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Laceration to thumb disability claim denied for percentage, Laceration to thumb disability claim denied for percentage rating.
Traumatic brain injury (tbi) new rating in va disability, Traumatic brain injury (tbi) new rating.
Understanding rating for knee injury – david anaise md, What is the va disability rating system while the rating for knee injury was created before world war ii. 2015 va disability rate tables for veterans with a disability rating of 10 percent or higher. One of the biggest misconceptions about having a VA service-connected disability rating is that it closes the door on your ability to serve in the military ever again. You can join the National Guard or Reserves with a VA Disability Rating – if you can get medical clearance.
If you have an injury or medical condition that is severe enough to warrant a VA disability rating, the chances are high that you will need a medical waiver to join the military again. In short, the law states you can collect a pension, retainer pay, disability compensation or other earned pay, however, you must choose to suspend that benefit if you are called up for training or to active duty if you want to receive active duty or training pay.
Most traditional Reservists and Guard members receive pay for 63 training days per fiscal year. Because you can’t be paid by both the military and the VA on the same day, you must choose which pay you wish to receive, and which you wish to waive. The VA should send you this form during the first quarter of the current year, for the previous fiscal year.
Completing the form: Once you have your form, you will need to verify how many days of paid military service you had in the previous year. You must choose to waive your VA benefits for the number of days you served in the military, or, you must waive the military pay and allowances you received during your training days. Let’s look at an E-5 with 8 years and a 30% disability and no dependents (this example uses 2014 rates for both drill pay and disability compensation) .
It’s clear to see from this example that waiving the ~ 2 months of VA disability compensation is the right way to go! Run your own calculations: Here are the current VA service-connected disability compensation rates, and a current Drill Pay Calculator. Factors to Consider When Choosing Which Pay to Waive: VA disability compensation is tax free. You should contact the VA to suspend your VA service-connected disability compensation if you return to active duty for an extended period of time, including mobilizations, deployments, long TDYs, taking an AGR slot, and long training assignments, such as technical training, Officer Candidate School, etc.
You can join the Guard or Reserves with a VA service-connected disability rating – if you are medically cleared. You can receive VA disability compensation while you are in the Guard or Reserves, however, you cannot receive the payment for the same day you receive military pay.
If you choose your military pay, you will be required to forego the VA Compensation for the days you received military pay. The VA will then withhold your VA disability compensation for the number of days you served the previous year. It might be extremely simple, but I am not understanding which to waive and which to keep to benefit me.
Stephanie, Being able to join the Guard or Reserves, or remain on duty in the Guard or Reserves with a VA service-connected disability, all depends on the extent of the disabilities and whether or not the individual can still perform the job duties required of him or her. Each situation is handled on a case by case basis, so there is no way for me or anyone else to give you a firm answer about your husband’s future. David, I can’t comment on your specific situation, because medical conditions are unique to each individual. I don’t know enough about your current physical condition, so you will need to make a judgment call. The application process for you would be a little different this time around because you would need medical waivers to join.
This will give you the process about how everything works, so if you decide to try and enlist, you will know what to expect. If you receive separation pay and then have a VA disability, the VA will recoup the amount of separation pay you received. If you receive separation pay and then join the Guard or Reserves, the DoD doesn’t recoup those funds immediately.
Here is some further reading: Separation Pay, When the VA Can Withhold Disability Compensation, Waive Disability Compensation When Serving. Keep in mind the following details before contacting the VA: Each Drill weekend is 4 duty days, a morning drill and an afternoon drill, so you would typically receive military compensation for 4 days during a standard drill weekend.
If your VA Form 21-8951 still doesn’t add up after taking those two things into consideration, then contact the VA and ask how to proceed to get your VA Form 21-8951 corrected. If you are paying $100 a month for your physical therapy for a service-connected disability, then you can also look into receiving care from the VA. Regarding the VA disability compensation – the law states you cannot earn both VA disability and military pay on the same day. Some tips for filing a va disability claim – vantage point, Filing a first claim for disability compensation can be a stressful experience.
