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Brad Borland takes a look at building and keeping your hard earned muscle while stripping away unwanted body fat!.A ripped, muscular physique is the goal of most, if not all bodybuilders and fitness buffs alike. Do you often find yourself at a crossroads regarding keeping your hard-earned mass that you so tirelessly worked towards only to see it dwindle away as you diet down? The age-old question if is it possible to gain muscle and burn fat simultaneously has been debated for many years.
One of the single, most imperative principles in this plan is to eat the right amounts of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats).
Protein: As the main source for building muscle, protein is absolutely necessary for your muscle-building strategy. Now let's look at how we can implement these macronutrients and manipulate them in such a way as to build more strength and mass while torching our fat stores. Fat intake should hover around .25 grams per pound of bodyweight or 20-30% of total calories. NuratrimIts that time of the year again where we pile on the pounds which we try so hard to keep off all year.
In addition to commenting you get access to our forums allowing you to share knowledge or get advice and motivation from other members. Fitness doctrine discusses and outlines the top workout routines for both muscle building and fat burning so you are able to find a workout program that best suits you. Jason CSCS Anyone Can Build Muscle & Burn Fat To Transform Their Body Growing up it would be fair to say that I was a skinny kid. Jason CSCS Don’t Get Behind The Summer Body Eight Ball Winter is in full force. Jason CSCS Pumping Iron Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger Pumping Iron may have been the first bodybuilding movie. Jason CSCS Bye Bye Back Pain Discover How to Prevent And Treat Back Pain Back pain is something that affects a vast majority of people. Jason CSCS Muscle Building Fat Burning Motivation Monday Today I thought I’d take a moment to help get your mind right.
Jason CSCS The Classic Switcheroo  This crazy case of the classic switcheroo comes from Beijing, China. Jason CSCS How To Get Results Using The George Costanza Principle Bust Through Fat Loss And Muscle Building Plateaus To Make Consistent Gains It’s not uncommon to run into sticking points or hit a plateau on your muscle building and fat burning transformation. Jason CSCS Just Because You’re Called Doctor… Does That Mean I Should Trust You? When You Invest In The NEW Lean Hybrid Muscle "Best Workouts" System Today, You Will Also Get Your Hands On The Following Bonuses FREE! With these hard core, rugged exercises you will be able to take full advantage of the muscle building and fat burning response available only by eliciting type 3 muscle fibers.
With lifetime free updates you'll always be in the loop and never go without trusted training and nutrition information. What if I told you that you could get a 10% off coupon to one of the biggest equipment, accessory, and workout gear sites on the web? Don't let anyone tell you that you have to buy lots of fancy new equipment to build the body you always dreamed of.
Today, Roy is still Elliot's go-to-guy when he has questions about fat loss and muscle building. Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle is a 341 page step by step diet program which targets dieting and avoiding muscle loss.
One of the first things the author, Tom Venuto, does in his book is to help you pinpoint your body type. Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle works for competitive bodybuilders and also for normal people like you and I.
The thing I like about Tom Venuto is that he is a real person who uses his own system and you can physically see his results. While I do like to receive bonuses when I purchase a product, I’m not so impressed when I purchase a product and the bonuses have nothing to do with the main product. Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle over delivers on detailed content, maybe even too much for the average dieter. I didn’t think that a diet book could change my outlook on life and personal goals, but Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle can.
One more advantage of Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle compared to other plain diet books is the additional information that Venuto provides on how to avoid losing muscle while dieting. Although I was happy about losing the weight, I was disappointed with the overall results of the diet because in the end, I had to work even harder in the gym to get my muscle back that I lost because of the diet. As a friendly disclaimer, I will let you know that this book isn’t one of those one day miracle magic pills or quick fixes. In my opinion, Tom Venuto’s book is absolutely the best in its field for dieting and avoiding muscle loss to achieve beginner, intermediate, and professional bodybuilding goals.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think about Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle.
Tags: avoid muscle loss, bad foods, body fat, body type, bonuses, burn the fat, Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle, cardio, competition shape, diet books, diet program, dieting, diets that don't work, Dr. The secret is to follow the diet to the letter, keep your intensity high, and perform all the six workouts each week. The idea is not to cut back on the food but to increase the amount of cardiovascular activity you perform everyday.
The final ingredient to guarantee your success in burning body fat and building muscle while doing the P90X workout is to get adequate rest. In conclusion, make sure to increase the weight or resistance used in each exercise and in each workout routine. If you will follow the tips in this article you will be successful at using the P90X program to burn fat and build muscle. P90X Nutrition Guide Can The P90 X Nutrition Guide Get You Ripped What Is the P90X Nutrition Guide and Training Program? As summer approaches we all start thinking about getting lean after a long fall and winter of bulking and packing on real muscular bodyweight. Are you a “hardgainer” that has to fight for every ounce of muscle scared to death of reducing calories to get a more muscular midsection? There are so many opinions from experts to people in the trenches that it is very difficult to sift through to the facts.
By manipulating these foods and staying strict with the guidelines your goals will soon be in range. Take in around 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight (this equates to 180-270 grams for a 180 pound individual).
