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Every women especially who age reaches 40 years old always wants to look younger as when they were 30. For those with thin hair that looks dull, some hair styles for women over 40 can be the best solution. Copyright © 2015 GlobezHair, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark.
Face-Framing Highlights:  When styled to frame the face, highlights help attract light, which then creates a youthful glow around your features and helps to brighten your complexion. Long Layers:   Long layers draw attention to the collarbone, a flattering area on women of any age.
The look exudes the simplistic innocence of youth, while its fun texture adds playfulness to a hairdo.
True heart-shaped faces have a widow’s peak (a V-shaped point in the centre of the hairline) that creates the characteristic heart shape.
Heart-shaped faces also have slightly wider cheeks and a narrower jawline that drops into a pointed chin. For thin hair, the front ones should be no shorter than chin length, which will keep ends from looking stringy.
You just need to change the way you dress, the way you put your makeup, and the way you style your hair.
Reese Witherspoon Hairstyle: Superb structured curlsActress Reese Witherspoon wears her gorgeous, honey blonde hair in perfectly structured curls that cascade over her shoulders. She keeps her hair in place with a deep side-parting, keeping a teeny-tiny fringe loose to frame her face. Although there are some ideas, there are also some styles that should be avoided such as double braids and scrunchies. She looks gorgeous with her strawberry-blonde locks pinned back and curled, and we love the sweeping side-fringe that gently frames her face. Although this style sounds classic, bob with layers always succeeds to make older women appear younger. Jennifer Love Hewitt Hairstyle: Long, luscious wavesGhost Whisperer actress Jennifer Love Hewitt looks smoking hot with her long, luscious waves of hair. We love her side-swept bangs, and the subtle blonde highlights that frame her face and brighten up her complexion.
We love the cute, flippy bangs that skim her eyes and subtle high- and low-lights that give her hair extra dimension. Taylor Swift Hairstyle: Sleek, straight and sexyCountry singer Taylor Swift looks phenomenal with her sleek, straight and sexy hair. For example, you can wear a headband for informal occasion or pin your fringe back for casual occasions. Her blunt bangs draw all the attention to her eyes, which are flawlessly made up for extra impact. She adds a twist of glamour to this simple look with flawless makeup and simple, elegant earrings. Keep your hair smooth by spritzing a little anti-frizz serum onto dry hair before tying it back.7.
Her medium-length ‘do is parted to the side and loosely curled to create sexy, undone waves that frame her face. Reese Witherspoon Hairstyle: Poker-straight with wispy bangsActress Reese Witherspoon keeps it simple with poker-straight blonde hair and wispy bangs. We love how this hairstyle frames her face, creating the illusion of a more oval-shaped face.
Her bangs are wispy and light, balancing out her strong jawline and drawing attention to her stunning blue eyes.9. Scarlett Johansson Hairstyle: Textured, choppy bobActress Scarlett Johansson looks radiant with her short, choppy bob.
This hairstyle is all about texture – cast aside your heat styling tools and your hair-taming products and embrace the fuzz!
When going short make sure you get your hair cut by a stylist you trust to avoid hair mishaps and unnecessary tears.10. Kate Hudson Hairstyle: Beautiful beachy waves Actress Kate Hudson is sun-kissed perfection with her beautiful beachy waves of blonde hair. We love how natural and dynamic this hairstyle is with its loose golden curls – an ideal look for warmer weather. Kourtney Kardashian Hairstyle: Massive multi-knotted bunReality TV star Kourtney Kardashian wears her raven hair scraped back into a massive, gravity-defying bun on top of her head. Jennifer Love Hewitt Hairstyle: Messy topknot bunActress Jennifer Love Hewitt is bang on trend with her own version of the big topknot bun. Her chestnut-brown hair is wound into a messy, textured bun that balances neatly atop her head.

Make sure you secure your bun with both hair-ties and hair pins to prevent it from awkwardly unraveling during your night out.13.
The side-swept bangs create the illusion of a longer, more oval-shaped face and draw attention to her stunning blue eyes.
Kourtney Kardashian Hairstyle: Side-swept curls Reality TV personality Kourtney Kardashian looks stunning with her dramatic, side-swept curls. Side-swept hair is trending at the moment, and it’s flattering for almost every face shape. Make a deep side-parting in your hair and work a little bit of extra-strength gel into each side of the parting to keep hair in place.15.
This is a great short hairstyle for heart-shaped faces, as the hair thins out at the ends, softening the lines of a strong jaw. Take inspiration from Jen and add some highlights to your dark blonde hair for a brighter, more interesting hair colour.16.
Taylor Swift Hairstyle: Pretty low ponySongstress Taylor Swift looks gorgeous with her pretty, low ponytail. She wears her ponytail secured at the nape of her neck for a more polished look, keeping a few strands of hair loose to frame her face.
Jennifer Love Hewitt Hairstyle: Posh ponytailGhost Whisperer Jennifer Love Hewitt shows off her own take on the low ponytail by wearing hers with a huge, sweeping fringe. We absolutely adore her rich chocolate brown hair colour – definitely keep this shade in mind for winter and autumn!
Scarlett Johansson Hairstyle: Side-swept with cute hair clipAvengers actress Scarlett Johansson wears her hair loose with a side-swept fringe and a cute, sparkly hair clip. Hair accessories, like hair clips, are a fun and easy way to update an otherwise simple hairdo.
Also try hair accessories like hairbands, scarves, hair slides, or even flowers to mix up your look.20. Kourtney Kardashian Hairstyle: Simple messy bunKeeping up with the Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian looks radiant with her hair pulled up into a simple, messy bun. Tease your hair at the crown before securing it in a bun for extra volume and sex appeal.21. The shallow side-parting is very flattering for her heart-shaped face, as it accentuate her eyes and lips. Katharine keeps her look fresh and flirty with light dip-dyed ends that brighten up her complexion.22.