Assessment for back pain in va disability claims (general, I currently have a claim in as well for a back injury that took place while i was in the military, they found evidence in my record, i have suffered from pain from.
The Departments of Defense (DoD) and Veterans Affairs (VA) worked together to make disability evaluation seamless, simple, fast and fair with the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES). To make the system fast and fair, there are options available and appeal processes which a Service member can choose, to get decisions reviewed along the way. A pilot program of the IDES was launched November 26, 2007, at three Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs). Based on the success of the pilot, the integrated process expanded to all remaining worldwide locations, renamed as the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES), and is available to all Service members. The DoD published guidance for an Expedited Disability Evaluation System in January 2009 as a special benefit to those Service members who sustain catastrophic injuries or illnesses from combat or combat-related operations.
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Disability payments to veterans for hearing loss show a continuing upward trend, as demonstrated in the graph below. Given the enormity of the increase in spending by the VA on hearing loss disability payments to former Navy personnel, it is important to find the sources of hearing loss in the Navy and then investigate ways to reverse this trend. This section of the Acquisition Safety website concentrates on the occupational safety and health challenges encountered while working in high noise level environments onboard Naval surface warships.
Noise exposure can be described by the intensity of the noise, its frequency, and its duration. The decibel scale uses powers of ten; an increase of ten decibels represents a ten fold increase in sound power. The Navy considers any sound above 84dB as noise hazardous, or having the potential to cause hearing loss.
Environmental noise is a concern with regard to environmental compliance and encroachment of military operations on adjacent civilian activities. A total systems engineering approach should be conducted in order to have effective acoustic solutions. By teaming decades of Navy quiet ship design experience with ship builders' construction experience, a more effective noise proof ship design can be executed.
All sources of shipboard noise will potentially contribute to the overall shipboard noise level. Even though quieter equipment generally can be more expensive to purchase, the equipment is usually better built and has high efficiency.
The US Navy's DDX destroyers are being designed and built to be powered by an electric drive featuring integrated power system (IPS) architecture. Code § 12316: found under section (b) Unless the payments because of his earlier military service are greater than the compensation prescribed by subsection (a)(2), a Reserve of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard who because of his earlier military service is entitled to a pension, retired or retainer pay, or disability compensation, and who upon being ordered to active duty for a period of more than 30 days in time of war or national emergency is found physically qualified to perform that duty, ceases to be entitled to the payments because of his earlier military service until the period of active duty ends.
Code § 5304: under section (c) Pension, compensation, or retirement pay on account of any person’s own service shall not be paid to such person for any period for which such person receives active service pay. This accounts for the standard 48 Unit Training Assemblies (UTAs), and 15 days of Annual Training (AT) time. You can do this at the end of the year with VA Form 21-8951, Notice of Waiver of VA Compensation or Pension to Receive Military Pay and Allowances (PDF).
You were informed by the VA when you received your VA Disability Rating Decision, found on VA Form 21-8764 – Disability Compensation Award Attachment.
That represents the standard number of training days for most members of the Guard or Reserves. Failure to do so will force you to incur a large debt to the VA and could cause problems down the road.

I got a letter and then eventually called the VA because according to them, an audit showed that I was getting drill pay and getting disability pay around 2011. A few months ago in 2014 I got the VA letter saying more or less what I mentioned above and that I would have about $100 buck deducted because of it.
At the end of the year, you will be required to fill out a form to select which pay you wish to receive – either your military pay, or your VA Compensation. In the Guard or Reserves that would typically be 4 days per month (4 drill periods), plus your AT days (active training days, or usually about 12-14 days per year). Units have a lot of flexibility when it comes to scheduling certain members’ drill dates. It’s probably a function of their unit granting them permission to participate at different intervals.
All I can recommend is that he learn as much as possible about how the medical boards work, just in case he has to go in front of one to keep his job.
Here is a recent article and podcast I wrote and recorded which explains How to Get a Medical Waiver to Join the Military. However, they would recoup the separation pay if you eventually receive retirement benefits. My gut reaction is no, because you technically aren’t receiving VA pay, because it is being used to recoup your separation pay.
