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Everyone amongst us isn’t that lucky to have sufficient time to look after a religious and perfect skincare regime.
Always choose a blush for regular use based on the natural flush that appears on your cheeks while you are blushing.
No matter how much you have invested in a youthful or whitening facial, your hands and feet are the tale-tell sign of your age. The next time you are looking for a facial, manicure and pedicure treatment, think about an appointment with the dentist for scaling if you haven’t had that in a long time. I think most of you must have noticed that every time you get your tresses trimmed or shaped up, you look several years younger than you looked earlier. While some people buy expensive creams and even opt for surgery in order to look younger, the truth is it can be accomplished with just a few simple tricks. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Are You Digging Miley’s New Platinum Blonde Hair Color?January 29, 2014, No Comments on Are You Digging Miley’s New Platinum Blonde Hair Color? A fully coated lip is so “today.” Look like you just overdosed on watermelon slushies by adding a few dabs of hot pink lip stain with your finger or a lip brush, concentrating on the middle. The unsung hero of a makeup bag, lip balm can be used for everything from moisturizing cuticles to keeping brows in place, not to mention to infuse some delicious flava on your pout! Give yourself some seriously amazing second day hair by adding braids into still-wet post-shower hair before bed.
Give your face the “I just hopscotched for an hour” flush by adding a few swipes of cherry cheek stain and rubbing in a circular motion on the apples of your cheeks. What better way to melt your cares away then in a hot bath full of foamy candy-scented bubbles?

A side effect of getting older is often losing that twinkle in the eye all young people are born with. Belisa is a New York-based beauty freak who loves horror movies, roller coasters, the 90's, vintage knick knacks, and all animals except cockroaches. The way we engross ourselves into our routine chores and busy schedules, increases stress level with lesser rest periods to make us look older.
Save your age defying and wrinkle reducing ones for bed time as we all know the thumb rule of skin’s health; skin heals at night time when we sleep. If you have wrinkles or dry patches, opt for a cream blush over powder one to reduce their appearance.
Try out topping your favourite ones with lip gloss to add some glamour and a plumping effect to lips. Next time when you want to catch someone else’s age-defying makeover, don’t forget to take a look at your hands.
We all are often in such a rush and forget those beautiful scents that are left sitting on the vanity.
Conventional wisdom teaches us to opt for thickening mascara to bulk them up but that belief is entirely wrong! From bubble baths to untouched brows to a Popsicle pink lip stain, here’s why we need to harken back to our younger, and dare we say wiser, years. As seen at multiple fashion shows, makeup artists added lightly drawn freckles on models’ cheeks for a fresh-faced flourish.
Undo some of the emotional damage created by becoming an adult by reminding yourself to smile every day at animals, strangers and yourself every time you look in a mirror!
We can’t reverse the damage instantly but we can conceal and hide those effects in ten minutes with these ten beauty tricks to look younger.

Another one is that we try to look beautiful by using the wrong technique of slathering makeup layers. Take a good sleep whenever possible and take time out for rest periods in between your busy life. Used in the Nineties to hold back many an awkwardly-cut thick bang, they are just as chic today.
As we grow up, we indulge in more and more caffeine, which leaves stains on our teeth which need to be taken care of for a mesmerizing smile. If you own an oily one, even then don’t skip it; rather indulge in oil balancing moisturizers and enjoy the radiant youthful appearance of your skin. Even a light coverage foundation, simple eyeliner, a light-neutral eyeshadow (just to brighten up the eyelids that darken with age) and a suitable lipstick can make you stand out in the crowd. Use an angled brow brush and if you ever go overboard, a spooley brush will take care of it in seconds. Also, don’t always look forward to bigger happiness events; even a small gesture or deed can make you happy. The key is you need to change your vision towards happiness and it will reverse your aging process slowly and gradually.
Remember, women are often associated with jealousy emotions and it is a fire which burns inside that will only damage you.
Get inspired with good people and good things. Love life and be thankful for whatever you have.

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