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Spain has such a rich history that is linked to olives – with trees for table olives growing in the country since the 1st century.
Olives from Spain are a more versatile than olives from any other region – get creative, and find out why they can add life to any party. Not will this dish satisfy the craving of something creamy and Mexican influenced it also is healthy, lower in fat than traditional varieties plus includes vegetables as fillers in ways that make them taste better than you’ve ever had before. Place tortillas on microwave safe plate and sprinkle lightly with water (1-2 Tablespoons total).  Cover with paper towel and heat on high for 30-45 seconds to soften. Pour into medium saucepan and cook on medium heat for 7-8 minutes to allow flavors to combine well.  Pour sauce over prepared enchiladas. Remove from oven, allow to cool for 10-15 minutes then serve with extra black olives, lettuce, tomato or even sliced avocado or salsa. Stacie Haight Connerty, a social media consultant, is the Editor's Pick for Most Influential Southern Blogger from Circle of Mom's one of Cision Media's Top 10 Most Influential Mommy Bloggers and one of the HERoic: 10 Mommy Bloggers Who Rule Social Media.
An Atlanta resident and lifelong writer, Stacie is the mother of three children (12 & under), leader of two Girl Scout troops, an active PTA member and married to the love of her life.
This looks really tasty,I used to hate olives but just recently I have started to like them. I made these the other day, only I used chicken breast and seasoned them with taco seasoning.
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Believe it or not, a love of yummy Mexican food doesn’t have to derail your resolution for eating lighter and healthier. What’s so versatile about this recipe is that you can use either corn tortillas (great for those who are gluten-free) or whole wheat flour tortillas, which are more nutritious than regular tortillas. Get the Smokey Low-Fat Chicken Enchiladas recipe, add a colorful side salad, and indulge in something deliciously healthy. Piece half of the tortilla wedges, jigsaw-puzzle-like, so they cover the chicken mixture on the bottom of the pan. The original recipe was a little bland for me so I cut the beans in half and added jalapenos to give it some kick. Be sure to look for the Olives From Spain logo, to ensure you are getting the highest quality olives and taste the difference for yourself.
If you are lucky enough to attend the renowned South Beach Wine and Food Festival, be sure to stop by the Olives from Spain station to sample some tasty bites. I absolutely love enchiladas, they’re one of my favorite things to make when I have guests too. Jen eats a vegan diet and recently converted Bakerette to a plant-based website that offers a smattering of healthful recipes! I’ve never made enchiladas before so I was a bit nervous, but they turned out amazing!
I used white cheese in a tube with Jalapeno peppers in it from Sam’s Club instead of sour cream. Your order total must equal $50 or more after any discounts have been applied in order to qualify for free gift, excluding shipping costs.

And these delicious Smokey Low-Fat Chicken Enchiladas are proof  When you make healthy, flavorful substitutions and nutritious choices, even favorites like enchiladas can be enjoyed.
His biggest frustration with the blog, other than eating everything cold after I've taken about 500 pictures of every meal, is that I rarely repeat recipes. Spain is the leader in table olive production and exports, with the most modern industry in the world leading to the highest food safety and quality standards. In a large mixing bowl, mix together the shredded chicken, cheese, salsa, chilies, and salt. That post still gets a lot of hits from Pinterest and google, and I cringe every time just a little bit at the photos.
And this Mexican food fit the bill. These 30-minute chicken enchiladas are so easy to make. They are made with white chicken, delicious melted cheeses, smothered in a white sauce, and so easily devoured! Pour sauce over the top of the enchiladas making sure to cover in between and the sides of the enchiladas. Turn the broiler on to high and broil for an additional 3 minutes or until cheese is lightly browned.

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