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Author: admin, 11.10.2014
Perhaps to the social-savvy tweeters, the current platform is as easy as ABC’s, but to new users, a cloud of confusion lingers. New users are easily confused about why their tweets, directed towards other users, only show up on their own timeline.
While the interface has left many new users frustrated, there’s hope for the platform as a new gang of Twitter executives begins to trickle in.
Major changes to Twitter are to be expected with the return of CEO Jack Dorsey, aka the comeback kid. While new changes are on the horizon, the site still creates a polarizing experience for novice users.
Users should retweet a tweet that they consider insightful or valuable for themselves or their followers.
Direct messages are private messages you can send only to a Twitter user who is following you.

Although coming onto the platform as a new user can feel daunting, as you spend more time using Twitter, the cloud of confusion will begin to lift. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and get all the latest trends and news that’s relevant to you. According to Walt Mossberg, Twitter has become a secret-handshake software that is too hard for new users to navigate.
Questions like, “When should I RT and when should I quote RT?” or “What is trending and what the heck does # mean?” go unanswered by the site’s complex navigation. Dorsey’s main priority is to simplify the platform for new users and provide more features to daily tweeters. New users should be welcomed into the tweeting blue bird community with a Twitter 101 handbook or, at the very least, a cheat sheet. Applied before a word or phrase, the hashtag shines light on the overall theme of the tweet.

The direct message (DM) feature may seem self-explanatory; yet, the CFO of Twitter, Anthony Noto, recently had a DM fail when he mistakenly tweeted what should have been a direct message for someone else.
Twitter’s lack of simplicity has scared away many new users and impaired their ability to engage in the network’s community.
So, for all you beginners out there, here’s a brief Twitter guide to ease the pain of navigating and engaging in the complex social community.
While tagging another user is great for engagement and community building, it is preferable to avoid doing so at the beginning of your tweet as it greatly reduces your reach.
They are useful in discovering trending conversations and to connect with people who have similar interests.

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