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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The bottom line with weight loss is that you have to eat fewer calories than you burn -regardless of whether the calories come from carbs, protein, or fat. Concentrate your diet on fresh fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meat, and filtered water. Many people, when they see their doctors, are advised to lose their weight in order to minimize their health problems.
And if you don’t provide adequate amount of important nutrients to your body, you will suffer from deficiency of many nutrients and consequently will have troubles with your general health. If you are targeting for weight loss then you must avoid certain foods that hamper weight loss. Alcohol, especially beer, has empty calories that provide little or no nutritional value and won’t help you lose weight. When alcohol is in your body, it’s a toxin that your liver wants to get rid of immediately. When you drink fruit juice, you are drinking empty calories without all the natural fruit fibers that fill you up.
If you are an active person, then eating baked or boiled potatoes are a good source of nutrients. French fries and potato chips are not healthy, are very high in calories, and it’s easy to eat a lot of them in one sitting.
If you are an active person, go ahead and eat boiled or baked potatoes, but avoid any other way potatoes can be served. Eating too much of this saturated fat food can cause your LDL (bad cholesterol) levels to spike- which will lead to a build up of fatty deposits in your arteries.
If you want to lose weight, keep ice cream to an absolute minimum and make sure to have portion control.
To allow ingredients to last a long time in your freezer, food makers often load frozen meals with salt (a natural preservative).
Further: When food makers fit a meal’s worth of calories in a small box, every bite ends up having lots of calories by design. Foods that are loaded with sugar, are refined, or have added fats are the worst things for weight loss. Everyday thousands of people shift to eat healthy foods, but unfortunately many of them fail to take it further. In order to lose your weight in a healthy way, you need follow a strict diet and perform regular exercises without fail. Aerated Drinks are the first and foremost most important foods to avoid during a weight loss program.
Examples of Aerated Drinks: Beverages charged with caronic gas like soda, cool drinks, fruit beer, ginger beer, lemonade and etc.
We should always avoid processed foods from our regular diets, as they contain harmful chemicals which effect your health. Examples of Processed Foods: Cookies, cheese, packaged milk, lunch meats, hot dogs, potato chips, noodles, pickles, frozen dinners and etc.
Sugar is one of the most hazardous foods with high amount of calories and zero amounts of nutrients. Its no wonder to know there are many health disasters with Alcohol, which might push us in deep trouble if continued. Some Bad Effects of Alcohol: Facial redness, Liver abnormalities,  Swollen face and Swollen eyes, Risk of depression, Pancreatitis, Stroke, Cirrhosis, Suicidal tendencies, Pregnancy problems, like spontaneous abortion, Sudden death and etc. Examples of White Flour: Croissants, donuts, bagels, cakes and cookies, pancakes, waffles, biscuits and rolls, Pasta, macaroni and cheese, fast food burger buns, pizza, bread sticks. Examples of Desserts: Ice-cream sundae, Cheesecake, Chocolate fudge cake, Tiramisu, Lemon meringue pie, Treacle tart, Donuts, Muffins, Chocolate brownies, Cookies, Sticky toffee pudding, Profiteroles, Raspberry trifle, Apple pie and etc. Fast foods like pizzas, burgers, cakes must be completely avoided on a weight loss diet, as these foods have low nutritional value and high  amount of calories.
Examples of Fast Foods: Pizza, Hamburgers, French fries, Tacos, and any foods which are made up of excess oil within 5 minutes. You should learn to avoid baked foods during your weight loss program, as they contain simple carbohydrates which help in weight gain. Examples of Baked Foods: Cakes, Pastries, Pies, Tarts, Quiches, Cookies, Scones, Crackers, Pretzels and Cupcakes.
The article does not ban you from eating any thing, it just points out which foods and good and bad for your health, the choices are entirely up to you. From my personal experience I can tell you one thing that having a healthy and heavy breakfast can help you prevent unhealthy cravings for the rest of the day. Cut your overweight with healthy foods for weight loss – Having travel with obesity perhaps becomes a very annoying thing to be experienced as most of people want to have ideal weight.
