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We like to call this a cheap flights survey, but today the flight prices are anything but cheap.
The table below illustrates how dramatically flight prices from Johannesburg to Cape Town have increased. Today's flight prices are nearly double the next most expensive flight prices we've surveyed on the Joburg to Cape Town route. We've spruced up our Johannesburg to Durban flights site with a photo taken from the top of the Holiday Inn Garden court on Durban's beachfront (see right - somebody's catching a nice ride on the wave in front of the pier). Comair Limited, applied to the International Air Services Licensing Council to operate flights from Johannesburg to London - an extremely competitive route (one on which SAA has been making losses).
British Airways flights won the award for best airline in Europe, best airline operating transatlantic flights and came in 10th best overall (just behind Emirates flights ). South African Airways (SAA) was voted best airline in Africa (we disagree, we think British Airways is better than SAA).
Kulula airline was voted the best low cost carrier in South Africa (and indeed, in Africa).
For those interested in statistics, below is a graph which provides an indication of the % of web traffic which Mango Airlines is reaching through its website. Thanks to input from a reader (George Flights!!!) we upgraded our list of airlines operating flights from George to Bloemfontein to reflect the fact that South African Airlink is operating non-stop flights on Sundays. As if there weren't enough danger flying in planes, passengers have to put up with hijackers and terrorists. It's probably not the best time of year to go there, but we've updated our list of airlines operating flights from London to Palma de Mallorca (in Spain), to include Thomsonfly. Kang Pacific Airlines is set to launch operations from the UAE in October, becoming the 5th Airline to be based in the UAE (the others are Emirates, Air Arabia, Etihad Airways, and RAK Airways).

British Airways plans for the summer of 2008 (that is the northern hemisphere summer) include launching transatlantic flights to the USA from European capital cities. This is likely to lead to a turf war with Air France and Lufthansa, who may respond by offering direct flights from London to New York.
This article, or extracts thereof, may be printed on other websites, provided that a dofollow link to this webpage is included. Meats saturated fat - -fat protein list, The dietary guidelines for american and virtually every other medical organization recommend keeping your consumption of saturated fats low. For fat loss, -fat diets beat -carb diets handily, It central dogma -carb lifestyle: avoiding carbohydrates force human body fat-burning mode, diet fails suppress. 23 studies -carb -fat diets – time retire, 23 studies -carb -fat diets – time retire fad. Clearly the 21st of September is not the time to hop onto a cheap flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town.
Indeed, it's the most expensive flight prices we've surveyed on any route in South Africa this year (second most expensive was an average cost of R1098 for flights from Cape Town to Durban in June). Most airlines push their flight prices up as they run out of seats, so as to sell the last seats for greater profit. Just as in the previous survey we had conducted on this route, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offered the cheapest flight prices from London to Cape Town (Air France is in partnership with them, so they offered the same deal). We've also added some information on driving from Johannesburg to Durban and taking a train from Johannesburg to Durban (who says we don't cater to those who don't like flying). Typically, low-cost carriers are not as successful at long-haul routes because of the bigger role which input costs (like fuel) play.
In a thread the pilots surmise why (other than stupidity) several Mango flights from Cape Town to Bloemfontein have been overweight fuel and therefore had to fly wider routes from Cape Town to Bloemfontein in order to burn off the excess fuel (so much for low cost!).

The other culprits in excluding airport taxes are South African Airways and Interlink airline. We reported a few weeks back on the Glasgow Airport Terror Attack, now we've got a hijacking of an Atlasjet airline flight in Turkey.
We are now covering much more of the beautiful Irish skies - flights from London to Dublin, flights from Manchester to Dublin as well as flights from Glasgow to Dublin.
Kang Pacific Airlines will be based at Fujairah International Airport, in the most eastern of the seven emirates. Amongst all the very expensive flights Nationwide Airlines offers the cheapest flight - Nationwide flight 740 leaves Johannesburg on the 21st September at 1830 and arrives in Cape Town at 2030; the flight costs R1241. Mango airlines, however, is clearly not being run on a commercial basis - and it's not just South Africans that are being subsidised - a lot of foreigners will have bought airline tickets to the Twenty20 cricket world cup (subsidised by South Africa's labouring taxpayers).
While on the topic of Durban is it not time that 1Time Airline moved its base to Durban - like One Time dude, surf's up!
However, Kulula airline has not been shy to expand its routes, the latest new route being flights from Johannesburg to Mauritius.
It would be nice if a few weeks could pass by without muslim extremists trying to destroy the aviation industry. And while covering Irish flights, in the off chance that Manto reads these pages, we decided to share the Irish excuse - I didn't drink a drop of whisky (I only drank whiskey).
Gidon Novick (joint chief executive of Comair) said that Comair would be seeking 2 wide-bodied planes if it was granted a licence to fly the route (it is theoretically possible that he could fly the Johannesburg-London route under the British Airways brand, but this would be in direct competition with British Airways UK).

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