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Author: admin, 06.12.2013
The Weeknd has released some more previously un heard tracks he made during his days with production crew, The Noise. Stay tuned for The Weeknd’s next official mixtape, Echoes Of Silence, due to be released before the end of the year.
Professional rollerblader Julian Bah is no stranger to Atlanta, so it makes perfect sense that he aims to make music that complements his blading prowess.
Researchers have figured out something about owls that airports would like to get their hands on to reduce noise pollution. Aircraft designers are trying to figure out a way to use what they know about owl feathers to mitigate aircraft noise.
Researchers at Englanda€™s Cambridge University have been studying the owla€™s wing structure to get a better understanding of exactly how it flies quiet so they can apply naturea€™s engineering to aircraft design. When these eddies hit the trailing edge of the wing, they become audible and even amplified, and they scatter as sound.

The serrated feathers on the leading edge of owl wings have more to do with keeping the raptors stable than quiet, but the fringe on owlsa€™ trailing feathers allows for a€?a very large noise reduction at the speed owls fly.a€? The owlsa€™ tattered fringe feathers help to break up the sound waves that are generated as air flows over the top of their wings and forms downstream wakes. The noise reduction achieved from the tattered fringe makes owls the quietest flying birds. One more thing: the velvety down feathers found elsewhere on owlsa€™ wings and legs absorb the remaining sound frequencies above 2,000 hertz, making owls completely silent to their prey. Ornithologists have been fascinated by the silent flight of owls since ornithologists first began watching them. Some ideas being tossed around include a retractable, brush-like fringe to mimic an owla€™s trailing feathers, and applying a velvety coating to aircraft landing gear.
Researchers are still trying to figure out if it is just one of these attributes or a combination of all three responsible for the noise reduction. Unfortunately, when it comes to aircraft design, noise reduction still takes a backseat to fuel efficiency.

You may heard one of the songs, “Rescue Me”, when it showed up on the internet as the alternate version of “Superhero”. But researchers are optimistic that lessons learned from the study of owl feathers may have the potential to influence the frequency and locations of aircraft takeoffs and landings.
Along comes the human in search of something that will effectively cure aircraft noise pollution, and we think there might be some hope in owl feathers.
Major airports such as Londona€™s Heathrow and Chicagoa€™s Oa€™Hare place restrictions on the amount of noise any airline can make in a day.
If the airlines manage to dampen sound generated by their aircrafts, they are permitted to enlist more flights without threatening to exceed their noise pollution cap.

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