When come to consuming healthy foods for weight loss, there are several foods that you need to avoid since they are considered as the causes of increasing weight. Besides avoiding unhealthy foods, you need to know what kinds of healthy foods for weight loss that good to be consumed.  Beans are well known as food that effective to curb your craving. However, keeping these foods out of your diet is often a lot easier said than done, especially if you’ve been eating a typical Western diet for years. Beverages Containing Artificial Sweeteners – Despite popular belief, diet sodas and other artificially sweetened diet-beverages, which contain aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal), saccharin (Sweet’N Low), or sucralose (Splenda) will not keep you slim.
This is because due to the poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle most people have put on excessive weight on their body and as a result have started suffering from many severe health problems. Therefore, awareness regarding the dangers of excessive weight gain has made many sensible and wise people to aim for weight loss. Some of these foods that should be avoided while trying to lose weight have been given below.
Alcohol has 7 calories per gram, compared to carbs and protein which are 4 calories per gram. This means that a glass of orange juice won’t make you as full as eating an orange, which makes it easy to drink large amounts in a short amount of time.
If you are someone who is sedentary, then you should stay away due to potatoes having high amount starch and calories. According to this study, potato chips allow for more weight gain per serving than any other food. If you continuously eat ice cream for a long period of time, your chances of heart disease and stroke will go up greatly. It’s made from fine flour, and will spike your blood sugar levels which can lead to overeating.
There is wheat, Ezekiel, whole grain, etc., and there are gluten free versions for people who have sensitivity to wheat.
Salt makes you retain water, which causes you to look bloated- so you won’t look nor feel like you are losing weight.

The little portions found in the frozen meals aren’t satiating, even though they include plenty of calories. If you aren’t sure if something you are about to eat is unhealthy or not, just take a look at the label on the packaging. We all know what to eat and what not to eat, but still we lose our will power to control our healthy diet. Try to maintain a balanced diet chart which includes nutritious foods like sprouts, which have amazing benefits.
You can eat your favorite foods by cutting down eatables which contain high amounts of fat and sugar. Many people prefer drinking sodas and cool drinks during their regular diet, assuming they wont effect once in a while. You shouldn’t avoid natural sugars like fruits and vegetables to give you instant energy. These fried foods can instantly add weight to our body, which requires a lot of time to burn them down. And since many of us workout regularly by following a strict diet, its time to give up on alcohol habits too. These foods are made up of white flour, which can lead to high blood pressure, heart attack, obesity, high cholesterol and other health issues. You need to completely avoid these desserts which contains high amounts of lot of sugar, cream and other fatty products. Eating fast foods are not recommended by any physician, as it leads to instant weight gain as well as other health problems. The above foods which have banned from your diet chart contain low nutritional values and high fatty, sugar contents.
Also, make it a habit to drink 2 cups of green tea daily, it also helps to prevent cravings.
Because of this health problem, people are willing to do everything in order to get their dream weight. You can lose your excessive weight by introducing some subtle changes in your day to day life and reap its benefits. Drinking in moderation isn’t so bad, but drinking heavily is associated with gaining weight. If you serious about losing weight, cut alcohol out completely or have a drink on occasion. Coca Cola contains 140 calories and 40 grams of sugar while the same amount of apple juice contains 165 calories and 39 grams of sugar. Having a small portion from time to time is ok, but the problem is that it’s extremely easy to eat a large amount in a single sitting.
In a recent study, eating 2 slices of white bread per day was linked to a 40% increased risk of weight gain and obesity.
Moderation is the key to success for any weight loss regimen, just make sure to stay disciplined.
Our body needs to be physically fit and mentally healthy in order to achieve a perfect shape and figure. Avoid eating foods which contain high amounts of fat and sugar, as they might gradually cause you many problems in future.
We should have a proper knowledge about foods which we consume in our regular diet, and make sure they don’t harm us in future.
