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Whole-fat yogurt and sugar are all you need to make a better fro-yo than anything you can buy in a store. Few chains do as good a job of making us feel like we're in control as frozen yogurt stores. Now look at the cup they give you for your yogurt, and how puny a serving looks if you don't swirl it to (or over) the top. And then you pay up: $8 for a bowl of candy-coated yogurt goop that, at the end of the day, doesn't taste much like yogurt, does it? I'd like to suggest another option—that you ditch store bought frozen yogurt and consider making your own.
Frozen yogurt is just ice cream by another name: a frozen dairy dessert made with yogurt instead of milk and cream.
Most fro-yo shops buy their yogurt base wholesale, many from a single manufacturer called YoCream, a division of the Dannon yogurt company. Pasteurized Non Fat Milk, Liquid Sugar (Sugar, Water), Pasteurized Sweet Cream Buttermilk, Corn Syrup, Pasteurized and Cultured Non Fat Milk, Whey, Non Fat Dry Milk, Contains Less Than 1% Of Milk Protein Isolate, Cellulose Gum, Guar Gum, Carrageenan, Modified Food Starch, Pectin.
Since fro-yo shops market their products as low-fat and low-calorie, they need all those stabilizers to make up for the higher amounts of sugar and fat in homemade frozen yogurt.
The best frozen yogurt recipe I've ever seen comes from my friend Ethan Frisch, formerly the chef of Guerilla Ice Cream.
From a physics standpoint, yogurt is a gel: that is, liquid milk suspended in a solid state by a loose matrix of polymers.
That means despite yogurt's custardy texture, from the ice-cream maker's standpoint, it's just another kind of milk. When I make frozen yogurt, I treat it like sorbet, following a master ratio of one cup of sugar for every four cups of liquid.* This is why you'll sometimes see "yogurt sorbet" on dessert menus—that's how pastry chefs often think of frozen yogurt, and the comparison is apt. We don't go into nutrition much on Serious Eats, but if you're wondering, a half-cup serving of this frozen yogurt has about 160 calories and four grams of fat—heavier than the fat- and sugar-free stuff you'll find at fro-yo shops, but not exactly a fat bomb. And because I know you'll ask: yes, full-fat yogurt is a much better choice than low-fat or skim.
Greek-style strained yogurt has more fat and protein and less water (in the form of whey) than plain yogurt. Think of it this way: you get to replace excess whey in yogurt with a more flavorful water-type liquid. If you want to add other flavors to your yogurt, you have three ways to do so: infusion, mix-ins, and toppings. But my favorite frozen yogurt flavorings come in the form of toppings that let the yogurt stay true to itself. The key with any flavoring is to stick with additions that have some savory or sour flavors to balance out the yogurt's sweetness.
As a native of Queens, New York, Max developed an early hunger for dosas, dumplings, and Korean barbecue.
One of the leanest protein sources, a single skinless chicken breast supplies 28 grams of protein with a mere 2.5 grams of fat. For a number of years, eggs had a bad reputation because of their high cholesterol content.
Yogurt contains two forms of milk protein, whey and casein, both of which have perfect PDCAA scores of 1.0. From a protein perspective, you can’t do much better than to have a turkey sandwich (on whole-grain bread, hold the mayo) for lunch. In addition to containing 44 grams of protein per six-ounce serving, wild salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to boost brain and heart health and fight inflammation.
Matt Fitzgerald is the author of numerous books, including Racing Weight: How To Get Lean For Peak Performance (VeloPress, 2012).
As I am a Type II diabetic, all recipes on this website are low carb and diabetic friendly. NotesIt is my best guess that the carb content in this yogurt is closer to 2g-3g because it is incubated so long.
This entry was posted in Oddballs and tagged best high fat low carb yogurt, chobani, chobani yogurt, heavy cream yogurt, low carb heavy cream yogurt, low carb homemade yogurt, real greek yogurt on August 10, 2013 by Deborah Krueger. Are you too trying to improve your skin eating the right foods?Well, then, this list of 9 skin for your skin will show you which foods have the biggest toll on our beauty!1. Once you see how easy this is, youa€™ll find yourself reaching for that big container of plain yogurt in the dairy section over and over again. I like to use one of those long English cucumbers for tzatziki; the kind that usually come wrapped in plastic in the produce section at the supermarket. Dice the cucumber by first cutting it in half lengthwise, then cutting each half into long strips. Place a plate or piece of plastic wrap over the cucumbers, and put a weight on top: a heavy bottle, a jar filled with water, or something to press down on the cucumbers.
