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I was introduced to the Atkins diet program by a friend way back in 2005 but never really felt the need to seriously look into it until March of this year, when I weighed my heaviest at 75 kilos. Looking at my old photos now elicits different emotions in me, but mostly anger, because I let myself become grotesquely unhealthy.
I revisited the Atkins website and carefully read the diet program. Although I read the countless testimonials on this low-carb diet, I had my doubts.

However, that day, April 20, I checked the scale (74 kilos), willed myself to just go ahead with the program, and lastly, like other typical women on a serious mission – went shopping. I used to do it and lost 20lbs but stopped and has grown big again… havent tried to lose weight after that… but now i will! I, too, was inspired by many amazing stories about overcoming weight problems; and it is my honor to have inspired you with my own story.

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