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How Selective Is Your Hearing?Your Hearing Curves tell you how well you hear voices (soft voices, male voices, female voices). If your Hearing Curves show that you have hearing loss in some areas, then you know you should really be hearing better.
To Get Better Hearing.Your Hearing Curves, if you choose to get a hearing solution, will be used to start the process to better hearing with The Hearing Curve. Hearing devices today are digital, and they require your Hearing Curves to help you hear clearer. We will confirm your Curves from the Hearing Booth and give you a fuller hearing check for your hearing devices to work properly.

Get a Baseline.Getting your Hearing Curves right away will allow you to compare your baseline Hearing Curves against future Curves. This way you can keep track of the quality of your own hearing so you can find changes in your hearing right away. Your hearing can change so slowly, that you don’t even know you are missing out on something! Unique.Like a fingerprint, they are a part of you that defines a personal charactertic about yourself. Your Hearing Curves define how well you hear certain voices and how clearly you hear natural sounds.

Since your hearing is your most vital sense, it only makes sense to know your Hearing Curves.

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