Let the cucumbers sit at room temperature for several hours, till theya€™ve given up quite a bit of juice. PJ Hamel was born in Wisconsin, grew up in New England, and graduated from Brown University.

When we make tzatziki, we peel, seed and grate the cukes, then squeeze them in a flour sack towel.
When I make tzatziki, I peel, seed and grate the cukes, then squeeze them out in a flour sack towel. Greek yogurt has a higher protein content because ita€™s been concentrated and since the serving size stays the same, you are getting more yogurt in every bite. Now that warmer days are upon us I am really in the mood to start making all the greek dishes we serve at our annual family reunion.
Before the cutting is done, place a WET cheese cloth on the top of colander, pour in the plain yoghurt and place them over a big bowl where the whey will be drained. This dish varies slightly between a households or villages, but the main ingredients are the same a€“ yoghurt, cucumber and garlic.
The dish has also soothing functions since the yoghurt, the extra virgin olive oil and the fresh dill are well reknown for their magic effect on the digestive system and the stomach. I would highly recommend that this dish be learned from some old lady in one of those beautiful places like Crete, where everything is natural and picked from the garden and the yoghurt is made overnight at home. Ia€™ve been a€?straininga€™ for years a€“ I use non-fat plain yogurt a€“ the multi-purpose condiment!! Je vais certainement faire ce tzaziki prochainement, ja€™en ai la€™eau A  la bouche rien qua€™A  le lire. For example, a single 6-inch diameter of wheat tortilla has only 53 calories compared to 150 calories in flour tortilla of the same size (source). I noticed a lot of healthy recipes use plain yogurt as substitutes for sour cream, coconut milk (santan), mayonnaise, full-fat cream and even for salad dressing.
After cleaning the chicken pieces, marinate them with Ingredient A – garlic, ginger, NESTLE Natural Set Yogurt and MAGGI Concentrated Chicken Stock.
When you’re ready to cook the chicken, heat oil in a pan and fry the onion until soft.
Think about every one of those serve-yourself, pay-by-the-ounce fro-yo places, and how much autonomy you have in every transaction.
If you really love frozen yogurt—and I mean real frozen yogurt—there's nothing better than homemade. Buttermilk and cultured milk add live yogurt cultures, and corn syrup, powdered milk, whey, and stabilizers all enhance texture, turning what would otherwise be an icy slush into something creamy. As long as you're willing to handle a moderate amount of sugar and fat, you don't need them. It's also the easiest: take a quart container of full-fat plain yogurt, add a cup of sugar and a pinch of salt, and churn.
A lot of yogurt has more fat and less water than an equal volume of milk, and those coagulated proteins do add some creaminess, but the only way to get your frozen yogurt actually creamy is to add a good amount of sugar—more than you might for ice cream, which has extra fat and egg yolks to help enhance texture.
Frozen yogurt isn't as naturally creamy as ice cream, nor should it be—it's best with a cleaner, lighter sorbet-like texture to preserve its light tangy flavors. For you pastry people who prefer weight measurements, that's seven ounces of sugar to 32 ounces of yogurt. Not only will you get a creamier texture with whole milk yogurt, but the flavor will be brighter and more balanced; skim milk makes for a harsh, tart yogurt that doesn't take well to dessert. Since fat and protein enhance creamy texture, why not make frozen yogurt with Greek yogurt? Swap out as little as a few tablespoons of yogurt for as much as half the total volume depending on the strength of the mix-in.
The best protein sources are those that offer a balanced profile of amino acids (the “building blocks” of proteins), the highest concentrations of protein, lots of other essential nutrients, and healthy fat profiles. One can of white albacore tuna packed in water provides 41 grams of high-quality protein in just 220 calories. In addition to providing dairy protein for muscle repair, it offers carbohydrate to restock muscle glycogen and water for rehydration. But we now know that the cholesterol in eggs does not increase the cholesterol levels of those who eat them regularly. Milk proteins are also rich in a protein fraction called glycomacropeptide (GMP), which is a powerful hunger killer. Whey protein has the highest biological value (another score like PDCAA that measures protein quality) of any protein and is rich in the hunger-killing protein fraction, GMP.
You'll also get access to top running content including training plans and stories on gear, nutrition and recovery.
Including cucumbers, garlic, and mint, with a touch of cumin, ita€™s very similar to Indiaa€™s raita.
Because, trust me a€“ youa€™d be hard-pressed to find anything better to do with plain low-fat yogurt than make it into thick, rich tzatziki. Serve with soft bread sticks, pita, bread, or with the crunchy twice-baked focaccia slices shown above.
