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Author: admin, 26.04.2014
The Widex Real Hearing aids are designed for people that are looking for simplicity that is combined with high quality. This is basically a micro behind the ear hearing aid that is completely digital and really discreet. This is highly similar to the RE-9 model but it can also suit the needs of those that are suffering from really profound hearing loss. As the name implies, this is a completely in the canal digital hearing aid that stands out as basically invisible for all people around you. This is a digital in the canal hearing aid model that can discretely be placed inside the ear canal or inside the ear. Widex have now added to their top-end portfolio of hearing aids (which are labelled CLEAR440) with the new Widex Fusion440.
The essential advantage being that sound is transferred direct into the hearing aids giving enhanced performance.
Above all – binaural processing that gives localisation of sounds like never experienced before.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The devices are really discrete and very easy to use while offering modern technology reassurance. It comes to the table with a design that is compact and can deliver the sound through many possible earmould solutions. You can only take advantage of using it if you are suffering from moderately severe to minimal loss of hearing.
For the telephone the benefit can be greatly perceived as you will be hearing in both ears, and without the problem of aligning the phone speaker with the hearing aid microphone; so no more feedback too! Similar to the Passion440 but slightly larger offering a pusbutton control, telecooil and larger battery for longer life and greater power reaching the most severe of hearing losses. This is something that HAS to be experienced for anyone who has worn hearing aids before and experienced difficulties knowing where sounds, including speech, originate from.
You can be sure that performance or sound qualities are not compromised in order to offer an affordable hearing aid.

The designs are similar and there are two colors that are available: charcoal grey and warm beige. You should think about buying it in the event that you are suffering from moderately severe to minimal hearing loss.
Well, the receiver, or loudspeaker, in Passion is placed in the ear canal itself with the rest of the hearing aid behind the ear.
The features are highly attractive and all buyers have praised the fact that feedback is properly reduced and the speech around them can easily be heard. If you have mild hearing loss we recommend that you also think about adding an open fitting because this offers extra comfort. This is something that actually happens and that is why we need to present these hearing aids.

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