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Author: admin, 08.08.2014
According to a report published by the Business Week, GameStop figured out a way to fix the read ring of death back in 2009 and made a homebrew machine to mass produce the fix. A recent survey estimated that around ~50% of Xbox Users have experienced a hardware malfunction of some sort and statistically speaking that is a very high number. Having written for National dailies such as Dawn and the News, I now turn to WCCFTech to fulfill my inner geek and love for all things technology. These Xbox 360 repair guides are compiled by technicians who are experts with Microsoft related products and hardware.  They have fixed thousands of Xbox 360 consoles, and they guarantee that these guides which show you how to fix the red ring of death, E74 error or any other xbox 360 related errors. After testing out all 3 of these guides, James Dean Red Light Fix performed better than the others when i needed help the most. If you want to fix your xbox 360 permanently and cure the 3 rings of death or any other problems that may arise, then Click Here to visit James Deans Xbox 360 Fix. Today’s article will focus on one major culprit that is responsible for rendering useless many an xbox 360. But unless we have a really thorough guide that can teach us exactly how to diagnose and repair all possible xbox 360 errors and problems we would only be staring blankly into space not knowing the first thing to do. If you need a safe,affordable and guaranteed xbox 360 repair guide then JAMES DEANS XBOX 360 REPAIR GUIDE is exactly what you have been searching for to bring your system back to life and make it much better than before. If you are visiting my blog, chances are that you are interested in learning about how to fix the red ring of death, or just browsing about for information about xbox 360 fix in general. Those who are more experienced with repairing xbox 360′s know that there are actually some tricks that you simply must not apply, like the towel trick for example.
Some of the games being released nowadays have amazing graphics, are processor intensive, and completely make the most of the processing power of the xbox 360. When you play your games always remember to get it set up in an open and well ventilated area, and keep the power brick and the console from being on the ground.

How to fix the red ring of death – If you are new to the xbox 360 gaming scene chances are you have already heard about all the complaints about it overheating or freezing, and the dreaded xbox 360 3 red rings of death. I think the kinect was their answer for the nintendo wii in order to give their xbox faithfuls a reason to remain loyal to xbox 360. And those of us who are a little bit more hands-on would rather handle the problem by ourselves instead of involving a repair man and loosing more money.
James deans guides teaches you how to fix the red ring of death by using the much appreciated tutorial videos which will easily allow newbies to follow every step of the way. If you finally decide to learn how to fix the red ring of death you will be getting more mentally prepared for the task. The tools that you are actually going to need for your xbox 360 red ring of death fix are not complicated at all.
The repair guides are well put together with clear diagrams and videos that can help you to eliminate guess work.
The Xbox One was revealed to the world earlier this week and, while the console is shaping up to be relatively impressive, many fans wondered if Microsoft would repeat the terrible mistakes it did with the Xbox 360, which was plagued by hardware errors and faults, culminating with the infamous Red Ring of Death. According to Microsoft's Phil Spencer, who talked with Edge, the Xbox one hardware design is being handled by the same team that was responsible for the Xbox 360 redesign (aka the Slim). The team learned a lot from the original Xbox 360 and its errors, according to Spencer, and this know-how will be channeled into the Xbox One when it is released onto the market at the end of the year. One of the most common reasons for the red ring of death was a connection being broken between the motherboard and the processor. The next obvious question is just how much of this 50% was the result of retailers such as GameStop reselling broken consoles with temporary fixes and how much, genuine failure. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more.

You can visit the official website for James Dean Fix to discover how i finally fixed my xbox 360.
After being an owner of the xbox i’ve come to realize that its a pretty fragile machine which should be handled with care.
The problem is that this increases the chances of getting the red ring of death, the 2 red light error, or the e74 error.
However, if new reports are to be believed, then GameStop found a way to repair the RRoD and sell the consoles as refurbished.
The result was that Gamestop was able to turn scrap consoles into refurbished pieces with an absolutely huge profit margin. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. Also a very understandable guide on how to fix the red ring of death may come in handy, so its always good to be prepared.
The worst part is, the fix was most probably non-permanent and could have contributed a lot to the high failure rate of the Xbox 360, assuming the report is accurate. The exact procedure involved wrapping the console in a towel, letting it run for 20 minutes, then letting it cool for another 20 minutes, after which the console will hopefully run. GameStop has been facing financial difficulties and has spent these past few years trying to stay relevant.

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