Kudos to you Ryan for putting out some good information that i’ve been reading through. I was out of the military for over 8 years because I didn’t know how the process worked. Reading these additional articles will help give you a big picture view of how everything works together. Regarding the starting time of your VA compensation: many times your compensation may be awarded in a given month, but it may be retroactive to your separation date from the military, or from the day you filed your claim. I encourage you to look into TRICARE Reserve Select, which is an individual health care plan that qualifies for coverage under the Affordable Care Act.
They provide health care for all your service-related injuries or illnesses for which you receive compensation. At the beginning of the year you should receive a VA Form 21-8951 that states the number of days you received military pay in the previous year. Thankfully, you have some great options within the VA and military system to get medical coverage for your current injuries through the VA, and to get ongoing medical coverage at a very affordable rate through TRICARE. If the Service member is found medically unfit for duty, the IDES gives them a proposed VA disability rating before they leave the service. PEBLOs and MSCs guide Service members through the entire IDES process to ensure they are counseled on their options. The pilot simplified the disability evaluation process by eliminating duplicate disability examinations and ratings, and placing VA counselors in MTFs to ensure a smooth transition to Veteran status. In thousands of surveys, participants of the pilot and their families consistently reported higher average satisfaction with fairness, customer service, and the overall DES experience, than did participants in the non-integrated legacy system. This voluntary process moves the service member quickly to permanent disability retirement to obtain benefits from the VA and other federal and state agencies. The board cannot lower a disability rating and any change to the rating is effective on the date of final decision by the Service Secretary. The economic consequences to the Navy of hearing impairment include lost time and decreased productivity, loss of qualified workers through medical disqualification, military disability settlements, retraining, and expenses related to medical treatment, such as for hearing aids.
In 2004, the Veterans Administration (VA) spent $108 million dollars in disability payments to 15,800 former Navy personnel for hearing loss - an increase of $65 million in VA spending on Navy hearing disability payments since 1999.
Specifications and guidelines for permissible noise levels and noise control measures can be found in the Resources Section. Intensity of noise reflects the loudness of the sound while the frequency of the noise is reflected in how high or low pitched the noise is.
Measurements obtained using the A-weighting scale provides a better estimation of the threat to human hearing than do other weighting scales.
The faintest sound humans with normal hearing can detect has a value between 0 and 10 decibels, and the loudest sound the human ear can tolerate without pain is about 120 decibels. Prolonged noise at levels greater than 84dB over an eight-hour period may result in temporary, and gradually permanent, hearing loss. Hearing loss may result in diminished quality of life because of loss of ability to communicate and social isolation, as well as impaired and misinterpreted communication with family members, the public, and coworkers. Total ship systems engineering evaluates what is appropriate to integrate, as a function of location, into the acoustic design of a ship. This approach entails developing effective design guidance to evaluate and recommend the appropriate amount of acoustic treatment for specific areas of the ship. Therefore, the entire ship should be measured and mapped for noise levels and their sources. Many such methods can be leveraged from existing surface ship and submarine acoustic programs. The most effective and efficient noise control method is the prevention or reduction of noise generation at the source. Noise emission values obtained from various suppliers can be compared with each other, and can be used for prediction of the noise levels in the area where equipment is to be placed. The IPS helps to reduce noise and vibration aboard ship due to the elimination of the drive shaft and reduction gears found in traditional Navy ships. One of the distributive system airborne noise sources which runs through a significant area of aircraft carriers is the Jet Blast Deflector (JBD) hydraulic system on the gallery deck. This seemingly small change reduces the noise level from the JBD hydraulic system by 30dB (see Figure 7) and costs less than $500.00 per unit. But the service-connected disability rating isn’t what prevents you from serving again, it is the injury that does that. There is no magic number that is too high to prevent you from joining the military – it all comes down to the type of medical condition and its severity. You must fill out this form each year in which you receive VA service-connected disability compensation or pension benefits and you serve on paid status in the Guard or Reserves. If there are any errors or omissions, then you will need to submit it to your Commander or his representative for correction or approval. This form states your payments may be affected by receipt of active duty or drill pay as a Reservist or member of the Federally recognized National Guard.
