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Customize the four player indicators on your Xbox 360 wireless controller by removing the stock LEDs and replacing them with any color of your choosing.
Okay, first things first: I find the d-pad on the 360 wireless controller to be a mushy mess. Yes, the new XBox360 Slim is out, but there's still a lot of gamers who have yet to follow the Slim Bandwagon for many reasons. Many people don't know this, but if you don't buy an XBOX 360 with a hard drive there is a simple and cheap(ish) alternative to buying a $50-100 hard drive and installing it.
Use a CD or USB thumb drive to be able to play more Xbox games on your Xbox 360 - - - - - AUTHOR'S NOTE: THIS INSTRUCTABLE IS OUTDATED. This is the way to fix an analog stick that stops working while using it, usually causing you to move the stick around and back to where it was to register it. Hello all and welcome to my second Instructable.Before we continue, I must say that I feel as though I have missed some parts out. Important you can cause your Xbox to not respond if the steps described aren't followed carefully.
You just purchased the next big blockbuster game for your Xbox 360, and you load the disc into your system. You might get bored of the default background on your Xbox 360, or the other included themes, so you might want to use your own background. Do you have an XBOX 360 controller just lying around collecting dust because you broke the analog joystick?
I was watching David Cronenberg's movie eXistenZ the other day and got the itch to make an xbox controller inspired by the game pod in the movie.
A few weeks ago my buddy's xbox 360 got the RROD, but, because he was getting an elite for his birthday, if I could fix it, I could have it. In this Instructable I will show you how to make your own Xbox 360 rapid fire controller mod.

The best part was the step-by-step videos on how to fix the RROD and not having to wait 8 weeks for Microsoft to send you back the replacement. Three Red Light Fix is different from other Xbox 360 RROD Repair Guides because it says you can fix your Xbox in not an hour, but 37 minutes. As a professional Microsoft Xbox 360 repair service center in Central London, we are capable of providing complete Xbox 360 3 redlights repair solutions with quick turn around time.
The main causes of three flashing red lights include overheating, problems in GPU and associated chips, general hardware failure due to loose components and also problems in power brick. Our team of highly skilled, experienced and qualified technicians is waiting to troubleshoot any kind of errors associated with Xbox 360 console in under an hour.
To begin the process and get a quote for your Microsoft Xbox 360 repair, please complete the form below. I've received a lot of requests for this guide, which will show how to dismantle and upgrade an official Microsoft controller. It worked for me and countless others, proceed with caution and make sure you fully understand the process before attempting it. My buddy was too lazy to look online for solutions, and actually fix his rock band guitar - so I stole it, the game, his other guitar, and his mic. If you haven't seen it, it's a late '90's film about immersive video games with lots of fab fleshy technology. And so I started a desperate crusade to find an easy, cheap and lasting fix for the dreaded RROD. What I love about this guide is that it contains comprehensive instructions and video guides to FIX your Xbox 360 RROD permanently, plus how to avoid overheating, tips on getting rid of graphic errors, avoiding scratched discs and more.
You get the videos and guide instantly and you can get back to playing on Xbox Live in just under an hour. It also has a whopping 56-day money back guarantee for any reason if you are not satisfied.

At Creative IT, we maintain a stock of most of the components required to carry out Xbox 360 repair work without delay and are able to repair almost any fault associated with your defective console. In this instructable, I show how to repair an Xbox or computer disc drive so you can get back to enjoying your favorite games. It wouldn't register down strums, and as you know, up strumming an entire song is just no fun. That's why I've made this cheap and easy guide to help you get rid of and prevent the rrod on your xbox 360. Turtle Beach has stated "Xbox One uses proprietary technology that only Microsoft can produce and manufacture. It comes with a set if high definition videos that show you how take it each step at a time. One thing that stands apart from the rest about Three Red Light Fix is that they provide 24 hour technical support, 7 days a week. The three flashing red lights may be a sign of a hardware problem with your Xbox 360 console. Just give us an opportunity to serve you and experience the difference in our Xbox 360 3 redlights repair services. This is my first instructable, but I'll do my best to be thorough and spell words correctly.
If you are experiencing such a problem, Creative IT can perform Xbox 360 3 redlights repair for you at competitive prices in the UK.

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