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To be able to get success in your 1400 calorie diet, you need to know how to cook your food and choose the ingredients well. After having your foods cooked well and eating it regularly in 3 mealtimes a day, one thing that you need to do is having regular exercises.
If you have lack of sleep, your hormone will not be as much as normal, and then you will be hungry and want to eat much food. Fewer calories will make you lack of energy then you will need more foods and gain more weights.

If you want to buy some vegetables or fruits, choose the organic produce so you can have adequate nutrients and your body will be recharged well.
By controlled diet, you can control your food intake and burn some fats by the energy you get from food. It is better to have foods that you like so can enjoy the meal despite limited proportions. Just make sure to change the ingredients into non-fat or low-fat foods so you can lose some weight faster.

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