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Author: admin, 29.03.2015
Whether it’s your cell phone ringing, your computer humming, a text buzzing, a coworker gossiping, or a sales guy closing the deal, your office is a symphony of sound that boasts of a mutually exclusive relationship with focused concentration and productivity.
If you’d like to reclaim those lost hours of productivity, the Sonet Acoustic Privacy System offers the same, high quality digital sound masking technology large corporations employ, but packaged for easy installation for individual offices or cubicles, from spaces as small as 50 sq feet up to 500 sq.
The Sonet System is a highly effective individual masking solution due to the fact that it incorporates Multi-Channel Technology along with a broader range of volume control to cover unwanted voices and other noises common to your work space.The Sonet System will help with almost any problem noises. It is recommended that you initially set the volume at a comfortable level, even if it doesn’t provide the desired level of privacy. The Sonet System was designed and engineered so that anyone could quickly unpack and set up the system. It will reduce the degree to which you hear these noises anywhere from 15-100 percent, depending on considerations such as the volume and frequency of the intruding noise, as well as the volume level at which you can comfortably use the Sonet System.

Since the sound is absolutely constant but has no structure, the brain simply tunes it out – just like you have tuned out the noise from the fans in your computer. Your ears will quickly become accustomed to the new sound, and you can gradually increase the volume (over about a week to 10 days) as needed to increase your privacy level. The Sonet was specifically designed to address individual needs for speech privacy and to reduce noise intrusion and distractions. Wiring is as simple as connecting modular telephone cords between the Volume Control Unit and Emitters.
The Sonet System uses Patented Digital “Qt Quiet” Technology™,” featuring Dual-Channel (stereo) masking so that the masking sound fills the room evenly, thus providing superior coverage. Thin plastic plates can be attached to the wall using a small screw, and Velcro is used to hold the Emitters to the plastic plates.

It is effective in helping to cover hundreds of miscellaneous office noises that might otherwise disturb your focus without adding a counter-productive annoyance. A basic Sonet System comes with two emitters, and can treat a room or office of up to 120 sq.

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