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Anon lost 7 pounds in two months – don’t forget that muscle weighs more than fat! Well it has been two months since I had my weight loss surgery, a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, and while I have been able to tell a big difference in how I feel already, I wasn’t sure if you could tell in the way I looked.
My recovery from the actual surgery was stalled a bit when I had to have my gall bladder out just three weeks after the sleeve surgery, but I feel like I am fairly well recovered from that now.
I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished so far and looking forward to keep going and reaching more goals. Where I noticed you lost first is your face- you have always had gorgeous eyes but now they really show up.
Day one: How tall are you, what do you currently weigh, and what do you hope to weigh after the 60 days?
Week three!Weekly challenge: Add an extra 30 minutes to each work out this week, or if you weren’t going to work out at all one day, work out for 30 minutes! Week 5!Weekly challenge: Go and buy yourself a nice item of clothing one size too small, hang it somewhere visible. Day forty-three: Apart from weight loss, have you noticed any other benefits from your healthy diet?Day forty-four: Do you drink green tea? Hubby took several pictures of me before my surgery and so the other day I put on the same clothes and took the pictures again.
It was around the six week mark (after the 1st surgery) that I really started pepping back up I think. You really have to be mindful of your eating because if you are not you just go back to old habits of eating junk, eating it fast, and eating a lot of it. They are those moments when I realize “hey I can do that again” or “hey I can bend that way” or “hey I am not out of breath”. I had a few setbacks as well right after my surgery, I had to really struggle to get back on track. Try one fruit and one vegetable you’ve never tried before, and learn how to cook a new healthy meal.

What do you generally drink?Day twenty-seven: Does shark week make you hungrier than usual, and do you allow yourself to eat more at this time of the month?Day twenty-eight: Are there any foods or drinks that you have completely banned yourself from consuming, or do you believe in everything in moderation? Have you lost, gained, or maintained your weight since day one?Day thirty: Do you have rewards for reaching goal weight? And congratulations even if you haven’t, it takes a lot of dedication to keep on going even with minimal results. I also bought an elliptical machine for here at home and have started using that – it is tough, but I’m building up very slowly. For me, I really felt like I needed this tool to be able to stay on track with my food choices and portions. Fruits and veggies are okay too, but I cannot fill up on those because I need that protein the most. I have had a couple of instances where I ate too much at a meal and my body promptly lets me know it is not happy.
Examples include the fact that I do not have to pull the seat belt out so far, my winter coat is huge now on me, I am not out of breath walking from the parking lot to the store, I can get through the grocery store without being exhausted and having my back and legs hurt, and I can more easily paint my toenails.
I was in a small group, therapy I guess you could say and that was a significant help in getting back on track. Are they for or against your diet?Day nineteen: Have you ever lied to avoid eating something?Day twenty: Do you binge? Even if you haven’t lost any weight, you deserve to treat yourself for not giving up. Minkin, he was able to help me with other options and I am doing much better taking them now.
I end up throwing up the excess amount – which is still a small amount – but it is never fun to throw up.
The best thing so far is just feeling better and I hope that just continues to get even better as I move along.
We used Richard Quis’ book Thinking Anew, and it was an amazing workbook on writing as a therapy.

Paint your nails, go shopping, go to a movie, get your hair done, anything that makes you feel good about yourself! I know the clothes are getting baggier now, but I’m trying to put off buying clothes as long as I can since, hopefully, I will keep getting smaller.
If I had not had surgery I’m 100% sure I would still be eating the same way I was before and I would continue to gain weight and my health would have continued to worsen.
It was so very helpful just in the day to day which is hard to find what works for each of us! Weight loss surgery of any kind (there are several different options) is not the right answer for everyone and it is not an easy way out or cheat for weight loss. My stomach makes all sorts of noises – I wonder if it is saying it is hungry, or maybe I ate the wrong thing.
I then went to the doctor four weeks later for a follow-up to see how my attempts were going.
There have been some really difficult days where I was just depressed about everything too. It is my own “stuff” of my fears and concerns that I have had even before, but all the change has been able to trigger them a little more on some days. This was with eating oatmeal for breakfast, with fruit, and eating salads and fruits and veggies all day long. No red meat, no fried foods, no junk, and I gained more weight than you should when you’re pregnant.

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