This is mostly observed during summer, as most of feel extremely thirsty while we go out in sun. These processed foods contain high amount of sugar and fat content in their package, and are extremely dangerous in long run.
Apart from these natural sugars, many people prefer using refined sugars in their regular diets, which is a bad idea to lose weight. Fried foods which we prefer to eating outside might not contain that fresh oil which we use at home.
Make sure to keep white flour out of diet chart, and replace it with wheat flour and other healthy recipes.
Doctors do not recommended eating sweet dishes daily, as they are extremely dangerous in future. Try to replace these fast foods with healthy home-made foods like Oatmeal, Granola, Waffles, Fruit snacks and etc. Avoid eating simple carbohydrates, high salty foods, artificial sweeteners to lose your weight instantly. Actually there are many ways that people can do for that, starting from doing a diet up to doing particular exercise regularly. Additive sugars mostly contain fattening that can result on obesity and other dangerous diseases such as diabetes. Beans are rich with fiber and they mostly digested in slow period so that it will avoid you to feel hungry. In order to lose their excessive weight, most men, especially those who do not get time to exercise, start starving themselves thinking that this way they will be able to achieve weight loss.
You must be aware that even one single cup of whole milk has saturated fat weighing nearly 5 grams.
People fail to achieve success in getting a good body, as most of them lose their focus while eating. Generally most of us try to lose weight by performing regular exercises, but never give up on our regular food habits. So check out these top 10 foods to ignore in a weight loss diet, and ban them permanently from your regular diets as much as you can. Drinking cool drinks should be your last option (when you are about to die, and no water anywhere), as they contain a lot of sugar content in them.
So always choose fresh foods over processed foods, as they contain huge amounts of essential minerals and vitamins required to our body.
We often suffer from food poisoning, heart related problems and other weight related issues when we eat a lot of fried foods regularly. So instead of eating white flour pastas and bread, its better to replace them with foods made of wheat flour like brown bread. Never include read meats in your regular diet to spoil the efforts of workout and strict diet. You should slowly make a habit of avoiding these sweet dishes by replacing them with natural fresh fruits, which benefit our weight loss program. You can feel the difference within a month, and don’t forget to come back here and leave a comment. Sometimes the momentary indulgence isn’t worth the long-term consequences in terms of health and addictive properties. For you who are tired in losing weight, perhaps you can try to consume healthy foods for weight loss in order to achieve your desired weight.

Since these animals are not capable of digesting the toxins and animal residues therefore they still remain in these meats, which when consumed by the humans create digestion problems. Beginners always need some kind of help, as many foods which they eat are unhealthy and doesn’t help our body to recover after a workout. Drinking aerated drinks can literally screw up your whole diet, which might lead to gain more weight again. Avoid eating these fried foods completely, and replace them with raw or boiled fresh vegetables. Drinking too much of alcohol can cause many healthy issues like instant death and heart stroke.
Always try to add lean meat like chicken, fish and prawns which includes rich amounts of protein and energy. Take a look at this list of 7 foods that should never find a space on your plate (or keep it to a serious minimum).Store-Bought Frosting Cake and pastries can be a great treat that can put a smile on anyone’s face but we all know they aren’t the healthiest choice. Even though there are some healthy grains that quite okay to be consumed such as oats and rice, but most of grains are likely should be avoided since they contain gluten such as wheat and barley. Even if you are on your way to weight loss journey, your body still needs essential nutrients to perform their regular functions. It is very convenient for people, especially the bachelors and the working men to include cheese in their sandwiches and salads because they find it very easy and time saving way to fill their stomach. Sometimes we eat too less or even skip our meals in order to lose weight, which is bad approach to reduce your weight instantly.
Try to drink a lot of water while you are thirsty, as we all know water has some amazing healthy benefits. You should replace alcohol with fruit juices, vegetable juices and any other health drinks which might help you to recover from bad drinking habits.
