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Lampanelli shows off her much thinner, healthier body in the latest print issue of InTouch Weekly. Lisa says that, by the time she decided to have weight loss surgery, she’d tried pretty much every diet out there, every time with increasingly frustrating results.
Eventually, she realized she had no better option than to go under the knife, an impression that her own doctor confirmed. She had gastric-sleeve surgery, where her stomach was clipped to prevent her from overeating.

To make sure her stomach won’t expand again, Lisa is determined to be very careful and keep an eye on her food intake at all times.
As we also reported in July this year, Lisa is not taking this journey alone: her husband, Jimmy Cannizarro, who was overweight as well, also had the surgery. Having struggled with her weight for most of her adult life, she finally agreed to go under the knife, which is what she describes as the smartest decision she ever made. This was always her problem and, since April when she had the intervention done, she’s no longer having to deal with it.

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