clot and prevent further bleeding. The inflammation may cause dizziness and a spinning or whirling feeling and it can also cause temporary hearing loss or a ringing in the ears or tinnitus and nausea.
As with other ear conditions, a cleansing and detoxifying regime is best tried first to flush out toxins. It causes inflammation of the mastoid and surrounding tissues and may lead to bony destruction. It causes attacks of dizziness (vertigo), nausea and vomiting, a feeling of fullness in the ear, hissing and roaring in the ears and some hearing loss. Sudden cases are usually infections while chronic otitis is often a skin condition (dermatitis).
It can cause hearing loss when abnormal bone forms around the stapes, reducing the sound that reaches the inner ear. The most common source: Nerves and special nerve endings inside the inner ear simply wear out with age and overexposure to loud noise. Tinnitus is cited as a potential side effect for about 200 prescription and recreational drugs. One or two aspirin aren't going to do it, but if taking eight to ten aspirin every day, that could be part of the problem.
If you're suffering from tinnitus, that's roughly the equivalent of someone banging garbage can lids together inside your brain. Those who participated in the study learned through biofeedback how to relax the muscles in their foreheads—muscles that are commonly tightened when you're under stress.
If you don't want to lay out the extra cash, you can get somewhat the same effect by tuning an FM radio to pick up static.
Although a benign tumour is not cancerous, meaning it will not spread to other parts of the body, it may continue to grow and become more painful and debilitating as it can affect the facial nerves. Try to include many of the foods below in the daily diet to benefit from their powerful properties and help flush out toxins which can also cause ear problems.
Freshly squeezed lemon and a teaspoon of honey can be added for additional benefit and taste improvement.
Add live probiotic yoghurt to smoothies for added nutritional benefit and a creamy texture. Warm them gently over a low heat then drip a few drops into the ear with the head on one side. Because these activities are essential to life, the body utilises complex regulatory systems to tightly control the amount of calcium in the blood, so that sufficient calcium is always available. They may say you’ll get used to it eventually or even that you just have to learn to ‘live with it’. Taking antibiotics, having chronic ear infections, even food or airborne allergies can cause the disorder. Por ejemplo, los pulmones son los encargados de mantener esa constancia mediante la captacion del oxigeno que cada ser necesita para vivir. The spiral-shaped cochlea is part of the inner ear; it transforms sound into nerve impulses that travel to the brain.
The Eustachian (auditory) tube drains excess fluid from the middle ear into the throat (pharynx) behind the nose.
Presbycusis is common, affecting a third of people between 65 and 75 years and up to a half of people 75 and over and is often a genetic condition.

Allergies or infections of the sinuses can make the condition worse as can an acute upper respiratory infection. Chewing of gum or hard sweets such as toffee are often even more effective than eating for older children and adults. Warm olive oil dripped into the ear whilst the head is laying on one side then left for five minutes before turning the head so that the oil can run out can remove compacted ear wax but often the ear may need syringing by a doctor.
Labyrinthitis most commonly happens after a viral infection or, more rarely, after an infection caused by bacteria. It usually goes away on its own after three to eight weeks but sometimes the effects are more severe and longer-lasting. It is a rare condition and is more common in children than adults and symptoms are recurrent ear pain and headaches and bouts of fever. Occasionally, this potassium-rich fluid breaks the inner ear membrane and leaks into the potassium-poor outer fluid.
This fluid can become infected and cause hissing and popping noises, discomfort and some hearing loss.
Coming up to the surface too quickly when deep sea diving is one of the most common causes of this condition. The noise causes permanent damage to the sound-sensitive cells of the cochlea, a spiral-shaped organ in the inner ear. Loud music at clubs, gigs and festivals, and through the headphones of personal music players, can all cause damage to the hearing and lead to tinnitus and hearing loss of the top range of sounds. Because the sound of water works so well, some doctors also recommend that their patients record the sound of water pouring out of the faucet and play it just before they go to sleep or whenever they need relief. Alcohol and many medications and recreational drugs cause a deficiency in the B vitamins particularly vitamin B12.
Usually, parents who have normal hearing and vision do not know if they are carriers of an Usher syndrome gene mutation and, currently, it is not possible to determine whether a person who does not have a family history of Usher syndrome is a carrier. Eating a multitude of fibre rich whole grains, fruits and vegetables per day (not just five) will help to readdress any balance in nutrients and provide nourishment for the friendly bacteria in the intestines. Then the diet should include plenty of fibre-rich whole grains and all colours of fruits and vegetables each day which will help to readdress any nutrient imbalance and provide nourishment for the beneficial bacteria in the intestines.
As a result, when dietary intake of calcium is too low to maintain adequate blood levels, calcium stores are drawn out of the bones to maintain normal blood concentrations.
Some may suggest it could be caused by listening to loud music or working near noisy machinery for a long time.
After just a few treatments I was more active, had less pain and generally felt so much better! To help prevent cholesteatomas occurring or re-occurring it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the Eustachian tubes are kept clear. This mixing causes a chemical reaction that paralyses the balance system in the inner ear until the fluid balance becomes normal again. Less frequently, it can interfere with the inner ear nerve cells and affect the production of the nerve signal. There can be pulsations from blood vessels or twitching of muscles in the ear, and they will make a fluttering, pulsating or clicking sound. Carpenters, landscapers, pilots, rock musicians, road repair workers and anyone else using loud heavy machinery such as chain saws, guns or other noisy devices or those who repeatedly listen to very loud music.
During biofeedback, electronic sensors placed on your body measure your stress reactions like heart rate, perspiration and muscular tension. In older adults, atrophic gastritis hampers the ability to absorb vitamin B12 from natural foods.
They are responsible for a multitude of tasks including; preventing infections, viruses, yeasts and fungi from taking over and creating the components required for healthy bones, organs, blood and tissues all over the body. They are responsible for many tasks, including; preventing infections, viruses, yeasts and fungi from taking over and creating the components required for healthy bones, organs, blood and tissues all over the body including the ears. It is based on bio energetic medicine and is a very simple way of finding out what your intolerances are. This means watching for any intolerance to dairy proteins which can cause an excessive mucus build-up and avoiding colds, flus and allergies. It often leaves no lasting symptoms in between attacks and people with it can live perfectly normal lives.
The dizzy spells caused by this disease may affect driving or operating of machinery so caution should be taken.
Ringing, buzzing, or sounds like cicadas or crickets are all described by tinnitus sufferers. Using relaxation techniques taught during your biofeedback training, you may be able to lower those reactions, and in this case reduce your tinnitus.
Vegetarians, vegans, pregnant and lactating women and those who regularly partake in intense physical activities such as, sports or dancing, can also be deficient in vitamin B12. Copper, together with zinc, improves the absorption of vitamin D which aids in the absorption of calcium.
The results are instantaneous and we will advise you on a diet that, by eliminating certain foods could help to reduce, or even clear, your tinnitus.
A mild heating balm such as eucalyptus rubbed around and below the ears can help improve drainage of the Eustachian tubes. It usually begins in the teens or early twenties and some research suggests a relationship between otosclerosis and the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy. In many instances, (except when it is infection or drug-related) tinnitus is simply not treatable, although a nutritious balanced diet can help. Severe deficiency may result in pernicious anaemia also called Addisonian pernicious anaemia. Currently there is no cure but a surgical stapedotomy may be performed to try to improve hearing.

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