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Some of you may recall that a couple of months back I asked about herping prospects in AZ in October. Something a little more common, seemingly across a good proportion of the world, is the Cane Toad, Bufo marinus (OK, I know it's not Bufo marinus any more, but I can't get used to the new name!). One of the things I always notice when arriving in Caribbean islands, particularly if I arrive after dusk, is the noise of the frogs.
I know that posting pictures of mammals here is frowned upon, but this does have a place in this story. I'd have said exactly the same about the tegu, in fact I was quite excited when I first saw it because there used to be 1 species of skink on Barbados, but it hasn't been seen since 1972 and is believed to be extirpated, and I thought I might have re-found it! It's been bought to our attention that certain users are spamming new and existing users with links to their own websites. Should you receive such a message, please report this using the 'Report' link you will find at the bottom of the message. The chances are that the post you are about to make has already been asked so USE the search function first!

Discussion in 'Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Meriva, Adam, Cascada, Agila, Viva, Tigra & Nova [Includes AstraVan & Combo Van] owners forum' started by sean2011, May 30, 2011. The Toyota Platz and the Toyota Echo sedan are small vehicles manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation based on the Toyota Vitz, the vehicle's hatchback variant.
In the United States, the Echo sold 50,000 examples, with just half that many in 2003[citation needed].
Well, as a vacation destination that got overruled by the rest of my family, and, aided by the offer of a 'cut price' vacation rental on the Sandy Lane estate on Barbados, off we went! Due to the removal of most of the natural habitat, and it's replacement by sugar cane plantations since the late 1600's, fauna of all descriptions is pretty scarce, and herps are no exception. We were a just outside the gates of our house one day when we spotted a troop of monkeys playing and feeding at the side of the road. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. You can either search JUST this forum by clicking on the search button on the top right (under the page numbers) or click on the main search button that is on the top tool bar.

The Echo was an element of Toyota Project Genesis, a failed effort to bring younger buyers to the marque in the United States.
The Echo sold in high volumes in Canada, where smaller cars are more popular than in the US[citation needed].
In Canada, Toyota also offered a 3-door version of the Echo, which was identical to the European-market Toyota Vitz. It was the predecessor to the current North American Toyota Yaris, sharing many identical features, such as being Toyota's entry-level car at the time of its "existence", and the odd (and somewhat controversial) center placement of the speedometer and gauges, as opposed to in front of the steering wheel.

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