If you waive your Va Disability Compensation payments, you will choose to waive 63 days of VA benefits.
So if it’s close, you may come out ahead if you choose the VA service-connected disability payment. They will simply withhold your future payments until they have collected the funds you owe. The easiest thing to do, and the correct thing to do, is to suspend your compensation payment, then request its reactivation when you go off active duty orders. Make sure you keep this in mind if you have a VA disability rating and you are considering joining the Guard, Reserves, or even active duty. He served over 6 years on active duty in the USAF and is currently serving in the IL Air National Guard. Most units require everyone to participate on the regular unit drills, but some units may permit members to participate at different times if the mission and operations permit. My recommendation is to speak with the individual you know when you get the chance, and go from there. I have done the calculations, I have been paid for 39 uta by my unit although I have requested my pay be withheld.
In your case, you would want to waive your Drill Pay, because it is lower than your VA pay. It doesn’t mean the person will deploy, but the individual needs to be able to deploy if called upon. However, in your case, the VA will have already recouped those funds, so that shouldn’t apply. However, I cannot find a reg or the law to back that up, so please understand that is only a guess on my part.
If the numbers on your VA Form 21-8951 don’t add up, then you should contact the VA to have them verify your service dates. I am enlisted and only make about $200 a month, and I don’t have a job that makes enough to even qualify me for Obama Care. It only costs about $50 a month for an individual (about $200 a month for a family plan) and the coverage, copays, and maximum out of pocket expenses are comparable or even better than most health care plans under Obama Care. This should save you $100 a month, and get you the health care coverage you need to recuperate.

You should elect to waive your VA pay for that numb or days, which the VA will withhold in the coming months. The proposed rating informs the Service member of the approximate amount of compensation and benefits they will receive from the VA. They also completed the pilot faster than the legacy systems, and separated with VA claims in place, so their wait time for receipt of benefits was shorter than before. In addition to flight operation noise, there are numerous noise sources on deck and throughout Navy ships that exceed safe limits for all but the shortest exposures.
The duration or length of time an individual is exposed to noise may have a significant detrimental impact on that person's hearing.
The louder the sound and more prolonged the exposure, the shorter amount of time it takes to cause permanent hearing loss. On-the-job hearing loss can result in diminished ability to respond to warning signals in the work environment, which could lead to increased injuries resulting from impaired communication.
The ideal way to develop this design guidance is to perform shipboard testing of various acoustic solutions.
Before any course of action is adopted to maximize noise reduction, the vessel must be analyzed completely and a Computer Aided Design-based model should be constructed to depict structure, vibrational, and acoustical pathways. A total ship engineering approach will include evaluation of the appropriate noise technologies and their integration into the ship design. This preventive approach avoids the need to redesign at a later stage and is more cost effective.
These features help to reduce the operating and maintenance costs of the equipment, reducing its total life cycle cost.
This relatively inexpensive fix reduces the amount of noise energy from the JBD hydraulics that enters the environment of the gallery deck and the ship's structure. Updated for 2015: va disability compensation is paid to veterans with a service-connected disability. The unit will keep a copy, a copy will be forwarded to the State if you are in the National Guard, and a copy is submitted to the VA. It is important to inform your Guard or Reserve unit when you join that you also have a VA Disability Compensation rating.
If you choose to waive your military pay from the training days you served, you would be waiving everything you earned from the military from the previous year. But you would need to bring in a lot of VA compensation pay to offset a year’s worth of drill pay.
So if you had a standard year with 63 paid days, the VA would withhold your future earnings at a rate equal to 63 days of compensation pay. He also writes about money management, small business, and career topics at Cash Money Life.
Although it is possible to have more military days if you are activated or are required to attend training, you deploy, etc. I’ve only seen examples with waiving VA pay, which is withheld from future paychecks. A 60% rating by itself wouldn’t disqualify someone from serving, provided they can meet the service requirements.
