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Author: admin, 22.02.2014
Car window tinted shades are used not just to enhance the look of your car, but to also act as a protection from harmful UV rays. When choosing the car film type and shade, several factors such as colour of the vehicle, interior colour and the levels of privacy needed, have to be taken into consideration.
Usually tinted films come in five different shades – dark, midnight, medium, light and very light. Another type of film which has been developed in concurrence with the medical profession is called Dermagard. By using tinted window shades for your car, additional benefits of safety and sun protection can be achieved. Although the laws in different countries have certain rules and restrictions on the percentage of use of tinted shades for vehicles, clear security film can always be applied to the front glass and the passenger windows.
These provide an invisible but effective protection having a tough coating which is scratch resistant too.

This is a clear film filtering UV rays and cuts out hundred percent of the harmful rays while allowing visible light to pass through unimpeded. While plain glass will merely block UVB rays that cause sun burn, tinted glass block the more harmful UV rays from passing through.
For comfort especially with kids and pets around, a medium or midnight shade will be a right choice.
The best advantage of security films is they can hold glass fragments together if broken, so they do not get scattered. It is especially useful in sensitive skin conditions that occur as a result of exposure to UV rays. Thus applying tinted films to the windows of your car assures that your skin is protected from the sun.
If privacy is what you are looking at or if your car is equipped with a TV screen in the back, dark shades will be the ideal choice.

The films will be compatible with factory tints and they will be highly durable and have a scratch resistant surface. They also strengthen glass, so the risk of breaking on impact owing to accidents or some spiteful intentions is reduced.
Checking for all these features and then investing in the car tinting shades will ensure long lasting life and a hassle free maintenance.
Security films can be tinted too so the benefits of both the film types can be availed in one.

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