Scarlett Johansson Hairstyle: Fiery short bobActress Scarlett Johansson looks smoking hot with her sultry red bob.
When choosing a new hair colour, consult with your hair stylist to find a shade that flatters your skin tone and brings out your best features.23. Halle Berry Hairstyle: Playful pixie Actress Halle Berry rocks her signature pixie crop with playful, spiky curls. This is a great short haircut for heart-shaped faces as it balances out a heavy jawline with some extra volume on top. Taylor Swift Hairstyle: Girl-next-door curls Country singer Taylor Swift looks stunning with her pretty girl-next-door curls.
Jennifer Love Hewitt Hairstyle: Layers, layers, layersActress Jennifer Love Hewitt looks stunning with her long, layered hair. When getting your hair cut into layers, ask the hairdresser to cut your shortest layer below your chin to draw attention away from your jawline.26. Kourtney Kardashian Hairstyle: Two-tone hairdoReality TV star Kourtney Kardashian wears her hair loose with her fringe pulled back and secured behind her head. We love the caramel streaks in her hair that warm up her hair colour and brighten up her complexion. Cut to just the right length, Jen’s modern bob neatly frames her face and makes the most of her gorgeous jawline. Blunt bobs are generally cut to the same length, creating angles that counteract those of your face (which is a good thing!).28. This is the perfect hairstyle for work or university, as it’s casual and practical yet elegant at the same time. Get this look by curling your hair loosely with a curling wand and leaving it to unravel naturally into gorgeous waves.31. Kourtney Kardashian Hairstyle: Super-straight and shinyKourtney Kardashian keeps it simple by wearing her poker-straight hair loose with a middle parting.
Taylor Swift Hairstyle: Classic chignonSongstress Taylor Swift looks classy and all grown up with her hair in a classic chignon.
Taylor wears her chignon with a wispy side-swept fringe that softens her features, and she finishes off her look with winged eyeliner and gorgeous red lips.33. Halle Berry Hairstyle: Asymmetrical bobActress Halle Berry looks lovely with her voluminous, asymmetrical bob.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle: Casual blonde wavesJennifer Aniston looks adorable with her huge specs, but we love her hairstyle even more! She wears her blonde hair loose in casual waves that frame her face and soften her jawline. Her hair has been teased at the crown to achieve a puffy bubble of hair atop her head, with the rest of her hair tied back into a simple bun. Scarlett shows us that big hair can be modern and sexy at the same time – fabulous!36. Jennifer Love Hewitt Hairstyle: Simple high ponyJennifer Love Hewitt looks gorgeous with her hair pulled back into a curly high pony. To glam up your simple ponytail, tease your hair at the crown to form a bubble fringe, or leave some sections of hair loose to frame your face.37. Kourtney Kardashian Hairstyle: Long, luxurious curls Kourtney Kardashian shows off her shiny raven locks by wearing them in long, luxurious curls. Her deep middle parting draws attention to the middle of her face, and her gorgeous curls softly frame her cheekbones and jawline. Kate Hudson Hairstyle: Blonde bombshellActress Kate Hudson is bang on trend with her dramatic side-swept curls.
She looks stunning with the winning combination of honey-blonde curls and an eye-popping red lipstick.
Reese Witherspoon Hairstyle: Flirty, curly bobReese Witherspoon looks fantastic with her flirty, curly bob. She draws attention to her widow’s peak with a deep middle parting, accentuating the heart outline of her face. Plaited hair is trending at the moment, and as there are so many styles to choose from, you’re bound to find one to try out!41.
Taylor Swift Hairstyle: Pony with rounded bangs Songbird Taylor Swift wears her hair straight and in a ponytail, with blunt, rounded bangs. Rounded bangs are very flattering for wide foreheads as the longer pieces hide the corners of your face and create the illusion of a longer, more oval face. Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle: Layered bobJennifer Aniston looks casual and carefree with her simple, layered bob. Keep your bob in tip-top shape by visiting the salon every two weeks for trims, and maybe add some highlights in summer to brighten your complexion.43. We love how she’s braided her fringe and left the rest of her hair loose in short, bouncy curls.
This hairstyle is perfect for naturally curly hair, as all you have to do is create a thick braid at your hairline and secure it behind your ear – easy!44.
We love how she’s parted her hair at the middle and left two large sections of hair to frame her face. Kate Hudson Hairstyle: Cascades of blonde curlsKate Hudson is positively beaming with her stunning cascades of blonde curls. If not, use a wide-barreled curling iron and wrap strands of hair loosely for an undone effect.46.
Scarlett Johansson Hairstyle: Medium-length wavesScarlett Johansson keeps it simple with medium-length blonde waves of hair.
Kourtney Kardashian Hairstyle: Slicked-back ponytailA young and fresh-faced Kourtney Kardashian shows us how great a slicked-back ponytail can look.
Great for bad hair days and warm climates, ponytails are a feminine and practical way to tame long hair. Waves and layers generally suit every face shape and every hair type, so feel free to layer away!
Reese Witherspoon Hairstyle: Angular bangs The unofficial heart-shaped face ambassador, Reese Witherspoon, shows off yet another stunning hairstyle. Angular bangs work well to create the illusion of a longer face, and they give your haircut a modern edge.50.
Taylor Swift Hairstyle: Ash-blonde chignonTaylor Swift takes a break from her signature blunt bangs and wears her long, ash-blonde hair in a pretty chignon. We love the soft, rounded texture of her hair, and the few flyaway hairs that give her look a romantic touch.
For extra impact, wear some bright earrings and keep your makeup minimal.So there you have it – the Top 50 Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces!

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