For many, the focus has always been placed on the sugary batter, but most of the time the icing is the true deal breaker. But dairy products should be avoided when you are trying for weight loss as they are usually packed with fat and are also profoundly processed to increase their shelf life. Hence, if you want to lose weight, you must avoid red meat completely.Organic meat can be eaten in moderation. You should replace these aerated drinks with lemon water, buttermilk, green tea and other healthy drinks which don’t spoil your diet schedule. If you need to eat snacks to alleviate your hunger, then make sure to choose the healthy foods.
Dairy products like cheese are also very high in calories and hence are not favorable for weight loss.
Instead of promoting weight loss, these grains inhibit the weight loss process and in most cases, add more fat to body weight. Trans fat is one of the most unhealthy fats used to create processed foods and it can take a bit of due diligence to avoid eating it. Refined grains such as white rice, white bread and other processed foods made of refined grains lack in nutrition as compared to other whole grains and they also cause a spike in the blood sugar levels. Very few store bought frostings are made without trans fat (butter is the other go to ingredient if you want it creamy and fluffy).
FDA regulations that allow manufacturers to label certain foods as “trans fat free” even if they contain them makes it even difficult to trust what you’re buying. The best way to avoid consuming trans fat is to research your favorite brands prior to purchasing them or take the time to make your frosting from scratch.BagelsA quick breakfast on the go, many don’t realize how unhealthy a small bagel is.
You can opt for the consumption of oats, quinoa, brown rice, barley and other whole grains for weight loss. If made from refined flour, bagels have been stripped of the fiber and nutrients that make it healthy to eat whole grains. When eating a bagel, you’re consuming the equivalent of 3-5 slices of white bread depending on the brand so do your research before buying.
The body digests the starch found in bagels even faster than table sugar, spiking blood sugar depending on what you eat them with. Higher glycemic indexes equate more weight gain, the opposite of what many light bagel munchers are aiming for. If you’re serious about becoming healthy and losing weight, you’ve given up these greasy sandwiches long ago.
The overload of trans fat, possible hormones, possible ammonia or additives to increase the flavor of the hamburgers and make them last longer are nothing but empty calories and chemicals. Saturated fats are what takes the average potato and turns it into a catalyst for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. On the other hand, vegetable oil and sunflower oil are actually beneficial for your health (in proper amounts). Consequently, the low prices found on dollar menus don’t warrant most chain fast food restaurants the ability to provide customers with the healthiest options (However, so fast food chains have removed trans-fat from their fries, like McDonalds).
Saturated fats remain in the body longer, breaking down the good cholesterol and form platelets in the blood streams which increase your chances of developing blood clots.
These deep fried finger foods are a first choice for children, but as you can see they aren’t to their benefit. Cut and fry your potatoes at home for a heart-friendly alternative.Microwave PopcornMovie night will never be the same. Before, you’d snuggle up with a big bowl of popcorn fresh out the microwave, but after reading this, you need to make your way to the pantry and throw it all away. The lining of the bag alone is riddled with chemicals including perfluoroctanoic acid (PFOA).
These chemicals have been linked to causing cancer in the liver, testicles, and pancreas of tested animals.
Olga Naidenko, a senior scientist with the Environmental Working Group has found that these chemicals can stay in your body for years; it is a likely contributor for the rise in cancer patients in recent years (but to be fair, the list of chemicals that have possibly contributed to cancer in the last few years if VERY long). Plans have been placed to begin phasing out microwave popcorn that uses PFOA in its bags by 2015, even still, the best way to enjoy your popped snack is by making it the old fashioned way (Jiffy Pop is still tasty).Milk With Artificial HormonesMilk producing cattle are injected with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) to assist the cow in producing more milk. The side effect of using rBGH is the accompanying increase in utter infections and pus in the milk. When the two hormones were approved to be used in cattle, it was under the presumption that the cancer-causing IGF-1 would break down in the digestive tract.
It has not been proven, but many researchers believe this to also be a contributing factor to the surge in cancer cases in recent years. For a low-sodium label, the Food and Drug Administration requires food products to have no more than 140 mg of sodium per serving. A product’s packaging can’t claim it’s “healthy” if it exceeds 480 mg of sodium per reference amount.

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