This particular macronutrient will be drastically manipulated as the diet plan goes along and will play a major roll in its success so be extremely mindful of your intake on a daily basis. Certain fats are essential regarding maintaining hormones such as testosterone, increasing fat burning and aiding energy levels. Now you will start to manipulate carbohydrate in such a way as to trick the body into delving into its fat stores for fuel.
However, on low carbohydrate days it would be wise to increase your healthy fat intake slightly. I bet if it's strictly followed, you really can build body mass and burn fat at the same time. This guide will show you how you can design your own backyard, gym or wharehouse gym for Pennies On The Dollar! There are lots of creative things you can do; like build your own sled for draggin, try some sandbag training, get a tire you can flip.
Blast the music, grunt if you want to, and start growing muscle size from your own hardcore gym! It also focuses on training and how much protein, carbs, and fats you should consume according to your body type in order to lose fat. That’s why you and your friend can go on the same diet and while your friend sees amazing results (even while cheating on the diet), you see little or no results even while you follow the program to a T. The principles that Tom Venuto uses in his book were scientifically proven over 80 years ago by Dr. The book and program Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle are priced at $39 or $59 (deluxe edition). So you know that his results are achievable without the use of steroids or other chemicals.
Tom Venuto’s method on setting, maintaining, and achieving goals is really motivating and you can apply his methods to any area of your life, not just dieting. He’s not afraid to be real and get out there in the public, show his own results, speak on radio, etc.
It is essential that you increase the amount of protein and carbohydrates you take in when you’re trying to build muscle. So if you’re looking to gain muscle size on the P90X program you want to add an extra day of cardio and keep your calories at 300 to 500 more per day than what is stated in the nutrition program. Maintain a high protein level by using lean meats, protein supplements, and consuming low glycemic carbohydrates such as yams, Brown Rice etc.
But in the process of all that bulking we seemed to have let our abs fade in the place of strength and mass gains. Most will tell you that you must choose between the two in order to reach optimum success and that attempting both at the same time is futile. Diet is so important that without adhering to these principles you will surely never reach your physique goals.
This will guarantee that your muscles will be getting the correct dose of amino acids for maintaining and building muscle tissue.

Healthy fats will be utilized to replace carbohydrate on certain days to keep blood sugar levels steady and help with satiety. You need that steady stream of amino acids to feed to the muscles for recuperation and repair to take place.
This will ensure your hormone levels will stay steady and will supply you with ample energy for your grueling workouts. You will immediately adjust your diet and begin burning the fat and feeding the muscles of your body to see great results. On his personal site and on Facebook, you can see real pics of him in competition shape with 3.7% body fat! With Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle I was also skeptical because you hear about these bodybuilders that have achieved great results with Venuto’s program. Heck, even Oprah Winfrey has commented on how honest he is about weight loss and if anyone has had up and down struggles with weight loss, Oprah has! Not too long ago, I went on a low-carb diet to loose an extra 15 pounds that I put on during vacation! Focus on lean meats such as ground Turkey, chicken breasts, tuna, salmon, for your protein needs. It’s during rest, that the body releases human growth hormone to help you repair the damage created by the exercise program. So it is time once gain to shred up, lean down and turn into a ripped piece of art we all envision ourselves to be - but for you, this time will be different. So why not just give up, reduce calories and sacrifice the muscle for better abs and more muscular arms.
Some prime sources are chicken, lean steak, fish, turkey, ground meat, eggs, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and protein powders. Sources include brown rice, wild rice, sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread, wheat pasta, vegetables, some fruits and Ezekiel products.
Good sources include avocado, walnuts, almonds, olive oil, natural peanut butter, some egg yolks and sunflower seeds. A lot of other diet books I see are written by an author who may be good with words, but hasn’t put in the real life experience and for some reason, you never see a full body picture of them with their shirt off. They make it easy for you to use as a personal guide for eating the right foods for your body type and avoiding the bad foods that will make you fat.
His advice is sound and scientifically backed up, as well as backed up by his 20 years of personal experience training others and training himself to become a Natural Bodybuilding Champion. But, I believe you’ll find the system to be very rewarding and the confidence that the program gives you is alone worth it. A protein supplement shake will help you to maintain your protein high while not adding on a great deal of calories. On the low days your body will burn fat for fuel and save muscle so as long as your protein intake is high enough. Remember that one gram of fat has over twice the amount of calories of carbs, so a little goes a long way. Sometimes Tom even includes up to 5 different bonuses, but that offer is not always available. So this assures me that he doesn’t have ulterior motives to promote the sale of some supplement with his name on it. You will find a way and put into practice a concise plan of action to reach your ultimate potential.
That is about as high as you will want to go with protein - the rest is up to carbohydrate and fat manipulation. Before you starve your body of energy after so many days of low carbs (which if prolonged could lead to lower testosterone levels and metabolism) you will have a day of moderate carbs and another day of high carbs. It is fact-based and first quality information that you won’t see in other diet books. Maybe they are living proof that their system doesn’t actually work, but is just a way to cash in on those of us who want to lose weight. So if you want a lazy man’s diet with no working out, this product is probably not for you. This will shuttle in fuel to the muscle, rev back up your metabolism and be burned without storing body fat.
But as I learned more about Venuto’s product, I kept seeing more and more regular people who have come forward and also have achieved very good, yet believable results.

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