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Author: admin, 22.03.2015
Whatever you drive, from a custom import to family sedan, American Standard Window Films is the only window film that offers 99.9% UV protection, maximum heat and glare reduction, and a lifetime guarantee.
We love the Las Vegas sunshine, but it can be punishing to your car’s interior – and to you. ASWF top-of-the line film series uses a proprietary technology that provides maximum heat reduction without interfering with radio frequencies, allowing your car’s electronic systems such as keyless entry, GPS, and radar detectors to work seamlessly.
Engineered with the utmost precision by the world’s leader in applied films, ASWF products employ advanced technology for superior strength and durability. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are not only hard on your car’s interior, but you and your passengers as well. Shane Dieter of Tintek Window Tinting is one of a carefully selected group of certified dealers who sell and install American Standard Window Films. Your vehicle says a lot about who you are…and you want to keep your car looking crisp as new for as long as possible.
We understand that you may be working within a tight budget and can offer you many different options that will not break the bank. When a high impact vehicle collision takes place, a car’s windows are one of the first areas to get damaged. Window film basically serves as an extra protective layer that can stop window glass from shattering. UV rays can actually enter your vehicle’s window glass by gleaming off water or other objects that can reflect the sun’s light.
Pretty much all of a vehicle’s window glass will filter out UVB rays, but the windshield is the only one that will only keep out a portion of UVA rays. If you’re safe from sunburn and UV rays, you’ll also deter factors that may cause skin aging.
It’s time to bid goodbye to heat and glare – time to ride in comfort even when the temperature gauge soars above 100! State-of-the-art technology creates the lowest level of reflectivity you’ll find in any window film of its kind. ASWF provides the highest UV protection in the industry, blocking out 99.9 % of the sun’s UV rays.

One way to extend the life of the exterior of your vehicle at an affordable price is with a vehicle wrap.
Team Acme can do this in just a matter of days and return your car to you looking and feeling new. They don’t just make your car look niftier on an aesthetic level; they also serve to protect your health in various ways.
They are quick to shatter, which ultimately causes the glass to fall into the vehicle and injure passengers or contrarily, in more extreme accidents, passengers can fly out of the vehicle’s windows if the glass is heavily broken. So just like you would want to check if your vehicle airbags are working, window tints serve as a great safety precaution. You might be used to resorting to your sun visors, but with window tints, your eyesight won’t be hindered while you’re behind the wheel.
Back in the 1990s, studies found that auto drivers had more skin damage on the left side of their bodies where they drove on and exposed to the sun. Now that window tints are around, you can be safe from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays that can lead to skin cancer and other forms of skin damage. People with diseases, and conditions like photosensitivity, can also greatly benefit from window tints.
If you want to take a road trip or are stuck in heavy traffic, having window tints will make your drive easier.
ASWF gives you the greatest heat and glare reduction on the market, keeping you cooler and lowering the demand on your AC. Your car’s interior will look newer longer, and you and your passengers will be shielded from damaging UV exposure.
With in-house printing machines and a team of graphic designers, we also offer full and partial vehicle wraps, window wraps, and carbon-based tint.
They are only a fraction of the cost of a new paint job, and can be removed or changed as needed. We start by confirming your design; we take pictures of your car and our design team works up a scaled template of your vehicle.
We think that a vehicle wrap is actually one of the best investments you can make in your vehicle.

Whether your car is parked or moving, window tints will always somehow serve a purpose for securing your wellbeing.
Contact Team Acme today to find out more about our installation process and the different options you can choose from to stay safe from the Las Vegas sun. In addition, they actually can improve resale value by providing a layer of protection for your paint job. Once the design is finalized we schedule your appointment and ask you to drop off your car as clean as possible.
It is an inexpensive way to advertise your business while you drive or protect your paint job from routine wear and tear.
Interested in wrapping your vehicle, tinting your windows, or repairing a chip or crack in your glass?
We take a close look at your car and clean any additional areas that will come into contact with the wrap. Conveniently located in Henderson, NV, our team of design experts can help you decide what wrap would look best on your car.
When it is time for installation, we carefully lay the sticker panels in place and trim the stickers for a perfect fit.  We then use heat to help the wrap adhere properly to your vehicle and give it several hours to set in the sun. Whether you are looking for extra advertisement for your business, a new color or look for your car or just a clear, protective coating to show off your existing paint job, call or stop by. Our design team does all of their work on site so that we can pass along savings to our customers.
We encourage you to stop back by our shop a few days after installation for us to give a final inspection, as any failure that happens will happen within the first few days. They can often sit down with you on the spot and sketch out some possible designs for your wrap.

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