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I have just completed the first 2 days of ultra low carb diet and thought I should report back on my progress. I am going to continue trying out 2 low carb days a week for at least a month and see if the results and weight-loss are comparable to low cal 5:2. Starting on Monday morning with scrambled eggs and a black coffee I found the good bits of low carb 5:2 were very good indeed. I found that I wanted to do my two days consecutively (which meant I did Monday and Tuesday) and this did not cause me any problems. I have read countless health research which states that consuming protein-rich and carb-low food before and following exercise (think of the scary world of protein shakes) so I thought exercise combined with low carb would have an excellent impact on my weight and body shape. When I went back to eating healthily today I didn’t not feel any need to replenish my body with extra food after the diet day so am planning to stick to healthy foods without any extraneous snacks for the next five days.

BasketDo you want to lose 7 pounds in 7 days?Eat healthy delicious meals 3 times a day and lose up to 7 pounds? This is a great menu plan for anyone starting Paleo or even just looking to change things up a bit! I loved not counting calories and was able to make inventive and tasty foods for those days.
This coupled with putting on weight over the summer and finding it difficult to shift it, has prompted me to try a new approach. I felt comfortable having bigger portions of food and although I didn’t go over-board I almost definitely used more oil when cooking.
Also, and this was perhaps the biggest difference to low cal 5:2, I found that I was able to do exercise on a low carb day with no ill effects.

It feels nice to have finished with the diet days by Wednesday but it isn’t a diet if I don’t lose any weight! I also swapped a low calorie yogurt for some full fat creme fraiche which felt counter-intuitive. At no point did I feel a deep hunger (which I often get on diet days) and also thought I was less grumpy over the two days.

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