Right before I got out they offered me a spinal fusion surgery, but I opted out and took the honorable discharge instead.
Are they counting from the entire year of 2014 or the military fiscal year from October 2013 to September 2014. I have a 10% disability rating which is $100 a month that pays for my physical therapy to recover. Most people have around 63 training periods in a year, which means the VA will withhold roughly 2 months worth of disability pay. Through the IDES process, Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officers (PEBLOs) guide Service members through the entire IDES process to ensure they are aware of their options and the many decisions they, or their families, need to make. Quarterly assessments of the pilot and regular surveys of Service members in the system helped identify areas for improvement. Exposure to loud noise levels for short periods of time may cause temporary hearing loss (hearing is usually restored within 24 hours). Temporary (short-term) hearing loss is often considered an indicator of the risk of permanent hearing loss with continued exposure. Noisy work environments can also result in missed commands with dire consequences to personnel and equipment, such as running aground or firing a missile at the wrong time.
Below the flight deck is the gallery deck in which approximately 1400 sailors live and work. Shipboard testing will evaluate the effectiveness of the various acoustic treatment options and will assist in determining which areas require treatment.
An additional benefit of reducing noise at its source is usually a commensurate increase in energy efficiency and machinery longevity. For now, let’s take a look at how having a VA service-connected disability rating affects your ability to join the Guard or Reserves and how it affects your pay and compensation. Just keep in mind this doesn’t account for further training, deployments, mobilizations, or other active time.
Your recruiter or Personnel office will help you get this information into the system so it doesn’t catch anyone off guard. Keep in mind this equals just over two months, so you can expect to miss those payments after you submit your form.
Some members may also be IMAs (Individual Mobilized Augmentees) which have more leeway in when they serve. I see that you weren’t able to have your pay withheld, which would be the easiest way to go. Keep in mind that if you have surgery and your condition improves, the VA may change your disability rating.
The rest of the time you should receive your VA disability compensation unless you it is being recouped for other reasons (for example, if you received separation pay). VA Military Service Coordinators (MSCs) help Service members file their VA benefits claim before they leave the service so they can get their benefits as soon as possible after they separate from service. Shipboard noise control is critical to the preservation of crew health, mission success, and personnel retention. This temporary threshold shift is often captured on periodic audiograms (hearing tests) and used to provide workers and medical staff with an early warning of potential permanent hearing loss. Army studies show that noise-impaired communications affect combat performance (the likelihood of hitting the target and returning safely from a combat mission).
Because of space constraints, air ducts used aboard ships are often very small and have sharp curves and bends. The data generated by this effort will help control the business risk that shipbuilders will assume to meet the new design criteria.
So you may end up with more than 63 days for the calculations we will do later in this article. Be sure to verify the total number of paid military days you had in the previous year so you will know how long you will be without your disability compensation payments. So it’s possible you may be required to repay the government by writing them a check. I feel like I’m in a state of disillusion with civilian life and was curious to know if there was any likelihood that I could rejoin?
My second question is I only started receiving VA benefits in June of 2014 so isnt that the month that it should start counting from since that is when I started receiving double pay?
The economic effects of hearing loss to the Navy include lost time and decreased productivity, loss of qualified workers through medical disqualification, civilian workers' compensation costs, and military disability settlements, retraining, and expenses related to medical intervention such as hearing aids and audiometric testing.
Gallery deck noise levels, often in excess of 100dBA, can have the effect of reducing cognitive skill levels and cause miscommunication problems, both causes of fatal accidents.
This results in air moving through the ducts at very high velocities, causing noise and vibration in the ventilation system. You will want this information so you can work it into your budget so you don’t cause yourself any financial hardship! Finally, noise may be generated at the air duct outlets that distribute air in the work environment if proper design parameters are not followed.
The thing is is that he just receivdd a military tech position with the reserves and he needs to stay in reserves. However, under conditions of hazardous noise levels in both occupational and recreational activities, there is limited or no audiological recovery time.

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