The cucumbers will continue to give up their juice as the tzatziki sits, but the juice will drain right out the bottom of the Wave, keeping your tzatziki nice and thick. She was a journalist in Massachusetts and Maine before joining the King Arthur Flour Company in 1990, where she's been ever since.

I make the mint recipe for a Greek friend of mine and she loves it, so I know ita€™s not a€?heresya€? to use mint.
And instead of mint, we add fresh (or dried if desperate) dill, along with the crushed garlic. I have made greek style chicken salad by taking this dip and adding some cooked diced chicken and a little bit of feta cheese and grape tomatoes, served in pita pockets. I had recently watched a special about Chef Cat Cora as she visited her family in Greece and one of the foods she groaned in pleasure over was tzatziki, something I have never eaten.
Thanks so much for sharing here a€“ ita€™s great to hear about the a€?real thinga€? from someone who knows. Depuis quelques temps ja€™achA?te cette sauce alors qua€™il est si facile de la faire, ja€™ai toujours tout ce qua€™il faut sous la main.
A cup of plain yogurt has only 143 calories; a cup of sour cream on the other hand, has a whopping 492 calories!
I also found out that yogurt makes a fabulous marinade and the acid content in yogurt actually helps to tenderize meats. Simmer until the chicken is tender and the gravy is lightly thickened (I like my dish with lotsa gravy). In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
You could, but I think the Greek stuff does too good a job—it's too creamy, so much so that when frozen it feels like you're chewing on sour cream.
But take note that the proteins in yogurt have a way of dulling other flavors, so the bolder your mix-ins, the better. When not slurping noodles over a rickety table, he's in the kitchen tinkering with his ice cream maker on a never-ending quest to develop the best ice cream-making techniques. And the protein you include in your marathon training diet or triathlete diet needs to be adequate to promote fast muscle recovery after workouts and to ensure that your muscles adapt fully in response to your training.
Albacore tuna is also a good source of vitamin B12, a very important vitamin for runners because of its role in cellular energy production. Studies have shown that athletes perform better in their next workout when they drink chocolate milk following an initial workout than they do after drinking a sports drink. What’s more, a single egg contains 6-7 grams of protein, and the protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAA) of egg protein is a perfect 1.0. For example, a six-ounce serving of pot roast contains 32 grams of fat, whereas an equal serving of London broil has just eight grams of fat.
Therefore, calorie-for-calorie, low-fat dairy foods, such as low-fat yogurt, satisfy the appetite longer than most other foods.
And there are so many delicious ways to include soy in your diet, including tofu, edamame, soy milk and soy-based yogurt, soy burgers, and soy protein powdered drink mixes. Numerous studies have found that whey protein supplementation accelerates post-workout recovery, enhances muscle performance, and even promotes weight loss by reducing appetite. Ce message me fait rappeler le merveilleux voyage que ja€™ai fait en CrA?te avec le pain, les brochettes et le fameux tzakziki, que de bons souvenirs. 20 minutes later you'll find yourself with a slushy soft serve that needs nothing more than a pinch of salt, drizzle of olive oil, or splash of balsamic vinegar. Sugar molecules get in the way of growing ice crystals, keeping your frozen dessert smooth and creamy. You'll be shocked at how fresh and fruity it tastes—the natural berry flavor of the yogurt's lactic acid enhanced by sugar. Wine brings its own kind of tartness and fruity notes, making the yogurt taste even more yogurt-y while adding a whole new dimension of flavor.
Or add mint leaves or grated ginger, let your yogurt sit overnight, and then strain the chunks out before churning. Drizzles of olive oil, pomegranate molasses, or balsamic vinegar all taste great, too, as do segments of citrus, chopped candied ginger, roasted nuts, or fresh berries. You can find whey protein isolate in a variety of powdered drink mixes, nutrition bars, protein waters, and other products. If you have a thyroid problem or diabetes thata€™s another reason for you to stock up on organic law fat yogurts!
When I saw Chicken Vindaloo recipe on Dear Nestle, I immediately thought of my mom because she used to make it when my siblings and I were younger. Ia€™ve done it that way, too, and ita€™s just a bit more awkward (needed two filters and two setups for 32 ounces of yogurt), but does work well. I knew substituting ingredients with healthier ones is, well – healthier, but I never really knew how it could make such a big difference in the total calories and fats per serving! A six-ounce beef loin from a grass-fed cow contains roughly 92 fewer calories than a six-ounce loin from a grain-fed cow.

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