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Weight loss: The diet promises to be helpful for both men and women, and to cause weight loss and a decrease in dress sizes. Maintaining weight loss after it has been acquired: The Atkins diet takes into account the reason for failure of other diets in maintaining weight loss.
Prevention of future health issues: There are several conditions that can be caused or complicated further by obesity.
The Atkins diet is based on some simple characteristics and by following it an individual is able to achieve good health and avoid health complications, especially those that are weight related. The first basic principle is that the number of calories the individual consumes does not matter. The diet allows unlimited consumption of proteins and lipids but drastically limits aliments with a high amount of carbohydrates. This diet is based on the fact that the way to lose weight is not by restricting your caloric intake.
Hence, by consuming fewer carbohydrates, insulin will be secreted in a lower dose and will prevent calories to become fat. Step 2 – The ongoing weight loss: You will be able to add some variety to your diet and there is a level of carbohydrate intake you should begin consuming. Step 3 and 4 – The pre-maintenance and maintenance: You will be able to establish the amount of carbohydrates you should consume in order to maintain your weight.
It has been proven that a diet that has low levels of complex carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants can be associated with certain types of cancer. Long term effects of this diet have not been very well studied, so it is not known for sure if this diet would also be beneficial an the long run, even if short term results have been acquired.

Still, you can try this diet and see if it works for you, because one thing is fairly certain, there are no real dangerous effects of this diet if you follow it for a short while. It is basically a diet based on high protein levels and low carbohydrates and was developed and published by Robert Atkins during the 1960’s. It also has a special approach for the people that have had a difficult time losing weight with diets, or those who have developed some form of resistance to weight loss. The reason why most other diets do not work is the fact that a low caloric meal leaves an individual hungry and even after you have lost weight you will crave to turn to food. Reducing your body weight will have a positive impact on other associated conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc. Reduced weight helps for the betterment of existing conditions that you might have and that are associated with your weight problem. Unlike traditional diets, this does not limit you to consume lower amounts of calories and does not require weigh-ins or keeping food records in order to calculate your intake of calories. Controlling carbohydrate consumption will prevent your body from burning glucose, which is derived from carbohydrates and instead, it will burn fat as a fuel. Atkins believes that the production of insulin, a pancreatic hormone will be increased by the consumption of foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates. In the absence of carbohydrates, the body will be forced to use other sources in order to produce energy, so it will start burning fat.
During this phase you should not consume aliments like bread, pasta, fruits, grains, rice, nuts and sugar; cheese and butter are allowed. The carbohydrate levels will be slightly increased but weight loss should continue to occur.

In order for you to keep your healthy weight and not regain it, you will have to continue with these types of foods. The main safety concerns are related to the effect of a high protein diet on kidney functions and also the impact of saturated fats on cholesterol levels or heart conditions.
Some serious side effects can be produced by any medication that you are taking during this diet, like diuretics, cardiovascular medication or insulin. Another option would be to talk to your doctor and see if this type of diet would be recommended for your body type and metabolism. People who follow this diet are permitted to eat an unlimited amount of food if they follow some basic rules. A high amount of insulin will lead to a higher storage of calories into the body, taking the form of body fat. This phase will probably have to continue throughout your entire life in order for you to maintain your weight and health condition.
Not all people respond in the same way to a dietary change, so the results can differ for each individual. Meat, fish, cheese, eggs or any usual types of aliments are not restricted, making this diet easier to follow. It is believed that you can stay hungry for a while, but it can be difficult to deal with over a long period of time.

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