Can you lose weight by just eating fruits and veggies,raw food weight loss 3 months old,how to lose belly fat fast after birth - Step 1

Apples may play a role in reducing the risk of type II diabetes, with studies showing women who eat an apple a day having a 28% reduced risk of the disease.
Potential for a reduced risk of asthma in children whose mothers ate apples during the pregnancy.
Emerging science shows eating apples may result in health benefits for inflammatory bowel disease, certain cancers and gastrointestinal conditions.

Studies have also shown keeping apples in the fridge, not the fruit bowl, is the best way to maintain the high antioxidant levels in the fruit.
Eating an apple just before a meal may reduce appetite and cut overall kilojoule intake at that meal by 15%-the equivalent to reducing your portion size by almost one sixth.

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