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With over 22 years of combined installation experience, we are the Rochester area's top window film installation company. The American Bus Association holds its first annual lobbying and legislative meetings with Congressional representatives. Experience the three annual industry events for networking for business, showcasing vehicles and products, and getting the tools for success.
What’s Happening Near You?Click on any state to see the latest industry news and events in that region. The new 3M™ Crystalline Automotive Window Films offer a clear breakthrough in automotive solar protection.
With 3M™ Crystalline Automotive Window Films, you get the most trusted name in the window film industry.
HPQ is made of 100% metal this film is one of our clearest films out on the market being that it is not made with dye it has no black look, it has a metallic look, great on silver, white, or charcoal color vehicles. HPQ line of patented all-metal Solar Gard Quantum window films was created using groundbreaking technology.
The Solar Gard Smoke Plus series are economy automotive window films that include both non-reflective (NR) and high-performance (HP) lines.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends many 3M™ Window Film products as effective UV protectants. In recent weeks, LANJ general counsel Matt Daus has conducted an analysis of the ticket citations and the law from various jurisdictions to assert the practice of reciprocity, where New Jersey operators licensed in their state are exempted from rules that apply to New York-based operators.So far, two of three agencies that had been writing the tickets have agreed to honor reciprocity and stop citing New Jersey operators.
3M™ Color-Stable Window Film will never fade to purple as the film ages, as it is coated with a durable, scratch-resistant covering.
3M™ Color-Stable's appearance rivals tinted factory glass, never turns purple, and provides high heat rejection with no signal interference!
These films are metal-free, resulting in an easy-to-maintain, long-life film that won’t interfere with car electronics. Cuts more heat then any other black film out in the market because black absorbs heat unlike quantum it rejects the heat the best.
By sputter-metallizing our Quantum window tints with durable, exotic metals – such as titanium, stainless steel, copper, gold, silver, inconel, chromium, aluminum and other alloys - we ensure that our Quantum series will all exhibit sleek, color tones that enhance any vehicle. Manufactured with sputter-metallized technology, Charcoal series exhibits sleek, color tones that enhance any vehicle.
We will take the time to educate you on the benefits of installing window film in your homes, businesses and vehicles.

The Crystalline films feature a proprietary multilayer technology that combines more than 200 layers in a film that is thinner than a Post-it® Note.
These films offer superior protection, comfort and style, and the Crystalline line is no different.
With up to 66% heat rejection looking out your windows will be much more visible at night, lifetime warranty against bubbling, peeling, cracking, and fading.
The metallized color is stable, the heat rejection performance is unbeatable and the product life of these films will last as long as you own your car or truck! The HP Smoke Plus product is metallized for superior heat rejection while the NR Smoke doesn't interfere with GPS, Satellite Radio, and cellular phone transmissions. The NR film comes with a five-year warranty for peace of mind and HP comes with a limited lifetime warranty and its metallized construction.
As a result, operators have had to chew up time and labor contesting the tickets and having chauffeurs go to court.

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