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Alli sits in a category of its own – it is a non prescription weight loss pill that has been approved by the FDA (Food And Drugs Administration) which is the US governmental organisation responsible for overseeing and making sure that products are fit for human consumption.
Xenical is a strong weight loss drug and is not offered to anyone – the seriously overweight or obese are ideal candidates but even those at the higher end of the BMI (Body Mass Index) scale are not certainties. Alli is sometimes classed as Xenicals little brother – it shares the same methodology as Xenical but using half the dosage. When Alli first was released onto the weight loss market, many consumer reports picked up on a side effects that seemed to be experienced by just about everyone who took it. An orangey gooey liquid, or anal leakage to put it crudely could happen frequently and without apparent warning. Although unpleasant this is a sure sign that fat is being blocked and not being absorbed back into the body.
USA dieters that are prepared for the occasional change of clothing at varying degrees or regularity are recommended to trial. The information on this website is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease.The information on this website is consumer based and although impartiality is paramount some remuneration may occur. Alli, a popular over-the-counter weight loss drug, is being recalled in the United States and Puerto Rico because of possible tampering. The tampering was reported in a statement Thursday, which came after customers in seven states complained. Back in 2010, the FDA warned that a counterfeit version of Alli that was being sold online was potentially harmful to dieters. The company will be conducting an investigation with the Food and Drug Administration to determine what ingredients are in the tampered products. If you have been reading the UK newspapers or watching the news in the UK then you cannot fail to have heard of the Alli weight loss pill. Originally available only by prescription (under the name of Xenical), Alli has been rebranded and tweaked slightly so that anyone can benefit from Alli. A BIG word of caution though, there are some very uncomfortable (and worryingly very common) side effects with Alli slimming tablets. These side effects can range from stomach cramps and excess flatulence through to the much more worrying – chronic diarrhea.
Of course, you can avoid these side-effects by careful management and only taking the tablet when you have had a high-fat meal. Before you buy Alli for weight loss we suggest you think carefully about whether you can handle the side-effects which are so commonly reported. Instead we much prefer Proactol diet pills which do exactly the same thing as Alli but without the side-effects.
Ultimately Alli does work if your main cause of excess weight is that you eat too many fatty meals.

It is reported that for every 2lb you lose from eating healthily and exercising, Alli will help you to lose a further 1lb. Overall Alli is being touted in the media as one of, if not THE best slimming tablet available.
However, what you should remember is that a large proportion of these features in newspapers and on TV have been paid for by GSK – the company who make and sell Alli weight loss pills. The fact is that Alli does work but it has far too many bad side-effects to truly be considered as the number 1 weight loss tablet.
Quite simply, there are much better alternatives that can provide the same, if not better, results without any known side effects. As we always say, the same pill never works for everyone so it is important to look at your own lifestyle and decide which slimming tablet is right for you. However, if you do decide to give it a try then be prepared for the side effects which are all too commonly reported. Alli, the fat blocking weight loss pill, is now classed as a prescription medicine and can only be dispatched from a pharmacy or online pharmacy. Product of the MonthThe new hottest natural fat burner Raspberry Ketone Plus wins our product of the month award this month for its superb weight loss results. Raspberry Ketone Plus is using totally unique fat-busting formula based on real-world testing and studies that contains additional fat burning ingredients that include Acai berry, green tea and resveratrol.
The information on this website is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition and does not constitute medical advice. GlaxoSmithKline is recalling the weight loss drug Alli after receiving reports of unknown pills and tablets in the bottles.
Xenical is not free to buy over the counter and must be administered by a healthcare professional. As Alli has its roots very much in America, shipping and customer service may prove problematic. There are several other weight loss pills that offer the same weight loss results without the side effects. GlaxoSmithKline spokeswoman Deborah Bolding said that 20 tampered bottles were reported to the company by 12 customers. Launched at the start of summer 2009, Alli has hit the shelves of high-street stores – picking up a lot of publicity (bad and good) at the same time.
The official line is that you should only buy it if you have a BMI of over 28 (you can check your body mass index with our BMI calculator), however as you can buy Alli online in truth it is available to anyone. Side effects of Alli include fatty smelly stools, urgency to get to the toilet (diarrhea), oily spotting on your underclothes, and excess wind.
There are simply better, more natural slimming tablets available without the uncomfortable side effects.

Basically how it works is that when you have a meal that is high in fat, the active ingredient attaches itself to the fat in the food you consume. If you miscalculate and the meal is not high enough in fat then you can and most probably will encounter some of the uncomfortable and embarrassing side effects. However, it is said to be very difficult to get it right everytime and far too easy to over-estimate how fatty a meal is. However, it is not a complete weight loss solution as you will still need to go on a diet and exercise whilst using Alli. In other words it basically speeds up the rate of weight loss from the effort you put in to dieting and exercising. If you have to make sure you are losing weight anyway and Alli just speeds up the loss, we would much prefer to lose weight slightly slower but keep control of our bowel movements! It wouldn’t have been made available for sale on the high-street if this was not the case. Ultimately if you are eating a diet that is high in fat the Alli might be the best choice for you.
If the side effects do not appeal to you but you do fit in to the category of eating high-fat meals then Proactol diet pills are the best alternative product available with no known side effects. The over-the-counter drug comes in a turquoise blue capsule with a dark blue band and the text "60 Orlistat." However, people in seven states have reported finding tablets and capsules of various shapes and colors in the bottles, the British drugmaker said Thursday.
The questionable Alli was purchased in retail stores in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina and Texas. The information on this site is designed to support, not replace the relationship between a patient and their doctor. However, because they are produced by smaller companies without big advertising budgets, you may not have heard of them. To help cover running costs, some links to products may result in remuneration being paid to us if a visitor purchases a product. Alli comes in bottles with an inner foil barrier labeled "Sealed for Your Protection." Some bottles are missing their labels as well.
GlaxoSmithKline has received information about 20 tampered Alli bottles so far, but no related reports of serious illnesses. The company is asking pharmacies and retailers in the United States and Puerto Rico to immediately remove the drug from store shelves.

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