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Author: admin, 18.02.2016
This happens to me all the time whenever I wake up, but it only happens in the summer and it started happening once I moved into the basement.
One should always understand that we are all different so that it is impossible to suggest a single form of treatment that will work in every case and for every person. However, there is a very simple technique that has often shown to be effective in many cases of tinnitus (ringing in the ears.) Any person who is afflicted by this very unpleasant condition would do well to at least give this simple technique a try.
Depending on the severity of the condition, one could repeat the technique several times a day.

I have had ringing in my ears, tinnitus for about a month now and nothing worked for me until now. The middle fingers point towards each other and are on the base of the skull just above the point where the skull ends. Now lift the index fingers and place them on top of the middle fingers and then snap the index fingers off the middle fingers so that they beat the skull like a drum. In fact, with your hands covering your ears, the sound may be quite loud and may indeed sound like the beating of a drum.

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