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In my mind, there are two different ways you can look at plants to assess their maintenance factor. If rhubarb can take salt and sea spray, it can handle whatever you’ve got to throw at it. I would maybe add mizuna to the cool-season greens list… my garden was quite lame this year except for the mizuna which was undeterred by the rainy June or the July heat. Yes, I dare to say best, since after lots of trials and errors, this is finally the recipe I'm happy with!
Most low carb breads are made with nut flours, but exposing nut flours to high temperatures causes oxidation, something you don't want.
This recipe uses psyllium husk powder, which makes a fluffy type of "dough" that's perfect for bread-making.
Egg Foo Young is an omelette, usually made with a mix of veggies and meat, or sometimes fish. This blog contains links to affiliate programs, for which I receive a small commission if you make a purchase. I wish I could say that I do daily rounds of all my garden spaces, carrying a big wicker basket and leisurely harvesting things that need picking, casually plucking the occasional weed, and generally doing a lot of flower smelling. Whether or not a garden can be low maintenance is a debate for another day, but right now, let’s look at what makes a low(er) maintenance edible. Like lettuce, arugula and other cool-season salad greens often bolt (set seed) when the weather changes.

If you seed these closely-related edibles in the appropriate (cool) season, you won’t have to contend with bolting—pretty much the main challenge with these guys. Aside from some initial prep (potatoes like loose, fertile soil with lots of organic matter, which you’ll want to provide), potatoes are just about the easiest annual edible. Like garlic, another member of the allium family, these onions are in the set-and-forget category.
There are many edibles that are fairly low maintenance once transplanted outside (peppers, for example) but I didn’t include those because starting seeds indoors is definitely not for the time-crunched.
Too often I am surprised by big changes in my garden — beans that needed staking three days ago, or tomatoes that would have been perfect yesterday.
Like other perennials, it requires some up-front attention in the form of proper soil preparation, yearly mulching, and fall frond-removal, but is otherwise pretty easy going. Provide the rich, moist, well-drained soil they like and they’ll produce plump roots and glossy greens until you get around to harvesting. Starting some herbs from seed can be challenging, but if you buy transplants, herbs such as rosemary, sage, thyme, mint, oregano, parsley, dill, and chives are the most carefree of edibles.
Plant the seed potatoes, mound up soil as the plants emerge (once a week or less) and … wait. They don’t need amazing soil, nor do they have to be hovered over in order to thrive. In fact, chard is a true biennials that require a long period of cold weather (aka, winter) to trigger them to flower, so the only way you could get them to bolt is to plant them really, really early (I guess?

Steal the odd baby potato here and there after the plants begin to flower, or just wait until the foliage begins to die back and harvest the lot. Finally, in fall, you’ll have to cut down canes that produced fruit that year, a task that, depending on the size of your berry patch, can take anywhere from minutes to less than an hour. They do, however, repel many pest insects, making them great additions to any veggie garden. Make that easy on yourself by using drip irrigation (set it on a timer for the ultimate in low-maintenance watering). Not sure if this would be possible, even) so they get a big dose of cold at the beginning, or let the live over the winter.
In other locales, you might have to work a bit harder to maintain acidity, but that kind of makes them not so low maintenance, doesn’t it? I plant mine when I get around to it in the spring, and harvest leaves all summer — even when it gets hot and sweltering. As your motivational e-magazine, we understand and really appreciate the hard working of dedicated blogger[s].

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