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Hoodia Gordonii , which although popular, has no published randomized controlled trials in humans to show hoodia is safe or effective in pill form. Hoodia diet pills are made from the succulent Hoodia Gordonii plant that can only be found growing naturally in the the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. A South African laboratory was finally able to isolate the ingredient in hoodia that suppresses the appetite. One study published in the September 2004 issue of Brain Research found that injections of p57 (The Active ingredient in Raw, Fresh Cut Hoodia, not dried) into the appetite center of rat brains resulted in altered levels of ATP, an energy molecule that may affect hunger.

They patented it and licensed it to Phytopharm, which has spent $20 million on research including clinical trials. The animals receiving the P57 injections also ate less than rats that received placebo injections.
However, this was an animal study and INJECTIONS IN THE BRAIN are very different from oral consumption, so it cannot be used to show that oral hoodia can suppress appetite in humans. Many manufacturers of herbal hoodia recommend you also combine low impact exercise (such as walking) and a healthy diet in conjunction with the hoodia diet pills.

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