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Fall 2014 hair color trends for African American women suggest trying any hair colors and highlights, from subtle ombre highlights, to bold burgundy hair colors, just check out the ideas here. From red to burgundy you can use any tone you may like, for autumn 2014 such warm colors are a perfect choice to winter transition.
Hair color trends 2014 have offered us many hairstyles with highlights, but dark hair with lighter highlights looks indeed natural. Ombre hair color has established its reign over all other hair colors, and it proves to be fair, cause any hair type with ombre looks smashing. Though red hair color is quite bold and aggressive by itself, it can also look this pretty.
While transitioning, try to find a style that will accommodate the new growth, like twists or braids, but make sure that what ever protective style you choose is soft on the scalp. Comment, Write, Email, Text! If you find a post interesting & want to comment, just click on the word comment below the post. Kerry Washington Medium Haircut: Soft shoulder length soft waves added to the mid-lengths to ends of the long slightly layered hairstyle bring it a great deal of bounce and movement that is perfect for people with long face structures.
To curl your hair into tousled curls and waves with a curling iron, hot rollers or simply scrunching it dry if you have naturally curly hair.
Me encontre con estas fotos preciosas y fue como si me hubiera olvidado que con este largo puedo jugar con estos y otros tantisimos peinados.
Este peinado sencillo es tambien muy elegante y muestra mucho volumen en parte a las extensiones. Te dejamos algunas opciones para peinados de novia sencillos o casuales pero no menos hermosos. Summer is officially here and for natural ladies, that means finding new ways of protecting your hair from the brutal heat.
It may be surprising but among celebrities you van see many stars with perfect blonde color, all you need to do is to find the shade that suits you most, from platinum blonde to dark blonde hair colors. Not only will your hair look fantastic, and stylish, but it will get you prepared for the natural look! The medium manes in loose curls can enhance your charm and grace greatly and the gorgeous style is great for formal and informal events.

Create loose waves softly and wispy bangs to contour the pretty face and make the whole hairstyle more charming and graceful. 1- Como ves en la foto toma un mechon de pelo a la altura de las orejas y separalo en dos partes. Long braids and twists are great, but sometimes you may want something with a little more simplicity. Before adding the hair to her bun, she made sure that she smoothed her hair down with Eco Styler gel. She moisturized and detangled her hair first, then she brushed all of her hair to the front of her head.
As a graduate of Rowan University, Portia has an insatiable craving for natural hair, beauty, and fashion, but she also enjoys traveling and home decor.
Remember, tight braids can damage the new growth before it even grows in, and can damage the scalp as well.
It’s not always easy find the right look to frame all the right places and hide all the wrong attributes. The luscious hairstyle is quite simple to re-create with hot-rollers and it needs a bit of product to make it shine and hold. Leave the hair sitting on the shoulders to add more charm and tender feel, showing off the luscious length of the splendid hairstyle.
These four natural divas will show you how you can achieve a gorgeous faux bun at home without all of the fuss of having to go to the salon. I’ve been working with the buns for a few days but you just taught me a new way to wear it!
Some folks try this method and mess up their whole thoughts and experience of going natural because chemical choices, or being a complete product junkie during their journey. It’s also no easy to figure out which length to go for and how to make that length work. Apply a bit of hold hairspray to keep the soft and stunning curls bouncy and shine greatly. Not only will these ladies show you a simple way of protecting your hair from the heat, but they will show you how to look dazzling while doing it!

Natural hairstyles for black women can look awesome with incredible color solutions, still hair dyes can make frizzy curly hair even dryer, that is why temporary hair hues and even wigs can be more preferable.
To help you find the right hairstyles for plus-size women, here are some great, slimming styles to take a look at and try out:Plus-Size Hairstyle #1.) Get some highlights!
The key to this bun is twisting Kanekalon braiding hair into three separate twists and tying them off before wrapping them around your hair. That is because the vertical structure of most highlights is kind of like when you wear vertical striped clothing- it’s slimming!Plus-Size Hairstyle #2.) Layer, layer and layer, girls! If you prefer a more straight-across fringe, at least feather the bangs and  never-ever leave them blunt and dull.
So, if you do decide to go short-short or get a pixie, ensure you are layering it in the back to bring attention upwards. And for your bangs, let your stylist know you want face framing bangs and always leave the bangs quite a bit longer than your cut!Plus-Size Hairstyle #5.) For those who want shorter hair, as well, try out a below the chin cut. This will frame all of the wrong parts of your face and bring attention to any problem areas (if you have any) with your chin and neck.
Advertisement Plus-Size Hairstyle #6.) Bobs are the new thing in Hollywood and the new thing for us non-stars, too.
But, when it truly comes down to getting one of these famous bobs, try to stray away from plain-old-blunt bobs. Instead, always go for a beautifying asymmetrical bob that will elongate your face and not shorten it (like plain-bobs.) An a-line bob is perfect not only for plus-size women, but for everyone! If you weren’t blessed with naturally wavy hair, you can always get yourself down to your favorite salon and get a perm to fix up your hair right away.
Adding tons of volume to the top of your hair will create a stunning, slimming look for a plus-size girl. Doing this will pull your face up ever so slightly and also draw attention, once again, to the top of your head.

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