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Author: admin, 30.05.2015
When you switch your hearing aid to “T” setting the hearing aid’s microphone is switched off. The M (microphone) position is for "normal" listening, that is receiving airborne sound via the microphone built in to the hearing aid.
The T (T-coil) position is for receiving the sound via induction of the T-coil, which is built in to the hearing aid. Occasionally T-coils are susceptible to interference (low pitched buzzing) around malfunctioning or older fluorescent lights, conventional CRT (non-flat screen) computer monitors, electrical wires, dimmer switches and transformers. The most popular reason that we all know behind this rule is that the signals from the switched on electronic devices meddle with the electronic devices on the plane and that can cause the flight to malfunction and crash.
The real reason you’re told to turn the airplane mode on is because it, otherwise, annoys the pilots and air traffic controllers with a weird buzzing sound.

This results in improved speech understanding because the listener receives a clear signal without any background noise.
What most hearing aid users need is an improved signal to noise ratio (or SNR) of +10 or greater. Audiologists often recommend this T-coil setting for listening on the telephone without whistling. This allows you to only hear the signal from the hearing loop or listen on the phone, while reducing background noise and eliminating feedback (whistling). This setting can be used while watching TV in your home (if equipped with a home loop) or in church as it allows you to hear the person sitting beside you and hear the signal from the hearing loop. It’s the same kind of noise you hear when a microphone is too close to the speakers, and as you already know, that sound is a cacophony and definitely not pleasant.

That’s what the pilots have to deal with if any ignorant or stubborn passenger refuses to follow the rules. Next time, just don’t ask any questions and do exactly what they tell you to do on a flight!
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This is difficult to attain in reverberant places, such as auditoriums or churches, resulting in the typical “I can hear but not understand!” complaint.

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